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Wondrous Wall Art

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Brand: Wondrous Wall Art

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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2013 03:21
      Very helpful




      ~*~*~ Wall Art ~*~*~

      It seems at the moment having words written on walls is all the rage. I have to say that I do really like the look and decided to use it in my kitchen.

      My kitchen is decorated in black, white and grey with hints of pink for a splash of colour but the main walls are simply painted in white to keep it nice and bright, on the wall above my tumble dryer/cooker/washing machine I have a large window on the right hand side and then nothing, just white wall and whilst browsing on ebay I saw the words - Live, Laugh, Love and I knew they would go perfect in that space. In the kitchen I have a hanging grey wicker heart and a solid white heart with Live, Laugh, Love written on it so I knew it would all tie in well.

      I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the word art in the post.

      As soon as they arrived I felt the need to get them up on the wall and I was really pleased with the size of the lettering. The letter L on each word is approximately 5 inches high and then the others are slightly smaller which makes them look really nice.

      I chose them in black, although there was a good range of other colours available.

      The words came on one long sheet with each word placed a couple of inches apart. I wanted the three words to come down the wall in a stagered appearence so I cut the words into three sections, giving me a Live, a Laugh and a Love.

      Before placing the decals on the wall, I first used warm water and bleach to clean the area to ensure the words would stick, after that I left the area to dry and then it was time for a bit of climbing up the cupboards and worktop to get the words stuck to the wall! Oh how much fun!

      The words came sandwiched between two pieces of glossy paper, you need to remove the backing sheet which will then leave you with the lettering stuck on the other piece of paper with the sticky side of the lettering ready to place on the wall - That is the easy part.

      You then have to decide of course where you want the words to be placed, I placed them on the wall, then got down from the worktop and decided that they looked a little bit wonky so I got back up sorted them out, back down, they looked good so then I went back up with a wallpaper scraper!

      Wallpaper scraper you say?!

      This was needed to apply the pressure over the words in order to separate the letters from the backing paper, I rubbed the flat edge over the word and then proceeded to gently pull the paper away. As I was doing so I saw that some of the lettering wasn't sticking so I used the corner of the scraper to hold the letters in place and carried on. Once you get the momentum going it is really easy and the finished look is worth the effort.

      I have since ordered a Marilyn Monroe quote for my dressing room/walk in wardrobe - Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world. Quite apt for me as I do love my shoes!

      I expect this one will be a little harder to stick as there are obviously a lot more words, however I do think the end result will be perfect.

      This type of wall art gives a really effect look, it transforms a blank space and also looks really cool!

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      14.02.2013 08:56
      Very helpful



      A lovely piece of wall art!

      One afternoon my sister and I were browsing on amazon looking for things that might be useful for her when decorating her University room when we came across a product called wonderous wall art. What stood out to be immediately was one which I recognised to be lyrics from a Snow Patrol song and I immediately added it to my wish list on amazon which I had started putting together for ideas for what people could buy me for Christmas. I was lucky enough to receive the wall art from one of my friends and this is my review of it.

      The wall art came delivered in a tough cardboard tube that you may get a large photo or poster in and so it was well protected for the delivery. Obviously my friend wrapped this up for me but when I opened it I noted that it was a simple packaging with no clue on the outside of what would be inside but I did obviously realise it would be likely to be the item I had put on my wish list.

      The quote that I liked and asked for is from the song chasing cars by Snow Patrol and it basically says "If I lay here, If I just lay here, Would you lay with me and just forget the world?" I adore the song and I adore the lyric and so I felt that this particular piece of wall art would look really good in my bedroom over my bed. The lyrics are written in a large black swirly font which looks really impressive in my opinion and because it is so large it does really stand out. It is made from a vinyl which needs applying to the wall.

      When I opened up the wall art to get it on my wall I was a bit concerned because it was a really large piece and my friend had told me that she had bought herself a different quote for her wall and had needed to enlist her mum as helper because it was too difficult to apply herself. I was also a little concerned as the paper in my bedroom is a bit bumpy as opposed to a smooth look and I wondered how well it would stick.

      With all of this in mind though I still decided to give it a go myself and once I had made sure the wall was free from dust I ran a credit card over the backing paper on the large decal to make sure it was firmly attached. I then stuck the large vinyl to my wall with some masking tape so that I could find the correct position and I then needed to flip off the backing paper so that the actual vinyl lettering was against the wall. What you then need to do is carefully rub against the lettering with a credit card so to transfer the vinyl decal from the paper it is stuck to and on to your wall. This is quite a time consuming task and what I found was you did really need to run the edge of the credit card over and over the letters taking your time to cover the full letter so it would all stick on to the wall and not stay attached to the backing paper.

      At one point as I was rubbing the vinyl decal I was really wondering if it was going to stick to my wall at all. I did realise though that using the edge of a credit card worked best and it was the best idea to take each letter at a time rubbing every part of the letter quite hard. Effort but it did work and so I think it is worth the time I put in. It took me around an hour to get the decal on the wall and I found that when I had done a small part removing the backing paper just made things a bit easier and made me push on as well as I could see I was getting somewhere.

      I adore the look of this vinyl decal on my bedroom wall. I think it makes a real difference to the room and I think it is a talking point as well for any family or friends that have seen it. When I completed the wall art I put a picture of it on facebook and a lot of people commented on it and really liked it.

      The vinyl is meant to be easily removed when you want to according to the advert on amazon but they do make reference to the fact that they will not be held responsible if it becomes hard to remove on their instructions. I don't think looking at my design it will be hard to remove at all but it does look really secure on the wall as well.

      This cost £14.99 from amazon and I would totally recommend it. There are many different designs suitable for all different rooms and I just searched "wall art" when I stumbled across it on amazon.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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