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Wilko Everyday Value Bathroom Toilet Brush & Holder

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7 Reviews

Brand: Wilkinsons / Type: Toilet Brush

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    7 Reviews
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      05.12.2013 10:26
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      Wilko Value Loo Brush & Holder

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      The Product
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      The product I am reviewing is a toilet brush set which I purchased from Wilkinsons. I needed a few of these for the toilets at work and as I couldn't find any in my local Poundland I thought this would be the next place to look for one. This particular set comes in white which means it goes well with any coloured bathroom or toilet theme. This is part of their value range which means it's affordable and very cheap. Whilst this may not be the prettiest or nicest toilet brush set, I wasn't really bothered about this as they were going to be for work anyway. The brush has an easy grip handle which sits neatly in the shallow holding tub which is round. The shallow tub means that it helps to store the brush safely, discreetly and hygienically. It states that the set should be washed before use and thereafter by cleaning with a soft damp cloth. Harsh abrasive cleaners or scourers should be avoided. I have no idea why they suggest washing this before use, how-ever I didn't have the time to do this and I don't see a reason to wash it before use anyway. One of these costs 55p which I thought was an absolute bargain. You can purchase it from Wilkinsons stores or from their website; how-ever they are awaiting stock of this product on their website. You can also purchase the replacement brushes for around 50p which is handy if your brush is starting to look rather grubby.

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      Using the Product
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      The brush and the holder itself seem quite strong, considering it was so cheap. The grooved bits on the top of the brush handle means it's easy to grip and you can easy apply a little pressure on the handle when using it. The brush is a good size and has stiff bristles all over it which means it great for helping you to clean the toilet basin. I normally squirt a bit of toilet cleaner around the bowl and then give it a good scrub with the toilet brush. With the help of using a toilet cleaner and using this brush I find that the toilet ends up looking very clean. The most recent toilet cleaner I had was a bright pink colour and this left some marks near the rim of the bowl. The brush did a really good job at helping to scrub at the pink marks and removed them. I rinse the brush off by flushing the toilet and holing the end of the brush in the water-flow from the toilet. The brush stands in the shallow tub really well without falling over. The brush is very light to hold and use. I always put a little water in the bottom of the shallow tub with a very small squirt of toilet cleaner to keep germs off the end of the brush. I've had this brush in the toilet for a few months now and it stills looks fairly new and is still going strong.

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      Overall Opinion
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      I only wanted a few cheap toilet brushes for work and I didn't really want to spend a lot of money which is why I looked in my local Poundland store at first. I'm unsure whether the Poundland ones are cheaper than £1.00 or not. I was really pleased that these were so cheap at 55p each, especially as I needed to purchase 3 of them for the toilets at work. These aren't the most attractive toilet brushes, how-ever as they are for work that doesn't really bother me. The toilet brushes are well made and strong and they do a great job at helping to clean the toilet and scrubbing at stains in the bowl. I probably wouldn't purchase this for my home as I would want something that looks slightly better than this and also not something that looks so cheap. The toilet brush is perfect for the toilets at work and they do a great job of keeping them clean and stain free. Recommended!

      (review also on ciao)


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