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Aldi Crispy Apple Washing Up Liquid

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Brand: Aldi / Type: Washing Up Liquid / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      24.10.2012 19:42
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      Aldi Washing up liquid deserve it's awards

      I am having to cut back on almost every item so have been on the hunt for bargains. Having been disappointed with loads of buys I'm pleased for a change. I've bought a great washing up liquid from Aldi. Normally I buy their original but got this as I like the sound of 'Crispy Apple'. At around 60p for 500ml it's cheap, not as cheap as supermarket value cheap but that stuff is rubbish.

      It's light green in colour and nice and thick. It smells like apples not too strong as to stick to the dishes after they're dried though. It comes in a good quality see-through plastic bottle with a tight fitting flip lid which is opened easily, it doesn't spill and leave sticky stuff down the sides.

      I've had this bottle for several weeks and it's half full, I wash up atleast twice aday. It is so concentrated that I only need a small amount to do a whole wash. It lathes up well in fact better than the other branded washing up liquids. If I use too much though I get loads of bubbles- too many which can be a problem. The suds last for the duration of washing up, cheap liquids don't- I find the bubbles disappear quickly with them.

      It cleans the dishes really well without elbow grease. Obviously tough burnt on food on pans need a good soak but eventually it will lift it off. This liquid cuts through grease and even the burnt on grease and fat from the roasting dish is not much of a problem for it. I use a little bit neat after a fry up on the hob and tiles and it really does clean the fat off.

      I won't go back to other brands, and recommend this one from Aldi because it's as good as the leading brand.


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        03.12.2011 22:54
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        The liquid that kills Fairy's!

        Aldi Apple Magnum Liquid

        JJ! You hypocrite! You go around saying things like "You get what you pay for, on peoples reviews" so why an EARTH have you not bought Fairy, the premium brand of washing up liquid? Well I am here to inform you that my title is no word of a lie- Aldi Magnum washing up liquid really did make the headlines in August 2010/2011. I feel it my duty, therefore to explain why. I also wish to make it clear that we are a family who swears by Fairy- or at least we once did!

        Packaging; I love the packaging of Magnum liquid. This is because the plastic has a nice grip, which makes it easy to pour. The cap is very easy to lift and shut too. The see-through packaging takes on the colour of the liquid in this case a pale white green. It looks very attractive on the sideboard next to the kitchen sink. I was surprised that the Apple version of the Magnum liquid was not called "Green Apple" rather than just Apple- because it really didn't smell like a sweet red apple!!!! The scent was still lovely however!

        Why we bought it; I find this to be very strange as my mother normally refuses to buy anything but Fairy liquid. So it seems strange to think, while in Aldi we picked up a bottle of this and bought it. I think the reason why is because we noticed the Good Housekeeping institute reward on the bottle as approved in 2010 (which still applies today) It was also extremely cheap compared to Fairy liquid. As an extra peace of mind not many were left on the shelf, as it is very popular!

        *Do you need to use much for each clean?

        *I must first mention that Fairy held it's best Washing up liquid title for 21 years according to Which?. It was then that Which?, a well know consumer tester of products tried out Fairy and Magnum (amongst other Premium brands) and found that a Aldi 500ml bottle (compared to 433ml Fairy) that Magnum washed 11,750 plates compared to 6004 plates of Fairy!- So even if you argue that there was less Fairy Liquid in the test than there was of Magnum the ratio compares in favor to Aldi's Magnum. Not only that, Which? claims that Magnum's bubbles lasted longer than Fairy's! Under the Which?, point system Aldi's Magnum was scored 92% against Fairy's 91% I have to agree with Which- Aldi's washing up liquid is simply amazing- All you need is a little squirt in warm-hot water and Magnum really cuts through the hard dirt and grease with ease! It is OUTSTANDING in a word!

        Is the Aldi Magnum range Irritable to the Skin?

        I actually found Aldi's Washing up liquid to be very kind to my skin- I can get a nasty rash when using harsh chemicals. However I found Magnum Apple to be very soothing- if not as soothing as the Aldi Magnum Aloe Vera and Cucumber version! However my hands still remained rash free! I have already mentioned the scent- but I would like to add that the Apple scent in particular lingers for a very long time. (I have mentioned why latter)

        What versions of Aldi's Magnum liquid are there?

        **Lemon- This variety smells really zesty- however not as strong as a raw lemon. It can be described as a lemon boiled sweet smell- which is very pleasant

        **Apple- This one smells like a Granny Smith Apple. I found this scent to linger the most

        **Aloe Vera & Cucumber- I find this version to be the most soothing for the hands. It smells lightly of juicy cucumber however I couldn't smell the Aloe Vera- but I could tell it was there because it benefited my hands.

        **Eucalyptus- This was another nice smelling, refreshing washing up liquid- my least favourite but still nice. I imagine this would be more suited to the more mature age group

        Original- This one is the most cost effective liquid (by about (£0.10)- it didn't smell strongly of anything, but it still refreshed my hands!

        How long do the fresh effects last on the plates?

        The scent of the liquid can be noticed for a very long time- The one that I am currently talking about, (the Apple version) has a particularly long lasting scent on the plates, this is because it is highly concentrated and therefore, smells strongly of Granny Smith Apple

        Value For Money; Again Aldi Magnum liquid compares favourably well against Fairy. Over the years says which Fairy has gradually reduced the quantity of liquid, it started off giving 500ml a bottle, dropping to 450ml, today it gives just 433ml! So the value has naturally gone down as the price rises. An original bottle of Fairy will cost you £1.25 for 433ml while Aldi will charge you £0.59 for 500ml (for something better) On top of that Aldi, like Fairy has disinfecting capabilities I can therefore safely say Aldi has thrashed Fairy liquid in this department too!

        Verdict; I simply cannot praise this liquid enough- if any of you try this or have tried this then please comment below, to let others know about it's exceptional value for money! (I have given the instructions on how to use and it's labeled warnings. (Packaging of the Aloe Vera and Cucumber version)
        Directions for use; Pour a small amount (depending on the wash load) of Magnum liquid in warm running water.

        Ingredients; (Apple) 5-15%: anionic surfactants , amphoteric surfactants. Contains: Sodium Formate, Potassium Sorbate, Perfume, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Tetraylolglycoluril.


        Keep away from children
        Keep the liquid away from the eyes (If it gets into the eyes then wash with warm water)
        Do not ingest- otherwise seek medical advice
        Rinse and dry hands after use (So not to ingest)

        * Results were published in 2010 and then refreshed to find the same results in August 2011

        ** The scented ones such as the Apple one are slightly more expensive than the Original Liquid by about £0.10 so they still offer excellent value for money!


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          13.12.2009 19:04
          Very helpful



          A great washing up for people on a budget!

          Not very often do I get landed with the washing up but from time to time I find myself up to my eyes and neck in dirty old washing up and feel that considering I never cook owt in my home I should show willing from time to time eh lol!

          It's not so bad though my Mother likes stuff washed up by hand of course but luckily she likes things to dry on the rack naturally so at least I don't have to do that job and then put away afterwards lol.

          My Mum occasionally does a little shopping in our local Aldi store and at 59p a bottle the other week she decided to give this washing up liquid a trial run and to try save a few pence on what she normally purchases. Me I was pleased as I really love apple smelling products so I was pleased when I went to use this!

          The Packaging:

          500ml plastic see-through bottle with a red plastic flip-top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole. On the front label there is a picture of an apple on there and I'm told it is Magnum Additions, Washing Up Liquid, Premium Action, Improved Formula 'Crisp Apple' On the back label other information given includes being told a bit about the product, directions for use are listed, cautions and size are stated and contact details for Aldi are given as usual on Aldi products. Nice enough bottle and it's informative enough and I like being able to see the washing up liquid through the bottle of course!

          A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle:

          Magnum concentrated washing up liquid is kind and gentle on hands yet cuts through grease making your dishes sparkling clean. It's unique Crisp Apple fragrance combines the fresh scent of crisp green apples with a hint of summer flowers.

          Directions For Use:

          Pour a small amount of product under running running water.

          Me Using It:

          Well I use this dark green and transparent looking liquid as directed of course! I simply squeeze a little of it out which is easy to do as it's quite runny but not too thin of course into a bowl or my sink and add water to it!

          What I get when I turn my taps off is a highly smelling but still natural smell of crispy apples as promised and a really light but fresh and clean smell (again as promised on the bottle) of summery flowers. It's simply a really adorable fragrance.

          It make the water very white, bubbly in a rich way and the water when I immerse my hands in it is soft and doesn't irritate my skin at all.

          On the washing up front it's marvelous! You don't need a lot of this at all in the water and I find all I have to do is wipe and food and grime falls off things with ease giving me a squeaky clean feeling to stuff! If a pan or something really is extra dirty requiring extra attention I simply put some of this in or on to said item, add hot water and leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it out and really this is a dream to use!

          It leaves no residue on my washing up and cutlery and glasses are left shiny and sparkling. Nothing is left fragrant which is a good point to mention because the last thing you want to do is eat and think hmm I can smell or taste washing up liquid is it?!

          All in all this is an all round cheap washing up liquid and I really like it on every level. Cleans superbly, smells wonderful and leave my hands in tip top condition too! Great stuff once again Aldi!

          Only available in Aldi stores and available in lots of different fragrances too from within this range.


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