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Wilkinson Waffle Shower Curtain

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Brand: Wilkinson / Type: Shower curtain

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2012 15:42
      Very helpful



      A quality fabric shower curtain which looks really good.

      Although I was always buy polyester shower curtains because you can wash them in the washing machine, I still replace my curtain at least once a year. This is usually because despite washing the curtain there will still be the odd spot of dirt and mould which will appear and cannot be removed, particularly along the bottom.

      I was just thinking a few weeks back that I would need to buy a new shower curtain soon, when I spotted some reduced in price as I was walking out of a branch of Wilkinsons in town.
      The shower curtains were their own 'Wilko' brand and reduced from £10.00 to £6.75 so I paused to take a closer look. It was then that I realised these were 'waffle' fabric shower curtains, which are something I have not purchased before, but have always thought they look nice. I had always wondered however, how suitable the waffle fabric would be as a shower curtain, as I imagined the water would seep through the fabric when the shower was on and the bathroom floor would become wet.

      The shower curtains were in their packaging but the one thing I did notice when picking one up was that it felt much heavier than the usual shower curtains I purchase. I was able to open the top of the packaging and on feeling the waffle fabric inside, it felt soft and fairly thick and appeared to be of good quality.

      There were three colours available and the only one that would go with my bathroom decor was the charcoal shade, the others being beige and lilac shades. I decided that seeing as how they were reduced in price and I needed one anyway, that I would purchase one. Now would be my chance to try a waffle fabric shower curtain without spending a lot of money.

      Wilkinson describe these shower curtains as having a luxury waffle fabric and on opening out the curtain when getting it home, it certainly seemed to be of very good quality indeed and I really liked the look of it. There are eyelets along the top of the curtain to slot your shower hooks through. I must point out however, that unlike many shower curtains, you do not get any shower hooks with these curtains. This is the first shower curtain I have purchased that has not come with a set of hooks, but I simply used the hooks I was already using on my old shower curtain and so this wasn't a problem for me personally.

      The waffle fabric of the shower curtain is 100% polyester and so like previous curtains I have bought, it can be machine washed. The curtain can also be tumble dried and a cool iron is recommended.
      The size of the curtain is 180 cm x 180cm and reaches easily across the width of a standard sized bath.

      It was very easy to hang the shower curtain and it looked lovely once hung and just as luxurious as Wiklinson's state it to be. I was really impressed with the quality for the price I paid.

      I had a shower and found no problems at all with it. My partner however, commented that it seemed an unusual material for a shower curtain and as I informed him it was a 'waffle' fabric, he stated he was none the wiser and whilst he thought it looked nice, he commented that he thought the water would seep through the material.
      He took a shower later in the evening and on coming downstairs, commented that he had turned the shower on and pulled the curtain across before going in and when standing on the floor next to the curtain, he could feel a very fine spray coming through the curtain and so thought it would be rubbish. He then went on to say that he thought it was strange because after having his shower he thought the floor may be wet but it wasn't. He admitted he had been all set to come downstairs and tell me my waffle fabric curtain which I had proudly informed him about, was rubbish and was feeling quite smug about doing so. However, even though he had been able to feel a fine spray coming through the curtain when he stood next to it, he stated that nothing in the bathroom on the other side of the curtain was wet when he got out of the shower and so it must be ok.

      I must admit, I can also feel a very fine, slight spray coming through the curtain, but the floor never gets wet and so it is not a problem as far as I am concerned.
      I have had this curtain a month now and have washed it once in the washing machine with no problems. It washed well and I ran a cool iron over it as advised, before hanging it back up.

      These shower curtains seems to be back to their £10 price now as this is what they are priced at online at www/wilkinsonplus.com but it is worth checking in store if you are thinking of purchasing one to see if they are any cheaper. They are available online in shades of charcoal, beige, plum and white.
      Overall I am very happy with my shower curtain and even though no shower hooks are provided, for the price I paid, it is another bargain buy.


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