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Zevro Classic Twin Dry Food Dispenser

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Brand: Zevro / Type: Food Dispenser

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    2 Reviews
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      21.11.2011 17:36



      Great gadegt and fun to use

      We have had our Zevro Classic Food Dispenser now for just over a year and we bought it online from Amazon. I am not sure how much it cost at the time but I know we used some discount vouchers and paid around £30. I think if you purchase one now it will cost around £40 full price, so it isn't cheap. We mainly bought it for the little lad. As a family we like to watch a lot of DVD's together and he really enjoys putting his popcorn inside and then turning the handle and waiting for it to come out. It is a bit stiff for him to turn, but with a bit of help from me and his mum we get there.

      As a family we all enjoy taking it in turns every morning filling our cereal bowls with our preferred choice of cereal. It is a dual glass container and you can clearly see the contents inside with snug fitting black lids and large silver handles you turn to release the contents.

      We wait in line every morning with our breakfast bowls and each take it in turn to turn the handle. Ours is usually filled with Sugar Puffs or Alpen or Rice Krispies and we are thinking of buying another one for other foodstuffs such as rice and pasta and they do look quite attractive in our kitchen as they match our black worksurfaces and popele will often comment on how good they look.

      They are great fun to use as a family and a great way for the little one to feel in control of how much he is putting into his cereal bowl and a good way of getting him to eat up! It is a rather large gadget measuring in at 19cm x 33cm x 41cm, so if your kitchen is on the small side the I don't think I would personally recommend this as it does take up a lot of space on the work surface.

      I personally love the fact that it keeps our food fresh for ages and it doesn't go stale, in fact I would say it actually seems to make the breakfast cereals taste fresher than they do when they have just been left standing in a box. You have to be careful to hold your bowls fairly near to the dispensing bit though, otherwise they may be prone to bounce off the bowl and straight onto the floor - and I say this from personal experience!

      They are easy to clean - just run under hot soapy water and rinse and they are durable and look great.

      Very much recommended.


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      24.08.2011 13:58
      Very helpful



      5/5, I love it!

      My partner and I spent the night of our friends' wedding in a rather posh bed and breakfast and it was there, in the morning with my bleary eyes and thick rum-fluffed head, that I saw a row of dry food dispensers, full of cereals. Well, while I am not a particularly gadgety person there are just some things that really appeal to me and this was one of them. The reason? Why, the pets of course!

      In order to ensure a varied and healthy diet, I mix several types of good quality turtle pellets together to form the staple dry food, and I supplement with various suitable things. I do the same for the rats - I mix up my own dry food for them using a quality rabbit food and adding in other cereals, seeds, nuts, fruit etc. Having a dispenser such as this not only looks fab, but keeps it fresh for a decent length of time and also makes dispensing the food easy and (theoretically) mess free.

      Luckily for me, the other half listened to my wondrous excitement at how useful this sort of thing would be and he bought me the Zevro Classic double dispenser for my birthday last year (who wants jewellery?!). Mine is white though, not black as the picture shows. It is quite big overall, approx 19cm x 33 cm x 41cm, but I don't actually keep it in the kitchen so it doesn't take up any of my valuable worktop space. I keep mine in my dedicated turtle room and simply take the rat food upstairs along with their fresh food. I would find it annoying trying to fit it in my kitchen, so this is worth thinking about if yours isn't particularly generous on counter space.

      To use it, you simply turn the handle and the contents will drop into a suitably placed receptacle underneath. It's important you don't forget that bit! It is also important not to use too small a bowl, as I have found that sometimes the food ends up bouncing back out, making a mess and resulting in wastage. Personally I use a big mug to catch the food in. Occasionally I will also get a few larger bits of the rat food stuck in the twist mechanism, but these are easily poked out and don't cause me any trouble.

      When looking for a picture of this to add to my original Ciao review, I found one on stylishlife.co.uk (which Dooyoo have used). This site tells me that each canister holds 17.5 ounces and one twist will dispense one ounce, so it's very useful for portion control if you are on a diet, or if you want to use it for treat foods. Since I don't use it this way this was of no concern to me, I just keep turning until I've got enough food to feed all the beasts. It also claims to keep food fresh for up to 45 days which would be very handy.

      Since I have had this, I have found it to be so useful and it looks great. There have been a couple of times I have needed to get someone else to feed the pets, and this made it much easier as my petsitter did not have to worry about feeding the correct food, and I didn't have to worry about the wrong food/amounts being used. It keeps everything fresh plenty long enough, right down to the last little bit and I have never had to throw any food away. I think this makes it great for sweet treats as well, especially as children will [maybe] learn that one portion is enough, and the sweets will stay fresh inside for plenty of time.

      The whole thing is easy to clean, the outside can just be wiped down when needed and the canisters detach for easy washing. I think they are dishwasher safe but to be honest I can't remember as I didn't pay that much attention, being a hand washer myself, and I of course no longer have any of the packaging to check.

      I am not sure how much my other half paid for this for me, but the white is still available online for £40. This is not something I would ever buy for myself as it's not essential and £40 is a lot of money. However, I am very happy to own it and have to say that I think the quality is excellent - it has been very reliable for me, giving me no problems in 8 months of daily use, and it cleans up brilliantly, looking almost new. I have seen similar items, or single canister dispensers, for lower prices so if you fancy this but not at the price then it's worth looking around.

      So on that note, I would say this is very recommendable if you need it, have space for it, and/or just want it and can afford it!


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