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Zoflora Citrus Fresh

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Brand: Zoflora / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    5 Reviews
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      29.07.2013 17:47
      Very helpful
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      A quality product thats been around for years and is still popular

      I love the smell of Zoflora and have done so since a child as my mom swore by it. I remember her saying on a regular basis that she was just going to clean the drains and patio with Zoflora, I'm sure far more then was necessary but maybe she just loved the smell as well.

      I will always choose lemony or citrus smells for my cleaning products as I think they smell far fresher and cleaner and flowery ones. This Zoflora says it is a citrus smell and is a cross between oranges and lemons. The box is orange and says that it has a 3 in 1 action and removes 99.9% of bacteria, removes odours and provides all day freshness. It is 250ml but you can also get it in a 500ml size. I paid £1.95 for this from Home Bargains which is where I get a lot of my cleaning products from as I find them far cheaper than supermarkets. The next cheapest I have found is Asda where it is currently £2.25.

      I dilute my Zoflora in a plastic bucket with cold water and will just pour a few glugs in which is probably a bit more than the recommended dose of 1 part Zoflora to 40 of water but I find that it still lasts me a long time. I would say that it usually lasts me about six months. I will use this with a disposable cloth to wipe over my entire kitchen, including the worktops, kitchen cupboards and sink area. I find that it removes any marks and also leaves a nice shine to the chrome areas. As I have rung the cloth out well I find that there is no need to rinse where I have cleaned and I just let it dry. I also use it neat to pour down the plughole.

      When I use it to clean the area outside the back door and the drains I use a more concentrated mixture and mix it in a bucket and then pour some onto the path and sweep it round with a hard broom and then pour the remainder down the drains. I especially love the smell it leaves outside and I can smell it as soon as I step out into the back garden.

      I also use this in my bathroom and will again dilute it usually in the sink and then wipe over the whole bathroom with a cloth including the tiles. I find that it makes my bathroom shine and doesn't leave any streaks.

      I don't use it every week but would say about once a month when I feel that the house needs a proper clean. When I have finished I feel that I have got rid of any lurking germs and am also left with a lovely fresh smell. It claims to kill bacteria and germs including nasties like E-Coli, MRSA, salmonella and listeria. It is recommended not to be used directly onto fabrics or painted surfaces but I use it on wooden painted doors etc and find it to be fine.

      The Zoflora range is available in 12 different fragrances in total, Citrus Fresh, Cherry Blossom, Linen Fresh, Bouquet, Lavender, Springtime, Hyacinth, Flowershop, Lilac, Rose and Sweetpea and Bluebell Wood so there should be a smell there that's suitable and pleasing for everyone.

      I recommend this product as it gets rid of nasty germs and leaves your house smelling clean and fresh


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        26.04.2013 12:11
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Something I will keep on using

        I bought this recently in a bid to save some money. My friend had recommended it to me as it is a multi purpose cleaning product and lasts a long time. I normally try most things to save money!

        It wasn't the first time I had heard of this product, my mum used to use it when I was younger. If anyone was sick, the floral Zoflora would come out. (So haven't got fond memories of the floral scent and don't think I would buy it now!). I made sure this time I bought the 'Citrus Fresh' scent.

        -- The Packaging --

        The packaging for this product is the updated version of the Ciao picture. It is a cardboard box approx 20 cm high, the front of the box is orange with a picture of a lemon tree, the Zoflora logo is white lettering on a dark green background which makes it stand out. It tells you that 99.9% of bacteria and viruses are killed, Odours elimated and all day freshness.

        The actual plastic bottle inside is a 250ml clear plastic bottle with a white plastic screw top lid. The product label on the bottle is white with the green logo on it and green writing. The Zoflora logo text is also printed directly onto the plastic bottle. The white plastic cap is just a screw top, I would've thought a child proof lid, similar to the ones you get on bleach would be more appropriate.

        -- The Product --

        This is a highly concentrated disinfectant, which can be used to clean most surfaces in your home. On the box it lists: Floors, Baths, Tiles, Taps, Worktops, Drains, Sinks, Dishcloths, Toilets, Potties and Hard Surface pet areas. It is advertised as a 3-in-1 product which kills bacteria and viruses, eliminates odours and provides all day freshness. It lists the bacteria and viruses killed as follows: E.coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, Influenza - Type A (H1N1), Human Herpes Virus, Rotavirus and Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV). To be honest I'm not sure what all of those are but they don't sound pleasant!)

        It has a very pleasant citrus scent, which really smells 'clean'. When I have cleaned the kitchen floor with it, I can still smell the product faintly throughout the day.

        -- How to Use --

        I tend to use this product diluted with water, and I use it in a spray bottle and use it to clean down work surfaces. I also use it diluted and mop my floors with it. (I have tiled floor in the kitchen and Oak floor in the sitting room). As directed on the packaging you should dilute the product as follows: 1 capful (10ml) with 400 ml water.

        -- Price and Availability --

        This product is available in most stores which sell cleaning products. At the moment Tesco are selling this for £1.33 for a 120 ml bottle. I can't remember how much I paid for this, it was on offer at the time.

        -- Overall Summary --

        I'm not overly keen on the plastic bottle lid as it isn't childproof but I ensure I keep it well out of the reach of little hands! But I really like the actual product and I will be buying this again. It cleans my home well, smells clean and fresh and a little goes along way. The type of money saving that I like! I would definitely recommend this.

        Thanks for reading


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          13.10.2012 07:05
          Very helpful



          A fantastic cleaning product, ideal for pet owners.

          Quite recently we decided that now was the time to get our long search for puppy, with our beautiful Belle arriving last weekend from a small village in Wales.

          I have never had a dog myself, with my parents being cat people, which compared to my Belle are almost completely self sufficient, as it really is like having a new baby in the house!

          Alongside all the things i never realised i would need to deal with (chewing random things, biting, crying at night.....), there is the constant smell and knowledge that at least 1/2 of my laminate flooring has at some point been either pooed or tinkled on by an over zealous border collie pup!

          I was actually a bit concerned as to what i could mop my floor with, as i have noticed that she does have a thing about licking surfaces, and as a "new mum" in the puppy world, i did want to do right by her!

          After visiting a "doggie forum", i found that many newbies like myself had the same feelings, and found out that Zoflora 9in whichever sent it comes!) is the most pet safe floor cleaner to be using.

          This is quite an old fashioned product to use, i remember my mum using this when i was a kid, and always involkes quite a nostalgic feeling when i smell or see it.

          The bottle this product comes in is a small glass bottle, which when seen looks as if you haven't really had that much value for your money, but due to just how concentrated this stuff is a little goes a long way!

          Depending on what scent you have (there are loads available to buy, with there even being festive scented ones!), thats the thing that hits your nose when the bottle is opened, with this partiuclar one having a very strong orange/lime scent to it, though do be careful if you get some on your skin, i did with some rose scented one, and my workmates kept asking if i could smell polish!

          To use (and especially were my dog is concerned), it states that the strict instructions should be adhered to, so i had to be quite vigilant with measurements.

          One capful should be diluted as a "1 in 40" ratio, meaning that one capful equates to 140ml of cleaning fluid, though i did use a bit more water per capful....just incase!

          The scent of this stuff is quite strong in concentrated form, but once diluted down is strong enough to remove and cover doggie and kiddy smells (which i now have both in abundance!), but not so strong that it is breath taking!

          This product is claimed to be a "3 in 1" product, but when reading the blurb on the box it is actaully a "2 in 1" product (it doubles up on one of the claims!).

          The killing of bacteria and viruses is of course a biggie for me, not only to keep the health of my puppy safe (especially until complete innoculated!), but also for my children, there is a fair few accidenst toilet wise from Belle, and for me bacteria is a concern, though all my kids are bothered about is the smell (Belle seems to wait until they are having dinner to do her buisness!), which again this stuff gets rid of and freshens up fantastically, and last long after using it too!

          This product claims to kill 99.9% of bugs including, E-Coli, MRSA, salmonella, listeria and influenza to name but a few, and all bugs that i deal with at work too (think the NHS could do with investing in this product!), so i feel more confident after use that i am cleaning the areas more than sufficiently for all of my babies use!

          The list of areas that this stuff can be used on is immense, with the only area this stuff can't be used being polished wood, though do stick to the diluting guidelines!

          This can be used neat in ceramic and metal sinks, drains and toilet bowls, diluted down as a wipe/ mopping mixture, or diluted and bottled to use in spray form, this really is a very versatile product to have.

          In regards to my usage, this stuff is perfectly fine to use in and around hard pet surfaces, as long as the product has had time to dry completely before your pet walks on it, or has the chance to ingest it.

          The scent is fantastic is probably almost as important to me as the bug killing properties, once used i find the scent lingers on for quite some time after use, which is certainly appreciated with such an ecclectic (and sometimes smelly!) mix of people and pets!

          Price wise this stuff again is an old fashioned product, at an old fashioned price, with Poundland having a wide range of scents available to buy (for the smarty pants out there these are available for £1.00, lol!), though Wilkinsons do have some for sale too (not sure how extensive the range is, my sister discovered the bargain), with my bottle costing just 75p, even better!

          This really a fantastic and versatile product that i cannot reccomend highly enough!

          For more information visit - www.zoflora.co.uk

          Thanks for reading x


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            24.09.2012 12:21
            Very helpful



            A great disinfectant that leaves your house smelling lovely and reassuringly clean

            When I was growing up my mum always used to use Zoflora as a disinfectant for cleaning our house and I used to love the smell of it. Even though I use regular kitchen cleaners to clean my kitchen I was a bit worried that I never actually disinfected it (I hate the smell of bleach so only use that down the toilets) and now that my little nephew is crawling and into EVERYTHING I decided it was time to take action to make sure he wouldn't pick up any bugs or germs from my kitchen.

            Because my mum had always used this in the past (although she uses the floral one), when I saw a bottle of the Zoflora Antibacterial Spray in Citrus Fresh in my local Home Bargains shop for just £1 I didn't hesitate to pop it in my basket. I opted for the citrussy fragrance rather than the floral ones as I generally prefer fresher scents around my home. I'd hoped that it would leave my kitchen smelling nice and lemony clean but it turns out it actually smells more orangey than lemony - never mind, still better than having a grimy kitchen or one that smells of flowers!

            As we as an antibacterial spray you can also buy Zoflora as a concentrated liquid which you add to hot water, but I thought the spray would be much handier and simpler to use as all you have to do is squirt it onto the surface you want to clean and then wipe with a damp cloth. For the price you get 100ml of product which looks quite a small amount but a little really does go a long way with this spray so it lasts for a long time. I've had mine for about 6 or 7 weeks now and with weekly use in my kitchen (about 5 metres of worktop, hob, cabinet door fronts, sink, oven doors and floor) it is now about half empty (ok, ok, half full, I can be optimistic too!), so I think it's excellent value for money.

            I think the reason this lasts so well is that it's a pump action spray rather than an aerosol so only a small amount comes out with each pump meaning you're less likely to use more than necessary. And this little spray really is easy to use. You just point it at the surface and then use a dampy, clean cloth to wipe it off again. It's quick, simply and fuss free which is always a bonus when it comes to cleaning!

            As to my peace of mind that it's leaving my kitchen well disinfected and free of germs it presents no problems in this area. I don't tend to use it to clean dirt away, more to wipe down already cleaned surfaces for that extra deep cleanse and although I obviously can't see germs or bacteria to know whether they're gone or not I have no problem believing that this is doing what it's supposed to and getting rid of any nasties that may be lurking. It leaves any surface I use it on shiny and clean and smelling lovely.

            It is also suitable for use in bathrooms, although I prefer a more aquatic/oceanic smell in there so I don't use it in that respect but I do use it to wipe down my door handles, my upvc window and door frames, my interior door frames and all the skirting boards when I do my monthly deep-clean and the fragrance that lingers behind is lovely. As I said, it's more orangey than lemony but it's still really nice and fresh and it lingers for ages afterwards, leaving everywhere smelling clean and lovely.

            Obviously, being a cleaning product it is full of chemicals and so the little bottle is full of warnings about not breathing it in or spraying near flames, nor should you spray it onto fabrics or painted surfaces (although I use it on painted doorframes and skirting and it's always been fine). You should, obviously, keep it out of childrens reach and away from your eyes too.

            All in all I'm very happy with my little bottle of Zoflora antibacterial spray and it leaves me safe in the knowledge that when my nephew comes to visit he can crawl on my kitchen floor without worrying that he's getting any invisible nasties on his hands. It's easy to use, the pump action spray dispenses just the right amount to avoid wastage and at £1 a bottle you really can't complain. The fragrance is lovely and fresh and clean and leaves your house smelling great for ages afterwards. I've already bought a couple more for when this runs out and I can see this being a constant in my kitchen cupboard from now on. Definitely recommended.


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              13.08.2007 20:03
              Very helpful



              Another great product from Zoflora!

              Before I ever worked in a coffee shop my main career if it wasn't school teaching and freelance "on the spot" music performance and cleaning, I used to be a general handy kid for many local residential care homes in my home town. Whilst the worst part of the job was changing incontinence pads and serving up breakfast, I managed to excel at cleaning floors, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen areas of the homes. This was because I used a particular traditional cleaning liquid called "Zoflora."

              "Zoflora," seems to be an industrial, commercial and domestic favourite when it comes to cleaning floors. The small glass bottles of the wonder stuff means that in its concentrated form, you can get several buckets of the stuff diluted to water which hardly takes half of the original contents in the bottle away. Whilst these days consumers tend to use the latest thing when it comes to cleaning liquids and potions, Zoflora still sells, mainly on its recognition, its worth and its strong and long-lasting various scents available. Briefly, Zoflora has been available to buy since the 1970's, certainly in this country.

              ** Pricing and Scents **

              So I was surprised when I saw Zoflora Antibacterial Room Fragrance staring back at me on one of the shelves at my local privately owned Pound shop. At just £1 you could assume that a 100ml bottle just won't last the period of time, compared to other similar antibacterial pressurized sprays such as "Neutradol" room spray, "Dettol Neutra Air," and SC Johnson's "Oust," products all of which come in 250ml to 300ml sized tins. The difference here is that this is a natural spray and it isn't pressurized. The bottle is also a clear plastic so you know when you are running out of this wonder liquid. Handy! And whereas those sprays claim to do more than just freshen a room, this is purely a room freshener - which an added bonus of antibacterial agents set into its formula.

              Other shops such as privately owned Pharmacy plus one other "Moss" pharmacy have this product on sale too, but with a mark up of between 25p and 30p. Poundstretchers also have this on sale between 99p and £1-20 so it does pay to shop around. If for example your Pharmacy or similar don't stock it, anywhere you can buy the floor cleaning liquid (which is distinctly different as it comes in an annoyingly glass bottle, not handy when it drops to the floor and breaks!) you can usually find this spray sitting next to it as an added company product incentive.

              ** Design and Look **

              This product comes in a permanently designed bottle, either for the "Citrus Fresh" version and the "Bouquet" scented version. The bottle is a tall thin plastic see through 100ml sized bottle with a clear round plastic top which has its own encased wall for the spray head. The spray button itself is all in white.

              Design wise, the bottle carries the same traditional look of Zoflora emblems, so look out for the main "Zoflora" emblem in white lettering on a green oval with a secondary yellow highlighting around the same oval. Above this sits the version's scent whilst below this, proudly and discreetly displays the product name and in a small green rectangle, a claim or promise to kill germs on contact. Thereafter you'll see a half cut orange surrounded by limes. The Bouquet version carries various flowers and has the word "Bouquet" written above the main emblem of the brand. Throughout the entire bottle, you'll find that most of the important information is either written on a green background with white lettering, or green lettering on a yellow background - the look of the bottle is almost clinical and fuss free - which adds substance to its already established and recognised name and company emblem.

              Other varieties of Zoflora Antibacterial spray exist in:

              Rose, Sweetpea, Wallflower, Rain Fresh, Lily Fresh, Lilac,
              Hyacinth, Flowershop, Cool & Fresh and Springtime.

              ** Using It **

              I have found that this is actually a great spray to be used in virtually any area in the home. The scents that I have bought in the past have been the "Citrus Fresh," and "Bouquet" scent. The latter scent is the strongest and if you like flowery scents then that is the one for you. The "Citrus Fresh," however is my most favourite, not because it smells like someone has peeled a couple of oranges in the room, but because there are other tones of citrus fruit here ranging from lemon and lime as well as the main "head" of orange. Although both scents are equally fresh and fragrant, it's the "Citrus Fresh," that I adore because after one full spray from this product, it's all you really need to refreshen a room. That's the key to this formula though. The more air you have in the room the more "scent" freshness I can detect but spray it into a room with virtually no ventilation and the air becomes fresh with the scent but overly alcoholic therefore suggesting it needs some ventilation to linger and settle.

              Infact the product does warn (and there are several bullet points of "Caution" warnings when in use around the other side of the bottle), that the spray must be used in "well ventilated" areas.

              Infact I think the scent is quite close to Bouchard Gel freshener Orange variety, although you can smell a distinctive touch of anti-bacterial agent in the Zoflora spray but only for example if you spray continuously - more often than not the antibacterial agent is subtle but if like me, you're a fan of using scents through air freshener sprays and the like, which have an antibacterial agent within its make up, it is possible to detect an antiseptic kind of a scent which is neutral but apparent against the citrus "flavours" hitting the nostrils.

              After say 15 minutes, and you leave the room the spray has just been activated in, when I walk back into the room, I can still smell those oranges and that added freshness. The best room in the house that I have found so far has been the kitchen and the bathroom, particularly if you happen to install a bottle on the toilet cistern roof. Because of its small size, it is quite a discreet bottle and that spray action is quiet in operation, handy for anyone visiting the loo who is embarrassed with personal smells that they have left and don't want the host to hear they are spraying!

              For tobacco smells however this air freshener spray does a good job although it won't clear the air, but rather mask the smell of stale cigarettes instantly but long term more sprays are needed to get rid general tobacco odours.

              ** Antibacterial Use **

              For antibacterial use, I spray two times in and around the kitchen bin. This substance is flammable (so don't go waving it in front of a flame) but it doesn't mark the plastic on the bin, and it is very useful to use around anywhere really that emits bad odours, so if you have a child or a little sibling with stinky feet this could well be spray in the area of offending foot wear, for example.

              ** Conclusion **

              This spray is not intended to be used wholly on household furnishings. It just happens to be a room air freshener which has an antibacterial formula added as a bonus. The bottle claims to "kill germs on contact," and although I have not witnessed this, from time to time flies that have flown around the room seem to steer clear once this spray has been added! It doesn't seem to kill insects but it seems to stun them for a few seconds before they fly off somewhere else on their merry way. One to two sprays is sufficient, as the formula seems to emulate the power of Zoflora's recognised floor cleaning liquid - a lot goes a very long way indeed. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2007.

              Thornton & Ross Limited
              HD7 5QH
              Tel: 0044 01484 842217



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            • Product Details

              Antibacterial room spray. Brand: Zoflora. Air fresheners. / Citrus Fresh is a zesty, uplifting blend of Citrus fruits including orange, lemon and lime. This fragrance was specifically developed for use in the kitchen. Available in 250ml and 200ml bottles, 100ml Antibacterial Spray and 500ml cleanser.

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