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Worlds Apart Disney Cars Wooden Toy Box

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Brand: Worlds Apart / Type: Storage

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2013 16:29
      Very helpful



      Boxing Clever...

      For my son's first birthday last week I decided to be 'sensible dad' and buy a few practical presents for him along with some not-so practical ones. Given that he's well into his toys now his bedroom can look like an explosion in a toy shop once he's had hold of everything and despite my efforts to stack and organise his things into some sort of order I soon realised that it was a complete waste of time trying to be neat and tidy when there's a willful, crawling Rugrat around. A toy box therefore seemed to be the solution to tidying his things away so when I spotted this Disney Pixar Cars one on amazon I snapped it up.

      Made by a company named Worlds Apart there were a choice of toy box designs available, I have a transport theme going on in my son's bedroom so thought that Cars would make a fitting addition and keep the theme going. The toy box comes as a flat pack which I was initially wary about given the fact that I'm not usually very good with flat pack stuff, however a "box" didn't seem too challenging a subject to undertake and the reviews on amazon mentioned that it was easy to put together with the only tool needed for the job being a flat blade or Phillips screwdriver.

      The box itself is made from coloured MDF, it's rather glossy in appearance and as shown above is red and blue in colour with printed images from the Cars film displayed on the front. It has a lift off lid rather than an attached, hinged one which I thought made it a bit safer for little fingers and although the age guidelines on amazon state it's best suited to children of 3 years of age and older I don't think it's that unsuitable for younger ones so long as they're supervised or the lid is removed before play time. At the moment my son is only 1 so doesn't really understand what the box is for, he hasn't quite grasped the fact that his toys are in there so hasn't gone investigating yet although once he becomes more aware I will mainly leave the lid off and replace it as and when necessary and obviously try and teach him about playing safely.

      It's assembled using "T-Bolts" which are a screw and bolt system, one each side panel there are four circular cutouts which sit close to the corners, when the sides are joined together the bolt grips into the nut and holds the sides firmly in place, this is then repeated on each panel and in the end the 4 sides are joined together. The base then slots into position before the lid tops off the finished job. It's very easy to assemble, even for me and I would say it took me about 10 minutes to put the box together, the screws can be tightened with either a flat blade or Phillips screwdriver and I had no issues whatsoever with any misaligned holes or wobbles once everything was put together. An illustrative instruction pamphlet is provided which gives step by step instructions but it is very straight forward and I can't imagine anyone finding the task of assembling it too difficult though a second person to hold the panels might be beneficial though I did mine by myself.

      The box is quite heavy weighing in at 7kg's but the side panels have handy cut out sections which act as natural 'handles' so moving it around isn't too difficult. It measures 40cm in height, 60cm in width and 40cm in depth so a nice big space to store toys and games but not too tall for reaching in for the bottom. The lid does sit firmly in place and would definitely withstand the weight of a child if they wanted somewhere to sit though it's not something to jump around on but naturally that comes down to common sense from a parents perspective anyway. I think it has been very well made, the finish is excellent and the primary red and blue colours are vibrant and eye catching, it certainly fits in my son's room very well and is the ideal place now for me to put his toys away either on a night time or when he's at his mothers house. It's withstood a fair few knocks without chipping or the paint coming off though I wouldn't say it was impervious to anything too violent however general bangs and day to day use shouldn't cause it too many problems.

      Overall I would say that it's a strong, sturdy toy box ideal for its intended purpose. I think it's well made, easy to assemble and adds a nice colourful and playful touch to a child's bedroom, I bought the "Cars" one to fit in with a theme but the same box is available in other designs too and forms part of a wider 'Worlds Apart' bedroom collection with other matching pieces being available. Given the quality of the toy box and how well it has been manufactured I would buy something else from the range should my son take an interest in the Cars films as he gets a bit older and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this toy box to other people.

      Prices do vary for this and the other Toy boxes from Worlds Apart, amazon was the cheapest place when I bought mine and I paid £27.99, I've seen it at other retailers for £39.99 though so it's definitely worth shopping around as there are savings to be made if you buy from the right place.

      Five stars as a rating from me. Thanks for reading my review.


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