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Wax Lyrical Colony Rose Garden Reed Diffuser

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Brand: Wax Lyrical

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2013 13:12
      Very helpful



      Reed Diffuser set from Colony

      Though not particularly keen on any sort of 'floral' fragrance I ended up buying this Colony Reed Diffuser set from Debenhams a few of weeks ago to make up an order to qualify for free postage and packing. It was half price at the time, from £9.95 to £4.95 and I was in two minds whether to keep it for myself or pass it on to someone else as a Christmas gift later on in the year, the fact that I've never tried a reed diffuser set before made me curious as to whether they were actually any good and deciding that the loo was probably the best place for me to put it I decided to keep it for myself and see what it was like.

      Colony make a number of home fragrancing products from candles presented in tins to room sprays and reed diffusers, I've not had much experience with the brand as the products on offer tend to be quite feminine looking and floral inspired so I tend to stick to Yankee Candles as a means of fragrancing my home. The Rose Garden diffuser set comes packaged as shown above, it's very pink in appearance which is not my style or taste at all but it's well presented and looks pretty in it's packaging. For anyone unfamiliar with what a reed diffuser set is I'll quickly explain that you are provided with a bottle containing perfumed oil and a number of wooden reeds, the reeds are placed into the bottle, immersed into the liquid and as they absorb the perfume the fragrance is gently released into the air surrounding the set. You get 10 reed sticks along with 120ml of fragrance oil and should expect to receive about 3 to 4 weeks of continuous fragrance which I believe to be accurate from my own findings.

      With a name like Rose Garden I knew that this was going to be a floral fragrance and I was right, when the stopper was first removed from the bottle containing the perfumed oil I was surprised at just how strong the aroma was and hoped that it would calm down a little once it had the chance to settle a bit. Thankfully with the reeds in place the strong aroma subsided and over the course of time I had mine for I would say that I had grown used to the fragrance and found it to be quite alright really. It's not very 'me' I have to admit, it is an extremely synthetic attempt at recreating the smell of roses and lacks the authenticity of a Yankee fragrance but for keeping the smallest room in my house smelling fresh and floral it did the job to my satisfaction. I don't think it has much in terms of projection, at home I have a separate toilet and shower room and had mine on my windowsill, there the fragrance was noticeable when I opened my toilet door but not too strong that it overpowered me, it lingered gently in the background and did a decent job of keeping that room smelling nice but I couldn't detect in anywhere else in my home and it didn't travel into my hallway at all.

      I like the idea of a reed diffuser, I think it's a safer way of keeping a room smelling nice rather than having a naked flame of a candle burning and for use in my toilet I thought it fitted in well. I only bought mine to make up the minimum cost for free delivery on an order I placed online and rather than spending a fiver on postage I thought I might as well buy something and settled on this. I wouldn't choose to buy another one again if I'm being honest, not in this fragrance anyway as it's not really something that appeals to my taste, for someone else though who does like floral fragrances I think it's worth taking a chance on, especially if they want something to make a room smell nice and don't want to have a candle burning. At £9.95 I think it's a little expensive for what it is, it's very nicely presented in its own box and I'm sure the quality of materials used is excellent and you do get a good month's worth of fragrance from the set as a whole, for me I'd much rather buy a Yankee candle and have that burning but that comes down to individual tastes and opinions.

      All in all I was happy with my Colony Diffuser set but wouldn't buy another, it made a nice change away from Yankee Candles for me but I'll stick with what I prefer. Rose Garden offers a synthetic, floral fragrance which might appeal to some, it was a little too flowery for my own tastes so I wouldn't buy it again. I did get almost 4 weeks of consistent fragrance from my bottle and reeds and it did do a good job of keeping my toilet smelling nice and it's a safer way of fragrancing a home compared to burning a candle so there's little to criticise other than I think it's a little expensive and just not my own taste. 3 stars as a rating seems fair then, thanks for reading my review.


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