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Zoflora Flowershop

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Brand: Zoflora / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2012 21:54
      Very helpful



      A fantastic cleaning product

      **Why I bought this**

      I have a bit of an obsession with cleaning products and whilst these days you can buy one item that will multi task and do almost everything, I still end up buying several different items for different jobs. I recently became a huge fan of Zoflora though and have found it handy for a multitude of tasks, and since my discovery of this wonderful product I have been working my way through the different fragrances which are available. I had previously been using the lavender fragrance which I love for cleaning my home with, but when I went to the shops last week to restock having ran out I found they had every single fragrance except the lavender so opted for this - 'Flower Shop' instead which sounded pleasant enough.

      My review will now focus on my experience of using Flower Shop Zoflora around my home..

      **What is it?**

      Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant that comes in a small 56ml sized glass bottle. Some Zoflora products come housed in squeezable plastic bottles though the majority are still in glass ones such as this. It can be used for cleaning and disinfecting the home in many ways and once diluted makes 2.2 litres of full strength disinfectant and as this costs anything from 69p upwards it makes this a very economical household product to keep in.

      **How to use**

      Zoflora can be used neat but it is only recommended it to be used this way in sinks/ drains and toilet bowls. To dilute use 1 cap full to 40 parts water which will give you 140ml of disinfectant, and I usually store mine in a plastic spray bottle (the sort of travel size ones you can buy for taking on holiday as this is an ideal size).

      **Where it can be used to clean**

      Zoflora can be used to clean and disinfect the following:

      Once diluted it can be used to also clean areas where pets are kept but the area must be fully dry before allowing pets back again (such as if mopping the floor near to where they have a basket/ cushion etc not directly on anything they may eat or drink out of).

      If stored in a spray bottle, which is my own preferred way of using this product, it can be liberally spritzed around the home to create a fresh fragrance and because of the intense scent it lingers in the home freshening the air for far longer than an average air freshener does in my opinion.

      **Do's and Don'ts**

      *As you can imagine from this product being a concentrated disinfectant it's not going to be kind to skin and it's advised to wash immediately with water if any splashes in the eyes or comes into contact with the skin.

      *Don't allow Zoflora to come into contact with polished wood

      *Don't mix with other chemicals

      *Do store upright and away from direct sunlight

      *Do wash hands thoroughly after using this


      Zoflora is highly flammable though once fully diluted becomes non-flammable

      This is a 3 in 1 product that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (apparently) including E. coli, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, Influenza Type A, Human Herpes Virus, Rotavirus and RSV.

      It offers a long lasting effective freshness around the home and is particularly effective against stubborn smells such as drains, bins and pet areas.

      Zoflora describe Flower Shop as "...Sweet and heady florals with hints of green leaves and freshly cut stems.."

      **Price, packaging & availability**

      I first started buying Zoflora from my local Iceland supermarket as I spotted it being sold at a reasonable £1, but then noticed it was only a mere 69p in Superdrug so since then have been buying it from there. It can be purchased from most supermarkets and shops that sell cleaning products and is normally found in the cleaning section near to the disinfectants and bleaches.

      As mentioned most of the Zoflora fragrances comes presented in glass bottles with the exception of the odd few being in plastic bottles. Flower Shop is encased in a thick and sturdy transparent glass bottle which stands upright with a wide appearance at the front and slim line from the side angle. It tapers in towards the neck where there is a small plastic white cap that screws on and off for access. The cap isn't child proof though so it's worth bearing this in mind when storing as if young children were to get hold of a bottle the lid unscrews with relative ease so Zoflora should always be stored out of the reach and of children (as should all products of this nature but that goes without saying).

      **My experience of using Zoflora 'Flower Shop'**

      I've mentioned before in a similar review that although it is only recently I have started to use this product I have actually been aware of it for many years. My Gran & Grandad owned a caravan and I always remember seeing a bottle of Zoflora in the cleaning cupboard whenever I stayed there though apart from this I never really knew what it actually did. When I visited a friend's home and commented on the lovely floral aroma that greeted me she informed me that it was Zoflora that she had simply poured down her drains to freshen them up and from that moment I would be hooked on a new cleaning product (sad I know).

      I've tried most of the different fragrances so far and have been relatively impressed with each and every one though until purchasing Flower Shop recently it was the first occasion that I had actually used this. I tend to use Zoflora for a multitude of cleaning tasks and find it most effective for mopping my floors and pouring down my drains. I've been quite impressed with all of the different fragrances but what did I think of Flower Shop?

      On opening the screw cap lid I was very pleasantly surprised with the aroma that greeted me. I expected something overly floral but what I was in fact met with was a strong floral theme that was mainly encompassed by a freshly cut grass and very very 'green' essence. Their was a predominant leafy aroma and I have to say Flower Shop reminded me of it's title as the fragrance was similar to entering a florists and not remotely artificial.

      When I have used Flower Shop around my home the fragrance seems to linger for at least an hour and smells very fresh and natural and not like I have simply been using a disinfectant. Despite Zoflora being a transparent liquid (with a slight yellow hue) when neat it turns into a cloudy white colour when added to water though this doesn't stain when using arounf my home, nor does it stain if using neat.

      This is one of my favourite fragrances so far and smells so fresh and Summery and for the small sum of 69p it is worth every penny. I use about one bottle of Zoflora a week as I tend to over use it but if used correctly it will probably last around 2 weeks or more making it still very good value.



      There are many different products on the market that all claim to multitask but I think Zoflora is one that really lives up to it's claim. It freshens my toilet, drains, disinfects my work tops and cleans my floors so I can't really ask for more.

      Although it doesn't remove stains it certainly freshens up my home and is a constant on my shopping list.

      Highly recommended.



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    • Product Details

      Antibacterial room spray. Brand: Zoflora. Air fresheners. / Flowershop is a sweet and heady floral fragrance with hints of green leaves and freshly cut stems. Available in 56ml bottles.