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1001 Carpet Shampoo 3 in 1 Machine

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6 Reviews

Brand: 1001 / Type: Carpet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    6 Reviews
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      21.05.2012 20:48
      Very helpful



      See review.

      Having clean carpets around the home is important to me because it makes for a nice smelling home if the carpets are cleaned regular. We tend to clean ours around every 9 months or so. My family and friends almost always take their shoes off when they enter and so my carpets stay quite clean for a lot longer than they would if shoes were left on their feet. So 9 months is fine for cleaning my carpets. Also because I have a little granddaughter that has just began to crawl and I like to know my carpets are as clean as possible so that she can crawl around and I then know my carpets are clean and also smell nicer.

      I spotted this cleaner for just a £1 from Tesco's recently and I have used this brand before but I have a Vac carpet shampoo machine and the label on the back of this shampoo states that it can be used for Vax machines, so I bought it to give it a try because my usual shampoo is priced at over £10. I didn't want to ruin my machine and so I didn't want to use just any shampoo.

      This shampoo comes in a bright yellow plastic bottle with a screw off top. it just has the 1001 on the label and a picture of a shampoo machine. It is just a liquid which is white in colour and kind of like milk. It has a nice perfume fragrance but it is not too strong, but it does smell quite nice.

      Like I said earlier in my review I have a Vac machine so my hubby used this in the same way as he does the usual shampoo for the machine. First of all, before using this shampoo the carpets must be vacuumed and be thoroughly clean. Then to pour 4 capfuls of the shampoo mixed into 1 litre of warm water into the tank of the machine. Then to just use the machine to the manufacturer's instructions and then to just shampoo the carpets.

      I found this shampoo cleaned my carpets in just the same way as my usual shampoo which cost a whole lot more. I found it gave a deep clean and my carpets had a really nice smell to them after it had dried. With a Vac machine it doesn't take long for the carpets to dry and what we normally do is just clean the carpets and then go out for the day and when we return it is dry, I sometimes leave the heating on while out if it is winter time but in the summer it is warm enough for it to dry in this length of time.

      It claims to gently work its magic deep down into carpet fibres to remove ground in dirt and stains. My carpets are not that dirty and I don't usually have stains because I treat them straight away once they appear and my carpets are protected but I can't remember what the carpet protector is called but bleach can be used to clean the stains on my carpets. My carpets are good quality ones and I am cautious what I apply onto them and so my hubby did a patch test first with this shampoo before he used it on the whole carpet. The test showed no signs of ruining the carpet so he then continued to clean them.

      The results of this shampoo really did amaze me, I was so chuffed that I had only paid a £1 compared to over £10 I usually pay for my carpet shampoo. I just couldn't believe I had exactly the same results for my carpets. This cleaned them nicely, it cleaned deep down and I was surprised how the water was dirty in the same was a higher priced shampoo. All carpets need deep cleaning no matter how clean you may be. Carpets don't appear to be dirty but it is surprising how dirty they become.

      This shampoo left my carpets smelling really nice after the carpets had dried. It gave for a good deep clean and for a £1 it is more than good value compared to £10, I think it is the same quality to be perfectly honest. I am going to buy this one in the future. I am not sure if the price I paid is the normal price or not because I just bought it when I spotted it for a £1 but I have used 1001 a good few years ago for carpet cleaning when I had a manual shampoo handle variety cleaner and the price was never expensive. So if this one was an offer price, I wouldn't think it was priced at much higher.
      I love this shampoo, it gives me all the results that I expect for my carpet cleaning. I will buy it again in the future. I highly do recommend it for others to give it a try. It is excellent quality and very good value for money in my opinion.

      The amount of shampoo in the bottle is 500ml, depending on the size of the rooms it is to be used for, I would say a full bottle would easily clean 4 rooms of which are average sized rooms. Maybe more if the rooms are larger ones. My rooms are average but I do have a large lounge and this bottle cleaned all my carpets around my home but only just, none was left in the bottle after cleaning them. So if you have a lot of carpets to clean, I would say buy 2 bottles.

      The bottle can be recycled too.

      Always read the label before using this product so not to ruin the carpets and always do a patch test because once used there is no going back and carpets may be ruined but it was perfectly fine for my carpets.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Also on Ciao under my username Pinky50.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        16.04.2012 12:43



        A cheap carpet shampoo that works!!

        ==1001 3in1 Machine==

        Ever since I have had my VAX 6131 I have washed several carpets using different carpet shampoos, ranging from VAX Ultra+, White Vinegar, Comet (professional stuff), VAX AAA & this, & I must say, apart from VAX's own, this comes out tops! I used this when I firstly used my VAX & it was as good as it's name! Forget the big brand names as this does as good as them & leaves the carpets smelling fresh! This will do a good job even though most VAX multifunction meachines don't have rotating brushes, which according to the 1001 website need a shampoo with foam. This shampoo works alright with my machine but can get a little frothy when used.


        1940's: 1001 was launched as the '1001 use cleaning liquid'.

        1967: They started to use the slogan (which some of you may be familiar with) '1001 cleans a big, big carpet for less than half a crown'.

        Early 1980's: Saw the launch of this product: 1001 3in1 carpet shampoo. This was launched to accompany a cheaper solution to VAX own solutions, (remember VAX multifunction machine were pretty new & popular at the time).

        1995: The mousse was successfully launched to attack stains & dirt in super quick time (& it works!!)

        ==The Packaging==

        The difference is from my 1001 compared to the one in the picture is that mine is in a 750ml bottle with a 40ml lid & a handle to accompany it, also mine has an Anti Allergen Additive (similar to VAX AAA solution). This was launched in 2007 to accompany the original 1001 3in1 machine. It was made easier to pour, measure & use, which it is compared to the other one as with the original you have to add 4 caps to 1 ltr of water, whearas with this you need 1 capful per ltr of water which is much quicker, easier & also less messy too. The name it's given (3in1 machine) is not specially for 3in1 machines, it's just for plain carpet washers too such as Bissell Rapide or Rug Doctors etc. The front label has a picture of a Family Vax with the brand name, woolsafe approved logo & the products name. The back label provides quite a lot of information on how to use, cautions & warnings (as you'd expect)

        ==My experiences/use==

        When I used this for the first time I used it to clean the highest traffic area of the house, the hallway. The carpet there is easy to clean as it can be bleached, so no worries of colour running. After I thoroughly vacuumed the carpet, I changed the vacuum parts to the carpet washer parts & poured in the water to the clean water tank. As my tank holds 4 ltrs of water, so, according to the instructions, I would need 4 capfuls (160ml). That was quite a lot, so I reduced it, to 2 capfuls (80ml) per 4 ltrs of water. Beforehand I added 1 cap to 1 ltr of hot water in a spray bottle to spray on any stains & greasy spots, which did work when I went over it! I began to work with the VAX in the corner & immediately the cleaned carpet looked brighter than the dark patches! As I worked my way around the carpet, I could see through the wash head that the shampoo was foaming up & looking dirty as it shooted up the head, I was hating myself to see what the water in the collection tank looked like! The liquid itself is a creamy, white liquid (do NOT mistake it for milk, please! :() but quite weirdly turns blue when added to water! Weird but at least a lovely, citrusy, orangey smell made up for it! I was also glad that this smell stayed on the carpet whilst it was drying too!

        ==And the Results...==

        Brilliant! When the carpet had dryed, I walked on it with no socks on & it felt, soft, fluffy & fresh under my feet! It felt like we had had new carpets! White vinegar is a cheaper still option, but does not compare with the softness & fluffiness you get with this! I just loved this shampoo so much I used it on other carpets & have since run out! I will have to get some more!! Plus...When I opened up the machine, I was filled with disgust! Underneath that barrier of foam lay, well, how can I put this...a container full of MUCK!! It did foam up a fair bit though, but for a cheap & effective defoamer, just use cheap Fabric Conditioner! ASDA Smart Price stuff for 66p does perfectly enough! Just add about 1/4-1/2 of the bottle to the dirty water tank & away you go!


        What can I say! I love this for many reasons! The fresh smell, the cleanliness, the woolsafe approved logo, & the grease removal ability! It is so cheap, i've seen it at a £1 for the original one! Mine cost £2.97 from Wilko's a little while ago.

        ==Thanks for Reading! :)==


        Date: 16/4/12

        Originally posted on Ciao


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        31.07.2011 00:12
        Very helpful



        One of the best carpet cleaning shampoos on the market - and it doesn't cost the earth to buy!

        Look away now if you have a Vax or Bissell carpet washer AND have spent over a tenner for the ridiculous mark up prices for carpet shampoo that you use for washing carpets. 1001 carpet cleaner for carpets and upholstery is a tour de force, and has been on the market for more than 30 years! That's more years than Bissell have been in the UK with their upright carpet washers.

        It was in 2003 that I discovered 1001 carpet shampoo, having continually paid out £10 to £15 for Vax's own AAA allergen free shampoo for use in my parents' horrid and heavy 15 year old Vax canister 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner. It was horrid because the whole principle of setting the machine up to wash carpets took forever, even if the final result plus a sore back was highly effective and cleaner than removing the stains manually. Way back then, a 500ml bottle of Vax carpet shampoo was available and then a bigger 1 litre bottle - with prices rising accordingly, each time we ran out of solution or, if the bottle was just about to run out. "3 in 1" actually refers to the industry type code of a vacuum cleaner model that you have. A 2 in 1 machine means that it's a vacuum cleaner which has wet and dry facilities - the extra "3 in 1" means that the machine can shampoo a carpet as well as sucking out all the water the user puts into the carpet initially. Even after 8 years of discovering the 1001 carpet shampoo formula, it is good to see that Vax are still producing their 3 in 1 canister machines (6131) as well as the Numatic George which is said to be, the better quality vacuum. Upright washers sold by Bissell and Vax qualify as "3 in 1" as well, even if they have minimal suction for dry dust before washing. Compared to the Vax and Numatic George canisters - the upright washers usually have a rolling brush roll that gets deeper into the carpet pile compared to stiff/cross still brushes.

        The term "3 in 1" however doesn't apply to the carpet shampoo contents and additives. It doesn't apply to "extra ingredients" that claim the products take out grease quicker, or add a shield of extra protection. Many carpet shampoos these days are available in so many different versions that it is impossible to actually buy just a basic standard carpet shampoo without being told via the advertising that you are buying something with "extra care."

        1001 have been making cleaning products for what literally seems like a long period of time but it is in America, where its homeland company originates from that this product has been derived from years of testing as well as reaffirming in most people's minds one of the best all round cleaning consumables available. 1001 make all sorts of cleaning products including an on the spot stain removal spray and mousse carpet stain remover with a built in brush on the tin. They have even launched a newer 1001 for Carpets Allergen care that, at last has a dosing cap fitted as standard. The company clearly know who they are and what they stand for - and I'm a big fan of their 3 in 1 shampoo.

        I was delighted to find that my local Pound shop sells 1001 carpet & upholstery shampoo - by the box load - and have continued to do so for the last six years since the day they opened their doors. On the high street, the price averages around £1-95 for the 500ml and £2-95 for a bigger 1 litre bottle respectively - some bottles also carry the added "3 in 1" in yellow lettering - but this is the same product.

        How much for the Bissell or Vax alternatives? Well - here's the thing - for years Bissell and Vax tell their owners not to use an alternative 3 in 1 shampoo - but the truth is, the products are pretty similar AND Bissell and Vax shampoo products state that they are suitable for both use in upright carpet washers and 3 in 1 machines - they can't have it both ways! Bissell's current shampoo in a 709ml capacity bottle costs £12-49 from Amazon.co.uk (2011 price)- now, tell me - where's the value in that when 1001 at it's most expensive is still cheaper? Comparatively you're looking at 6 bottles of 1001 carpet shampoo at 500ml sizing or 4 bottles of the 1 litre sizing - that's a heck of a saving - and what kind of consumer would go through all that shampoo? New parents, parents with kids, pet owners and those with cream or light carpets who take a pride in their appearances - or those with new carpets they've paid through the nose for or continually pay out to have the carpets professionally cleaned.

        As you will see from the picture, this is one bottle you can't really get confused with other products in the home unless you have other 1001 products! The product doesn't carry "added" advertising other from an emblem of a sheep which states that the product has been Approved by "Woolsafe," which is added value to anyone who owns real woollen carpets. 3 pictures with bullet points clearly show how to use this product, first of all instructing the user to vacuum the carpet first to remove any top "soil" dirt on the affected area and then to pour 36ml of shampoo per 1 litre of water used in the tank of your machine. Using the instructions per the machine that you have, you carry out the facility of washing the carpet. After the carpet has dried the user is instructed to vacuum the carpet afterwards.

        The bottle claims that it contains anti-resoil ingredients as well as a defoamer which limits the amount of foam - something which I will talk about in a moment.

        ** What Nar Does **

        I have used my Vax for years after it was passed down from my parents and I have always kept measuring device caps from older bottles for any eventual cheaper products like this for coming into the house. Vax also used to sell similar bottles, which had no measuring cap to reduce cost. My standard measuring jug starts at 50ml so measuring this shampoo can be a bit of a bother - 1001 doesn't come with a measuring cap which is a shame as it would ease up the bother of using the exact amount of 36ml per litre of water. So for every 2 litres of water I add one single shot of 36ml of the 1001 liquid as opposed to every 36ml per litre of water. As the product does suggest despite "use instructions per machine" advice, I pour in warm water as opposed to semi-boiled water that I have used before to tackle our golden beige carpet in the hall way. If the carpet is browner with age and built up dust, then I stick to the bottle's instructions. This carpet incidentally stretches to all 8 room entrances in our house and a lot of traffic dirt is accumulated, so whenever the Vax is used to wash all 8 rooms, the machine's small 4 litre wet capacity needs to be filled with the solution between 4 to 8 times when the water runs out.

        So what of the scent? When I was washing the carpet, the scent of this shampoo is actually quite nice. It is similar in all but name to Vax's original AAA shampoo for example, which is a mixture of washing powder and conditioner. No ammonia or bleach smells are present which is a bit of a bonus. At times when I open the cap and sniff the bottle I am reminded slightly of Windolene but the scent changes once it travels onto the carpet.

        Once you allow your carpet to dry (my manual for the Vax suggests that you open the doors and windows to aid up drying time, but I allowed the central heating to take over since I washed the carpet at night) go over the whole area with your normal vacuum cleaner just to retouch up the pile to make sure its flowing in the right direction.

        Over marks made by mum's heels though proved easy to clean which is usually something that I had problems in the past with Vax's own shampoo - and that was 4 capfuls per 4 litres in a single tank! I wasn't really that interested though in just washing carpets with this shampoo as it does suggest that it is good for removing stubborn stains - and it certainly does work with 100% results! The scent does waver around you as you clean carpet pile which is reassuring but then so do all the other expensive carpet shampoos! However, what has emerged is that the shampoo substance wasn't too slippery to the touch; a fact that so often occurs when an owner has to wash out the pump and floorhead afterwards or handle measuring the liquid from the bottle.

        The liquid is very milky but watery in consistency and similar to washing up powder once it disintegrates into water, hands and fingers feel very slippery but washing it off skin is a lot quicker than some other products I have tried and I had no adverse reaction either to my dry skin or cuts and open wounds - so it is gentle to skin.

        In every application I've used on thick pile carpeting to thin carpet types, older stains (which admittedly need more than just one application), and fresh ones disappear with 1001 3 in 1 carpet shampoo. The beige hallway wool carpet doesn't run-dye with this shampoo and the carpets continually come up trumps in terms of getting rid of the marks and the dirt but it was afterwards that I was more interested in the overall result. The more expensive products I've used before for example tend to dry out the carpet piles in the carpet leaving it scarred and lifeless looking. Here, I was completely astonished! The carpets always seem to feel furry, beautifully fluffy, groomed and moved in the direction it did when it was first laid. So its a resounding "Yes!" to the claim that this shampoo actually does work. I'd even say that the carpet looks revitalised!

        A bonus to this carpet shampoo is that it can be used as an-on-the-spot carpet stain remover and a manual brush or wet, hot damp cloth. It is here that I use my trusty Sonic Scrubber to agitate the pile if the stain is deep - but even with a hot damp cloth (microfibre or a sponge is best), stains seem to come up well.

        The downsides to this product are very far and few. It has a built in low-foaming aspect, which can foam up if you put too much of the solution and not enough water. This is why I choose to water down the liquid, 36ml per 2 litres as opposed to 1 litre of water. The result in the Vax tank proved that the dirt was still the same horrible brown colour but the foam wasn't as high. Another issue is a lack of warnings - There are no warnings on the bottle if the liquid is accidentally drunk - a major black mark in my book incase children should get hold of the product. But then again there aren't any children in my home and I know how to use the product sensibly. A list of ingredients are given on the back of the bottle - and there's not much there. The bottle also carries the recycleable tag too as well as a note to test the liquid on a small patch of carpet surface before proper use and to only use the product on carpets which are suitable for shampoo and general wet cleaning. Like other carpet shampoos then the product also suggests not to over wet the carpet with solution.

        This product does what it is sets out to do and it is the number one choice for carpet and upholstery shampoo - as far as I am concerned. I have used it for 8 years alongside purpose brand offerings that are more expensive just because they have an extra freshener built in - but I always return to old faithful 1001 because it is so reliable and just does what it says, able to shift stains like dairy products to the nasty dog excrement that can often be trampled in, to grass stains, shoe heel marks and just day to day stains that need to be taken up. Clearly there is a scam going on with Bissell and Vax, whose "exclusive self branded" shampoo products are astronomical by cost. By all means consider other products which have Orange additives, or extra ingredients which are suitable for pets - but whilst you're at it, find yourself a Pound shop and seek out 1001 - if you have carpets that need constant wet shampoo cleaning - you won't go far wrong with the product the mass brands would have you forget! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011



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          20.07.2011 23:59
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Does the job like magic!

          Carpets are subjected to so much hardship in our house -dirty work, animals, and recently, serious work in the gardens! I always use this carpet shampoo for shampooing my own carpets (very regularly!) and am always pleased with the results. 1001 claim they are the "magic number for carpets", and with their vast range of products I think they may be on to something. I am a fan of their carpet fresh powder too (reviewed earlier), and generally feel confident when I try one of their products.

          This shampoo comes in a typical 1001 bright yellow plastic bottle, holding 500ml of milky white shampoo, with a blue screw cap (used to measure). It is quite thin and runny but this doesn't matter since it gets diluted. It is suitable for use in 3 in 1 shampooing machines and the label states examples such as the Rug Doctor and Vax. I personally have used it only in a Vax. It claims to be a gentle cleaner but you should of course test for colour fastness before using on your whole carpet, and avoid using it on velvet type materials such as rayon and brocade or any other fabric unsuitable for wet cleaning. It is certified wool safe though, which is excellent.

          The directions for use are pretty much the same for any carpet shampoo I have encountered - vacuum, dilute, shampoo, vacuum again once dry. The thing that bugs me most about this shampoo is that you need quite a lot in relation to the bottle size; 36ml (4 capfuls) for every 1 litre of water. You could easily need more than one bottle to clean all your carpets, or even a large room. It is a bit faffy, having to measure out so much every time you need to refill your machine with fresh shampoo solution. However, this is offset by the price, as this is widely available in Poundland.

          The smell of this is very pleasant, fresh and subtley floral with added linalool (a natural alcohol found in many flowers), citronellol (found in rose and geranium) and limonene, a common addition to many cleaners for its fresh scent. I can clearly smell this while I am shampooing, although unfortunately it does not leave a really noticeable floral smell. It does however leave freshness which is perfectly good enough!

          So does it work? Well, yes it does! It foams up nicely and the colour of the dirty water makes me ashamed every time. It really does lift stubborn stains and dirt, my carpets always look so clean after shampooing with this and it removes odours effectively.These are all big plus points, as my partner works in a very dirty place (I've never seen a carpet as punished as my entry hall one) and of course we have a succession of puppies through the house, and we all know what brand new out the box puppies like to do on your carpet, don't we?

          Luckily for me this budget shampoo is very effective at sorting out all the dirt, stains and smells that cling so persistently to our carpets. I would definitely recommend this one. Even though you need to use a lot of it, at only £1 a bottle it's a fab price. I would actually like to compare it to others though, in terms of dilution ratio, as it may not be the best value; if I was needing to shampoo my entire house in one go, I would do this as I would need several bottles of the 1001. All in all though, a fab shampoo that cleans brilliantly.


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            21.11.2009 13:14
            Very helpful



            Fantastic product to get the job done

            Why I bought this product:
            It was recommended to me by a friend that I try this carpet shampoo as it was time to give them a clean as over time they've got a little grubby.

            What is the product?
            1001 is a carpet shampoo for 3 in 1 machines; it cleans carpets and freshens carpets professionally. It is specially designed for use in specialist machines such as Vax, Rug doctor ct. It generally works its way deep down into carpet fibres to remove the stains in your carpet.

            Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before cleaning.
            Follow the machines manufactures' instructions then pour 36ml (4 capfuls) of the product mixed into 1 litre of warm water into the machines tank.
            Shampoo the carpet as directed by the machines manufactures to achieve good results.
            Take care not to make the carpet too wet.
            Vacuum the treated areas again when dry.

            My experience:
            I would highly recommend this product as it is not only cheap to buy but also does as it says. It's removed all the stains out of my carpets which are a light cream so says it all. It leaves its sent throughout the full house; it is a fresh, clean smell which actually smells really nice and not too overpowering. I also found that it's not just for machines. If you or your child had spills something on the carpet which leaves a stain wait until it had dried then add a small amount of the product into a bowl with warm water and clean. I would give this product 10/10.

            Asda- £2.10 for 450ml
            Tesco- £1.89 for 450ml


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              26.10.2009 12:47
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              well worth looking at

              A few months ago hubby bought me a new Bissell carpet cleaner from Costco which cost over £200 & came with one (yes one!) bottle of shampoo. Unfortunately Costco don't sell the bottles, I find Bissell's website expensive, couldn't find any at Tesco or John Lewis so eventually had a look on ebay. Whilst browsing carpet shampoos I saw that someone was selling 1001 3-in-1 for £3.95 plus p&p which is considerably less than the £10 Bissell ask.

              I decided to have a look around our local cut price shops & found bottles of 500ml for just a quid from Poundworld. The plastic bottle is as shown in the photo - a gawdy yellow - but with a picture of a carpet cleaner machine. I read the label carefully before purchase & to be honest was very wary especially as there's rather a stern warning about using only Bissell in their booklet.

              I hate to admit it but I'm old enough to remember the old jingle, '1001 in a big, big bottle for less than half a crown' which made me remember that 1001 was one of the cleaning products my late Mum used to use. With trpidation I unscrewed the blue ridged plastic cap, undid the silver seal inside & took a big deep breath. It smells rather nice (but not as good as Bissell) - citrusy & lemony & very fresh. The liquid itself looks similar to a thickish milk & is easy to pour into the cap & dilute as instructed before pouring into the machine.

              Like all similar products it advises that you 'spot clean' before using on larger areas of carpet so I decided to test it out on the porch rug which came up looking almost like new. I then used it for cleaning the hall, stairs, landing, 1 bedroom & 2 bathrooms plus the downstairs loo & still have a tiny bit left in the bottle - excellent value!

              Whether or not it's me, the machine or the product I'm not sure - the only thing I'd advise is that you thoroughly dry the carpets after shampooing as I've noticed it can smell a bit whiffy & I've had to use Shake n' Vac afterwards. However the carpets have all come up a treat, the pile has been restored & are much cleaner (evidence seen by amount of colour of dirty water - ugh!).

              All the ingredients, cautions, directions etc are clearly listed on the reverse label of the bottle - I'd recommend reading these in the shop before purchasing in case you're concerned?

              - a good carpet shampoo - MUCH cheaper than Bissell.
              - easy to use.
              - a little goes a long way.
              - I've had good results from this & would recommend having a look but...
              - unless you thoroughly dry your carpets you may need to use some carpet deodoriser?


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