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Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box

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3 Reviews

Brand: Willow Tree / Type: Keepsake / Jewellery box

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    3 Reviews
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      18.10.2012 09:47
      Very helpful
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      Look out for a good deal on this.


      As I mentioned in an earlier review, I have some of the Willow Tree collectables collection downstairs on my mantlepiece. I'm a huge fan of the design and neutral colours and was delighted when I received the Willow Tree Keepsake box from my Mum as a present for my Birthday. She bought it because she knew I liked the design of Willow Tree but also because the two people on the front reminded her of the two of us nattering the nights away when I lived at home. The current retail for this is around £35 but it was definitely more around £20 when she bought it for me about 3 years ago.

      ==My Opinion==

      At £35, I think this keepsake box is overpriced so it is worth trying to shop around for a better deal. As this is quite an old design, I suspect it might not be that easy to get hold of it any more and since this keepsake box has been released, Willow Tree have released a whole other range of designs for keepsake boxes, both square and oval. This box is around 9cm in both directions and about 3-4cm deep (excluding lid). The box is made from resin and is in the same colours as the rest of the Willow Tree collection, creams, beiges and browns. As far as a keepsake box goes, I think you'd be hard pushed to keep anything other than tiny items in it. I personally have it on my bedside table and put my earrings and rings in there every night and occasionally put important things in there that I don't want to lose like my SIM card or memory card for example. I tend to think of a 'keepsake' box as being able to house larger items like a marriage certificate or special cards and notes, but this box really isn't big enough to do that. That said, for the size of the box, I find it very useful and to be honest, rather than being really practical, the box and the sentiment it was bought with mean far more to me than being able to use it as a storage box of any sort. The box is well made and sturdy and it has survived one or two drops on to the carpet but couldn't imagine it surviving a fall onto tiles or outside anywhere.


      I think that this is a lovely gift which would be suitable for a range of people. I do think it is a little expensive, but if you can get it for approx. £20 then I think it is well worth the money. The design is lovely and as I said, the sentiment with which it was given means a lot to me. Overall a lovely gift which has classic colours and will probably remain timeless.


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        27.10.2011 11:39
        Very helpful



        A lovely gift

        2011 has been a really rough year for our family, primarily as we were nursing my Grandma through terminal cancer sadly losing her in May. One of my best friends lives in Brighton and one day she sent me a little present to let me know she was thinking of me and trying to cheer me up. My lovely present was a Willow Tree Keepsake Box. I had bought friends and family Willow Tree figures in the past but this was the first item from the range that I recieved myself.

        The Willow Tree range is designed by Susan Lordi and the original inspiration was: "Willow Tree is an intimate, personal line of figurative sculptures representing qualities and sentiments that help us feel close to others, heal wounds, or treasure relationships." Willow Tree figures show their emotion through the body gestures alone as the faces are totally blank.

        The keepsake box is a small square box which is about 7.5cm (3") in size. The lid simply lifts off and isn't attached in any way which I expected really. The box has the same kind of texture as the figurines which is a special sculptured clay that still holds the appearance of the knife marks used to sculpture. On each side of the box you will find a small raised star which is a really simply but lovely effect.

        The lid of the box features two raised willow tree figures sitting knee to knee looking as though they are in the middle of an in depth conversation. Even though the figures have no faces they are clearly different with the way they are sat and the different hairstyles. Between the two figures at the top of the lid you will find another star shape.

        In the base of the box you will find some script writing which states "Forever true, forever friends". I think that is a really lovely touch and is very meaningful and personal between close friends. Though I know that it is clearly a printed message in every box it really did feel very personal to me and means a lot to hear that from your friends. As a rule I am not a mushy kind of friend, but going through a bad time it meant the world to me.

        The box is a beige colour all over with just different colour on the hair, faces and stars. Inside the box is a grey colour and the black print really stands out against that colour background.

        I decided to use the box to store the jewellery that my Grandma left me in her will so that I always knew it was somewhere safe and though it was from a friend it is something that will now always remind me of her. I have since bought one of these keepsake boxes for one of my friends and she loved hers as much as I love mine. I think it is a lovely present and it is something different rather than giving a figurine as a gift but still holds a special meaning.

        The price of the Willow Tree Keepsake Box is currently around £14.00 on Amazon, though when I bought one as a present it was just under ten pounds so the price does seem to vary at times.

        I can't recommend this box enough, it is a lovely present to give or receive and it is just beautiful in every way.

        Thank you for reading my review


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          30.03.2011 19:41
          Very helpful



          A beautiful trinket box.

          For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive an abundance of beautiful presents, but one in particular was completely unexpected and made me feels so special that I had to write a review about it!

          My surprise gift was a simple trinket box, from the "willow tree" range of ornaments.

          I knew of the range, but have never collected them myself, though I am able to appreciate them from afar via my friend and my sister in law, who both have extensive collections.

          A little background information is needed in this instance I feel!

          The artist behind the willow tree range is Susan Lordi, and the range states that she hand carves every model by hand within it, though a small disclaimer also states that she does in fact carve the original cast only, from which the models are set from, though the look is still beautiful.

          These are specifically made to have no expressions on the models faces, indeed no faces either, but due to the way each head is held, the expressiveness of each piece should be personal and also subjective, as Roy Walker would say, "say what you see, if you see it, say it!", so each piece could be deemed as a very personal thing, saying something different to each person.

          Depending on what piece you give or receive it states it can be as meaningful to either giver or receiver, many of the pieces I have seen have been quite family orientated, with simple titles like "mother" or "child", and is hoped will promote peace and feelings of well being, ok, that is a bit hippyish for me, though I did get one piece called "mother and child" soon after the birth of my niece for my best friend, and she actually cried saying how she knew I understood how much she had been through and was pleased that she finally felt like a mum, so maybe there is method in the statements madness!

          Now onto the actual subject of this review, the trinket box!

          The box itself is a small square box, around 3" width and depth, with a lid that is a simple lift off/place on design, simple with no clasps or hinges to spoil the flow of the box.

          The box has a dimpled effect over it's entirety, with a small raised star shape on each side of the box itself, with the lid holding the most detail.
          Though there is this very detail effect over the box it really has a very tactile element to it, feeling incredibly smooth to the touch, even though it looks as if it should be textured.
          Also though this has been set from pot, it has a very strange feeing to it, smooth, cold but almost silky in feel, like it has been covered in talc, it really is a strange sensation, though not unpleasant!

          The lid has a picture of two "friends" sitting opposite each other and looking as though they could be deep in conversation with each other (well that is how I would interpret it anyway), and though both are visibly different they are of course very similar, I suppose that is how I could explain my friendship with person who actually gave me this box.

          The colour of the box is a very beautiful neutral beige colour, with only the hair, face and hands being a different colour, though it really doesn't make this boring looking, in fact it is more likely to fit into the décor of my rooms, making it a nice addition to my ornament collection.

          The inside of the box is a slate grey colour, and is mirrored on the inside of the lid too, with there being a simple inscription inside the bottom of the box, this being "forever true, forever friends", which of course was incredibly touching to read, but locked away on the inside of the box is also a subtle message meant just for myself and the giver ( I am beginning to wonder if I am a hippy!).

          Practicality is of course another element to this box, and I find that it is the ideal place to store my everyday jewellery, as it sits on my bookcase in my room, easy to drop a bracelet into, though not necklaces and loads of other bits as it will inevitably get tangled up, I have found my kids keep leaving me little gifts in there too, I found a handmade bracelet made by my daughter last week, very sweet!

          I find this a really lovely gift to have received, and one that would make a fantastic present too, not only is it beautiful to look at but the sentimentality behind it makes it a really lovely gift to get/give.

          For more information on this and the other great many ornaments/gifts available in the range and for more background information on the artist visit - www.willowtree.info

          Price wise this is also a reasonably priced piece, being available from around the £9.99 range, this is available from www.amazon.co.uk and is widely available from jewellery shops too.

          Thanks for reading x


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