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You, Me and The Kids Calendar

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Calendar with sections for each member of the family to keep their details in

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2011 12:36
      Very helpful



      A lovely family orientated calendar.

      After discovering this particular calendar a few years ago I have religiously purchased one for the start of my new year, I know this may sound ludicrous, surely one calendar is the same as the next, but due to me being the head of a traditionally "2.4" family, this calendar offers everything I could possibly need! Let me explain further!

      The calendar in question is - "You, me and the kids calendar".

      This calendar is of course generic in it's initial format, that being of course month by month, though with this calendar the monthly picture is as important as the dates itself.

      The calendar hangs horizontally against your wall, with the top part of the calendar (a whole page too!) containing a seasonally themed picture, each one depicting a specific theme that you would associate with that month.

      There are the obvious of course, December having an entire Christmas themed picture, and August being a beautifully sun drenched theme, though to me the characters in the picture make this that bit more special.

      There is a family of four bears, Daddy, Mummy, and twins, a girl and a boy, and though I don't have twins (having them space apart by three years is hard enough!), this is pretty much my family dynamic.

      The pictures are all drawn in a chalk effect, with the lines being slightly smudged to add a romantic type of feel to it, and it is very effective, though this doesn't detract from the detail that goes into the picture, with there always being a family orientated scene from each season.

      I have to say my favourite picture from the calendar this year is Septembers theme, with that being "back to school" based, with a lovely and somewhat comical picture of the family, with the kids having new bags and showing them to each other, and Mummy and Daddy having armfuls of other school "essentials" and a rather large receipt billowing behind them!

      The calendar aspect is though the drawing point for me.

      As a busy working mum of two school age children, there always seems to be an endless parade of different after school activities, parties, school assemblies etc.... , if I stuck with a normal sized calendar I would struggle to write everything down and it still be legible, and whoah betide anything that doesn't get written on the calendar, if it's not on, it ain't going on!

      On the lower page opposite the picture there is a whole page for the month too.

      Down the right hand side the days and dates run downwards, with each day having a line off space to write what is happening.

      The date lines are then split in three sections, this being "you, me and the kids", though I have to say my husband very rarely has anything to put on his section, probably pay day and that is all!

      I then have a whole section for my important reminders..."due on, pocket money earned, shopping..." (yes I am that boring! Lol!), with my children's section looking like they are party animals with every day being filed to capacity with their different activities.

      Alongside these there are the printed occasions, those being "fathers day, mothers day, Easter...", again all very useful to me, as I have the memory of a goldfish with things like these!

      Price wise this is on an almost constant offer from www.studio24.co.uk retailing for £4.99, though there is a P&P charge to go on top of that.

      This really is a fantastic calendar that I will continue buying, and continue getting a great deal of use from!

      Thanks for reading x


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