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Aldi's Almat Washing Liquid 2 in 1

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2 Reviews
  • Cheap for using to wash dish cloths
  • The powder never washes out
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    2 Reviews
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      07.05.2015 00:01
      Very helpful


      • "Cheap for using to wash dish cloths "


      • "The powder never washes out "

      Ok if you're on a budget but the powder will never dissolves

      This is a quick and cheap alternative to using teh expensive brands, if like me you like to wash your dish cloths by hand for a quick clean. However, don't try it with clothes, or in the washing machine, the powder never seems to come out. I tried washing my clothes in for a while and noticed when i shook my clothes, the was a lot powder remaining. I noticed a few later, I was getting pimples on my shoulders and back. It was a reaction to the product. So I only stick to using this for dish cloths and if I wash the floor I use it in the water, but again, I have to usually brush up the powder residue as it never seems to dissolve. Doesn't smell very nice either.


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      29.05.2009 13:49
      Very helpful



      A brilliant attempt - definitely worth a try! :-D

      Any regular readers of my more recent reviews will know that I am actively trying out some of the cheaper supermarket brands in a bid to save some pennies. With us recently having set a date for our wedding, our purse strings have got even tighter than they already were... we have a large budget to achieve so I am saving like crazy!

      With that in mind, I have recently been opting to do the majority of our weekly shop in cheaper supermarkets such as Lidl, Aldi and Farmfoods. Yes this is a little more hassle, but the money I am saving by doing so is unbelievable, and so I am happy to continue doing this for the time being.

      It was a week or two ago now that I had popped to Aldi for a few toiletries and snacks. Whilst I was there though, I was so impressed by some of the low prices of other items that I opted to buy a few of these too. When I say other items I mean things that I knew I would need soon and would always get used up, such as cat food and biscuits.

      One such item that caught my eye was the Aldi's own brand "Almat Liquid Wash". The bright orange packaging on the product was certainly eye-catching enough that I ventured over for a closer look.

      What I noticed is that Aldi had around three or four different types of washing liquid, I think one was a sensitive one and one was non-biological, that sort of thing. The one that caught my eye however was the "2 in 1" option, as it had fabric conditioner in it, which is my personal preference. The 2 in 1 liquid is an attractive bright orange colour.

      The bottle is quite slim and tall in comparison to similar products, and the contents are 980ml. The label on the front of the bottle informs me that the bottle is "extra efficient" and therefore contains enough liquid to do 28 washes. (This is perhaps a little more than other shop's own-brand washing liquids, but to be fair the Aldi bottle is larger in size/contents.)

      I was cheeky enough to unscrew the lid on the bottle and have a whiff of the contents! In my defence though, I don't like overly-perfumed smells on my clothing when I'm wearing it. I soon stopped worrying about such technicalities when I noticed the price tag for the product, mind you....... A credit-crunch friendly £1.99!!?

      With that, dear dooyooers, my mind was well and truly made up! Into the shopping trolley the bottle went! Like I said, my trip to Aldi was a couple of weeks ago now, and I only have around a third of the bottle of washing liquid left.

      My overall opinion of this washing liquid is very positive. I have used it on all of my laundry, from bedding and towels to clothing and curtains!

      I find it to be very effective at removing stains. My lovely other half spilled some coffee down a white t-shirt the other day (tut :-o). After seeing the dark-coloured stain down the front of the shirt I was absolutely convinced that it was probably ruined, but resigned myself to the fact that I would buy a stain-removing product and try it on the t-shirt.

      No need! The stain was nowhere to be seen after washing with the Aldi washing liquid! In my opinion the stain-removing qualities of this liquid are far superior to other shop own-brands such as Tesco's and Asda's - they are reasonable to be fair, but not great like this product.

      Another great thing about the Almat washing liquid is that it is double concentrate. This means of course, that you need to use less to achieve the same results. Ideal! It is also one of those products that can be measured out using the lid on top of the bottle - no need for measuring 'balls' or 'cups' or any of that lark. Simply pour out the right amount of liquid into the cap, bang said liquid into the drawer on the washing machine, and voila!

      I would love to say that the product was flawless and I found there to be nothing wrong with it. Sadly though, this is not the case. The smell of the product really lets it down, in my opinion at least.

      Now I am going to have to describe the smell which is quite difficult, so bear with me!

      Ok, there is definitely a scent of something citrus in there, which I think is the whole problem with the smell of this product... who wants their clothes smelling of orange? I was very cautious when I used this washing liquid for the first time, as I always am when trying out a new liquid. (I really really hate smelly clothes!) For that reason, I had opted to just wash a few non-important items, (probably a bath mat or something) until I got the evidence in front of me, all ready to be scrutinised.

      I distinctly remember the feeling of disappointment as I opened the washing machine door to the overpowering scent of something quite bitter or acidic. I therefore washed the rest of my laundry that day by reverting back to my other washing liquid - Persil or whatever it was.

      What I DID notice with glee though, was that the laundry DID loose this whiff once it was dried. A huge bonus for me then, as it meant I could continue using the liquid without fear of everybody thinking I smelled like an orange! :-D

      I have come to the conclusion therefore, that the washing liquid itself is a brilliant product, but the smell definitely lets it down. For this reason, I intend to pop back to Aldi and try one of the other variations of this product. I'm definitely convinced enough by the Almat 2 in 1's capabilities to buy a different version.

      Since using it, I have recommended it to just about anybody who will listen to me. My mother in law is quite snobbish about brands, and cheaper supermarkets, but she DID recently confess to me that she keeps a bottle of "Asda Smart Price" washing liquid under her sink for washing those less-important items that I mentioned earlier. (You know the sort of thing, bath mats, dogs bedding, curtains, hubby's underwear.....oops!) heheh ;-).

      The Aldi's Almat liquid therefore, might be an ideal candidate for this sort of washing pattern. If I couldn't get an alternative from Aldi's that I like the smell of any better, I would probably still buy a bottle of THIS liquid every now and then and alternate my washing liquid dependent on the contents of my wash. This will hopefully reassure you guys that the smell was by no means horrendous or nasty. It was perhaps just a little over-powering for my own delicate little nostrils. (Ahem, huge big beak, more like)!

      I'm going to award this liquid four stars because for the price, it is most definitely a brilliant product. Perhaps my rather neurotic approach to smells is to blame for the loss of one star, rather than Aldi?

      I'll definitely try an alternative kind of the "Almat" washing liquid, and will report back of course!

      Thanks for reading xXxXx :-D


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