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Arran Aromatics Soft Cinnamon Room Scent

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Brand: Procter&Gamble / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      30.06.2010 03:20
      Very helpful



      The most beautiful room freshener in the world??? Possibly!

      Up until recently I hadn't heard of anything about or from this brand...Arrran Aromatics. I still know very little about them to be honest (Scottish brand though!), although I am aware that they make quality (expensive enough mind you) toiletries, fragrances and have a range of home fragrances on sale.

      I first spotted a woman talking about this range and selling it on QVC! I love watching the shopping channels but as I don't have a credit/card I never buy anything which is probably a good thing thinking about it! However when I was on Amazon recently deciding what to buy with my just redeemed vouchers from here and seeing this costing about £12.00 a bottle I decided that my new flat really deserved a treat and so I took a deep breath in and bought it (much to my onward looking boyfriends disgust as I spent that much on glorified air freshener I could of got for about 33p a can from Sainsbury's!) Lol & men!

      The Packaging:

      I have only seen this sold in the size I purchased it in which is 100ml and it comes in a light peachy coloured embossed box and on that I'm clearly told what it is and who it is by etc and very little other information is given.

      The bottle is chunky, sort of round in shape but upright and made of see-through glass and has a silver lid that simply pushes on and off the matching coloured sprayer to the top of it. Around the bottle it has a soft peachy coloured label and on that in white writing I am told that it is Parfumeur Soft Cinnamon Room Scent 'Parfum De Salle', Arran Aromatics. On the back of the bottle other information on it is very difficult to read ('cos the writing is white) but from what I can make out I'm told a bit about the product, warnings are listed and contact details for the manufacturer are given. It's all nice enough, simple packaging though like I have just pointed out you really can't read very well what is said on the bottle!

      The Room Scent:

      Ok I won't lie I thought £12.00 was expensive for a room scent and I will also admit to not being rich beyond my dreams and able to chuck money about willy nilly so I expected a lot from this and to be fair it really delivered and I have never smelt an air freshener this good before and it's so nice my best friends daughter commented after smelling it that it's a shame you can't use it as a perfume and on that point...I'm inclined to very much agree with her!

      All you do with this of course is to spray a little into the room. The rooms in my flat are really big, light and airy and I find that this fragrance is so strong that I only actually need one spray....two if I'm feeling really, really generous so with this you really don't need much at all and with it not being aerosol your very much in control of the quantity you use.

      It is a clear liquid in the bottle and it simply dispenses a fine mist as you spray. Not once have I seen droplets scatter on my carpets or it hit furniture or anything adverse like that, that I'm kinda used to happening with cheap air/room fresheners!

      This scent is extremely warm and inviting and really a very well blended feminine scent. It's really decadent and I would go as far to say that it makes my home feel really cosy and POSH after using it!

      The smell of this is very layered and rich. You get that promised smell of Cinnamon entwined with Bay, a pinch of Nutmeg, Jasmine and Ylang and although rich in fragrance it really doesn't smell overwhelming or sickly. Although it contains florals (the heart of the fragrance being Jasmine) and spices it's a sweet smell that is rather musky and once used it does mask odours immediately (including smoking!) and lingers in the air softly for a good hour or so.


      This is a very classy bottle of room fragrance. It immediately dispenses of smells you don't want in your home and seems to keep them under wraps for a good time. You don't need much of it to achieve results either and all in all I will buy this time and time again (when money and/or vouchers allow me to) as it simply is a divine product to own and simply very sexy and girly and gives a classy feel to my little palace!

      Available from shopping channels, Amazon and sites on the net including the official site of Arranaromatics.com.


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