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Yankee Candle Mountain Lodge On The Go Travel Spray

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Brand: Yankee / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2011 16:06
      Very helpful



      Another great travel scented air freshener pen scent that is stronger than "Clean Cotton."

      After the success of "Black Cherry" On the Go spray by Yankee Candle proved to be effective through travelling and at work, I decided to buy another pen on an impending business trip that involved travelling in a friend's car before boarding a train to the south of England. Even though it was a short three days away I took the minimal of things with me and experimented with a few travel bottles and small potions as opposed to taking my usual and managed to cram everything into a sports holdall rather than the usual larger trolley case. I was pleased as punch - what I didn't factor was how stinky the car I would be travelling in thanks to the owner who landscapes in their part time job and being a massive dog owner meant I couldn't abide the smell of dog and cut grass in the car when we'd be travelling on the road for more than 2 hours.

      Compared to the instantly sweet and welcoming "Black Cherry," though, "Mountain Lodge," as a discreet and subtle fragrance works well in the "on-the-go" travel pen formula. If you don't know what the concept or idea behind this product is, it's about the same size as a thin marker pen with a push button release that gives up to 65 amounts of odour eliminating freshness that can be used like a mini travelling air freshener. If the "tester" Febreeze bottles were still available to buy like they used to be in "Semi-Chem," they'd be a much bigger market for Yankee Candle's On the Go concept. The pen itself measures 11.5cm and has a novel and unique pen lid that mimics Yankee Candle's house warmer glass candle jars - a fact that I like to keep the lids handy for my niece who presents them in various rooms in her dolls house. It has a retail price between £5-99 and £7-99.

      Unlike the pressurized canisters you can buy, Yankee Candle who produce this pen product have natural additives within the formula aided by a natural non-gas pressured press release button and what you get is a natural freshness against sticky chemical boosts that die down leaving a faint artificial smell behind. Whereas "Black Cherry," is loud, proud and fruity, "Mountain Lodge," seems to invigorate the air with a sweet and peppery fragrance much like the original candle, providing warmth and a bitter sweet combination of herby sage with Cedarwood and that undeniable blackcurrant in the base tones when the spray water has died down. "It smells like blackcurrant and burning wood fires," so said my companion, who has never used a Yankee Candle or any scented candle product before.

      One of the greater aspects I adore about "Mountain Lodge," is that as a scent alone it has tones of "Abercrombie & Fitch," aftershave. It is a scent that you can get away with from a man and although earthy and herby, the contrast of the candle compared to this spray is much stronger and far more instant. Plus you can be as discreet as you like with a pen in your hand compared to burning a candle in the car! When we stopped half way for a break and a cup of tea I was relieved to find that the car no longer smelt strongly of dog and cut grass. The driver even took it upon herself to take a note of what I had sprayed - clearly a new Yankee Candle fan was born!

      The downsides to this product are pretty much the same kind of downsides you'll find with any of the "On-the-Go" travel sprays. Although they contain natural additives thanks to Yankee Candle's insistence, there are plenty of warnings on the blister pack that holds the pen in before use. The product for example can't be used on leather; it is a danger to children and pets; it can't be used on plastic, vinyl, varnished or painted surfaces; it can't be left in strong sunlight and temperatures above 120°F. Pretty much then it is suitable for the glove box in your car or in a drawer or at home, or even in your handbag or carry bag. The product also carries a strong warning to avoid contact with the eyes, skin and choking hazard points due to the small lid that sits on top of the spray. Where the product fairs better is sprayed near fabrics like car seats and boot liners as I found out when we stopped half way for a rest!

      The added advantage of "Mountain Lodge" however is that it does possess a rich and strong staying power factor. Whereas I found "Clean Cotton" to do less well in covering up strong odours like fish cakes or tobacco odour, "Mountain Lodge," is thick with earthy tones that can mask the smells long enough for them to dissipate and can mask quite effectively without having to keep pushing the button. No surprise then to find that when going back to my local seller for the same product, that "Mountain Lodge," seems to be the most popular - apparently bought by buyers because they like to use it in hotel rooms and the car! Naturally then, another downside to this product is that it is continually sold out. Compared to "Black Cherry," "Mountain Lodge," as a spray pen has lasted a bit longer even though these pen products are really suitable for short term use, this scent seems to last longer because it is a heavier scent that has longer staying power. In my hotel room for example, the spray was effective enough to last for the two days stay with only two squirts compared to the endless boosts of other scents I've had in the past and I can't stand the smell of clinical bed sheets and towels whereupon "Mountain Lodge" soon gave the room and the fabrics a much more welcomed quality ambience.

      Against "Clean Cotton," On the Go travel spray, "Mountain Lodge," has a more versatile lift and a much more reliable and practical kick to the fragrance. For the pricing, it can be a bit expensive for what you get, particularly when at 25ml for the pen does seem small and stingy. That however isn't a huge disadvantage in my opinion when one or two squirts in a room is all that is needed against other scents which have proved to be less powerful and therefore incite more use. So much better than Febreeze any day though! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011



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