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Zoflora Springtime

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2 Reviews

Brand: Zoflora / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2015 19:44
      Very helpful



      A small wonder.

      Zoflora disinfectant may look little and a bit pretty but inside that small package is a powerhouse that fights against all sorts of nasties, leaving your home nicely perfumed into the bargain. I have used it for years and Springtime, which is a lovely fresh floral fragrance is my favourite out of them all.
      The bottle has measures marked along the side and a very small amount goes a long, long way when added to water. Just the thing for a spring clean, I use this little bottle of freshness all around the house - around the kitchen sink and in the bathroom.
      For a lighter touch I have diluted Zoflora Springtime in a spray bottle which is ideal for those quick clean-ups, leaving a lighter touch of fragrance which is just the thing to freshen everything up.
      One thing I like to do if there is still a smell lingering in the kitchen in the morning after cooking the night before is to fill part of my washing up bowl with water and add a bit of Zoflora Springtime. After a few hours, or by the time I come in from work I have a lovely smelling kitchen again and after a good rinse round, a disinfected washing up bowl.
      Do not be fooled by the small bottle that this disinfectant comes in. I have had a bottle of this last way beyond some of the bigger bottle disinfectants and the good thing about it is that you get all the qualities of a traditional disinfectant but without the horrible tell-tale disinfectant smell.
      Zoflora Springtime can be purchased from supermarkets and discount stores and the least I have paid for a bottle has been £1.00.


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      10.05.2012 21:04
      Very helpful



      A great way to clean and fragrance in one!

      Zoflora - Concentrated Disinfectant.

      I have been buying Zoflora for years after I discovered it in Poundland. To be honest I only really bought it out of curiousity, wondering what this little box could do that other bigger bottles couldn't.

      Packaging ~

      Zoflora comes packaged in a cardboard box which is rather quite small! On the front of the box is the product name - Zoflora and also a picture of whatever scent it may be that you have bought. This Springtime fragrance comes in a package emblazoned with daffodils and is coloured in mainly yellow.
      On the back are two orange warning boxes - one telling us that it is Highly Flammable the other telling us that it is Harmful. (Harmful to aquatic organisms)

      Inside is a small clear plastic bottle with little ridges and the Zoflora logo on the bottle as well as a label that tells you the scent and some usuage instructions. The bottle holds 120ml of liquid which doesn't seem much compared to some bottles but this stuff does go a long way.

      Usuage ~

      To use as a general disinfectant you need to dilute one capful (10ml) in 400ml of water. This is great in a spray bottle to use on kitchen worktops or any other areas where it may be needed.

      I also use it diluted to mop my floors, to do this I just pour a little into the hot water in my mop bucket and simply mop away. Not only does it clean up any spills or dried marks on the floor it also leaves a fantastic scent.
      After using it to mop my floors people always ask what air freshner I have used or what candle I am burning... I tell them it's neither, I just mopped my floors!
      The scent lasts ages too and probably starts to go about 4-5 hours later, although everywhere does still smell clean and fresh.

      It can also be used neat/undiluted in sinks, drains and toilets. I pour a little down the plughole of my kitchen sink and leave it for a few minutes to ensure no nasty whiffs in my kitchen and it works brilliantly.

      It can also be used in pet areas but there is a warning not to allow pets back in tha area until the product has completely dried.

      My thoughts ~

      I use this stuff pretty much everywhere and whenever I empty my kitchen bin I always clean it with a little bit of neat Zoflora on a cloth or kitchen paper, I find this keeps my bin smelling and looking clean and fresh which is a must really!
      I have a little spray bottle that I have filled with water and Zoflora and use this around the home when the kids have spilled something, I find that if I do this with Flash my living rooms smells like the kitchen then! So I do find this handy to have.
      If anyone has a nasty cold or stomach bug etc, I literally follow them around the house with something to wipe everything they touch haha! I think this is effective for getting rid of any nasty germs and smells great, and it stops the germs from spreading.

      Another reason I really like Zoflora is the size of the bottle. Under my kitchen sink is filled with loads of different cleaning products but this doesn't take up any room at all.

      I like to try different scents and a while back I purchased the Springtime scented Zoflora, it has a soft floral scent, which I associate with walking through a field in the springtime, it smells like daisies and buttercups, cutgrass, daffodils and tulips and it is a very uplifting smell.
      I have only just opened the lid to take a sniff and I can still smell it rather strongly which is a little off putting! But when diluted with water the smell is not as strong, it is just right. I love mopping the floors with zoflora as it does instantly freshen up the room and it lasts pretty well too.

      The only bugbear I have with this particular bottle is that the cap broke on the first use! The bottles have a white screw top lid and when I put this one back on the top of the cap popped off, leaving the top completely open! It has never happened with any other bottles so I may have screwed this cap on a bit too tightly!

      However it does keep under my sink smelling very fresh!

      I buy this is Poundland but it can also be found in supermarkets priced at around £1.50.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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  • Product Details

    Antibacterial Room Spray. Brand: Zoflora. Air fresheners. / Springtime is a sparkling combination with hints of freshly cut green leaves and herbs, that re-creates the blossoming of new spring flowers in your home. Available in 120ml, 56ml bottles and 100ml Antibacterial Spray.

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