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Asda Bathroom Cleaner

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4 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    4 Reviews
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      11.09.2013 21:49
      Very helpful
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      Cleans well, smells nice and cheap to buy.

      I must admit I do love cleaning and take great proud in the way my home look and the way it is cleaned. I am very house proud and so I like to use products which actually work really well for cleaning my home. I don't mind buying a shops own brand and when I spotted this cleaner I decided to give it a go. Cheap enough price and worth trying it.

      The cleaner comes in a plastic bottle which is a trigger spray. The bottle isn't a fancy design at all and just has the name clearly on the front. The trigger is a good size too, which is good because it then means I can direct it in areas which I may need to spray the cleaner and areas which I may not be able to reach if the nozzle wasn't big enough because some nozzles can be quite short in length, this one is quite long.

      It sprays an even mist from the bottle and when on the surface I am cleaning, I find it begins to foam after just a few seconds. Initially it is just like water but it soon develops a nice foam on the surface. I thought this cleaner would have a really nice fragrance to it just like some other shops own brands have but this one doesn't have that perfume scent to it, it is more of a mild disinfectant, clinical kind of smell. Is pretty hard to describe the smell of it but it is a fine smell and not a nasty one. It isn't one which leaves a lasting smell in the room being cleaned like some other bathroom cleaners. I must admit I was a little disappointed with the smell of it and would have preferred it to have more of a fragrance to it. But it is a fresh smell so all good.

      It tackles dirt really well and grime, I use it to clean my bathroom sink, tiles and toilet. You don't need to spray much of the cleaner for it to work to remove dirt. I just spray the sink and leave it for a minute or 2 and then just wipe it with a damp cloth. As the sink is being cleaned the foam disappears and the foam is then like a soft cream which is very soft and it then just can be easily rinsed from the surface.

      It also cleans taps really well too and windowsills. I also spray a little onto a cloth and wipe my door handle and light pull lead which has a silver ball at the end of the flex. It cleans silver really well and I have cleaned my toilet flush handle with the cleaner and all of the silver in my bathroom with it too. It leaves them with a nice shine to them and they look sparklingly clean with a nice shine to them. I always buff my taps after I have cleaned them using any cleaner, just to remove any streaky marks on the surface of them.

      I have cleaned my shower tray with this cleaner and it has removed any marks on the base and any dirt on it or residue from shower or hair products. This cleaner would also be ideal for cleaning a bath, I don't have a bath in my bathroom because I had it removed a couple of years ago because I wanted to just have a shower but I am having a bath plumbed back into my bathroom soon because I have missed having a bath and since I have a large enough bathroom I think this cleaner would clean it nicely and a good one to keep it clean.

      The cleaner claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and so at least it can kill those nasty germs too at the same time as giving the surfaces a very good clean.

      This cleaner is very cheap to buy and is priced at just £1.50 bottle, a very good value price for the money and money well spent in my opinion.

      I highly recommend this cleaner, it works a treat for cleaning all around the bathroom. Is ideal to store a bottle in a en suite if you are lucky enough to have one, which I don't.

      I will buy this one again in the future it gives all the results which I expect from a shops own brand of bathroom cleaner.

      I give it 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        21.05.2013 08:08
        Very helpful



        Good cleaner, great price

        One of the things I regularly buy in regards to cleaning products is a bathroom cleaner. Two showers for me and baths for two children per day means that that the bath really needs a good clean to keep it in good shape. I normally go for branded bathroom cleaner, only because I have used specific ones before and they have worked. On this occasion I bought this one, costing £1.25 on its own or 2 for £1.50 from a local Asda store.

        Why did I buy this?

        Pocket was empty, credit card crying with being used countless of times topping up general grocery shopping every few days. I needed to buy two cleaning products that could be bought together for £1.50, so thought it would be a good opportunity to save some pennies and hopefully find a decent working product.

        How is it packaged?

        Not the usual bright coloured bottle or labelling I am used to, such as my Mr Muscle, but this product comes in a standard plastic bottle, white in colour and with a black trigger type spray dispenser at the top. 500ml in size. Label on the front has the ' Asda Chosen by you ' logo at the top. Just underneath its states product ' kills 99.9% bacteria '. Directly beneath it tells you what the product is in bold lettering ' Bathroom Cleaner ' and the fact it's a hard working product.

        On the back it tells you how to use, what to use on, ingredients, general warnings and cautions. Also includes company contact details.


        Asda Bathroom Cleaner contains amongst other ingredients: Less than 5% Cationic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants , Also contains: Disinfectant, Chloromethylisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone, Perfume, Amyl Cinnamal .

        How to use

        Spray sparingly from a distance about 15-20cm away from area. Wipe with a clean cloth or sponge. For stubborn dirt leave on for 30 seconds before wiping away. Suitable for use on most hard surfaces. Kills E coli, Pseudomonas, MRSA and Enterococcus.

        Where to use

        You can use product on surfaces such as baths, sinks, toilet seats, tiles, taps, bathroom surfaces.

        How does it perform/What do I think?

        To dispense the product, I felt it was very easy. Pressing down the trigger area wasn't hard and didn't require too much effort. The liquid came out completely clear. I felt the stream of product that came out was a decent amount, quite direct and decent amount of power and force behind it. I did notice if I sprayed to close( I used this product on my bath ) the liquid became alittle more foam like.

        In regards to fragrance at first I was disappointed as I didn't think there was a fragrance. But giving around 30 seconds I did notice there was a smell, it was just very subtle. It was floral but very sweet. I actually really liked the fragrance and was surprised, as it reminded more of a scent you would expect from a body/skincare product rather than a household cleaner. I found the more product I used ( probably way too much ) the more the scent was there. I personally would have liked the fragrance to have stood out much more.

        Considering how much my bath gets used on a daily basic it generally doesn't get caked on dirt, not very grimy, despite having two young children, so I didn't feel as if I had to do any major scrubbing or wiping with this product. Easy to use and wipe away, bath looked clean and reasonably fresh. I felt overall it did a good job.

        Would I buy again? In regards to price and performance possibly. Would have liked more fragrance and not too sure whether this product would be hard working enough on really dirty stubborn bathroom areas hence my score. So great for cleaning slightly dirty bathroom surfaces, cant comment on major filth or grime.


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        19.04.2012 10:18
        Very helpful



        A bathroom cleaner from Asda that I would highly recommend..!

        It was whilst I perused the virtual shopping 'aisles' in the online Asda 'supermarket' available at www.asda.com that I decided to stock up on cleaning products and household items, as I knew my current stockpile was running a little low.

        Looking over the assorted cleaning sprays, I eventually decided to purchase two items, one which was from the Asda's own brand, namely the "Asda Bathroom Cleaner", a cleaning spray supplied in a 500ml bottle which I recognised from having used before.

        Paying only 85 pence for the spray cleaner, I thought the product offered good value for money and I was relatively happy with my purchase.

        When it arrived from Asda with the rest of my groceries, I could see that the bottle was made of sturdy plastic, particularly the black-coloured plastic nozzle spray on top of the bottle. I was pleased at this discovery as I have bought cheaply-priced spray cleaner products before and have found the plastic nozzles break very easily, rendering the product useless. I was relatively impressed with the image of the product overall, but to be fair there was nothing particularly spectacular to be found in the plain white bottle or the rather boring label, although this wouldn't necessarily deter me from buying the product if I had inspected it in store.

        Using the spray was very easy, and all I had to do was to first turn the end of the plastic nozzle to the 'On' position, which is clearly marked on the square end. Rotating this round from the 'Off' position, the 'On' position was clear to see and I was ready to go. As the product is designed and marketed as being a "Bathroom Cleaner" this is where the first few trials of the product took place.

        Spraying the liquid around my bath and bathroom sink was very easy to do, and I had no trouble with gripping the plastic bottle or pressing on the trigger spray - even with wet hands! There is actually a sort of 'hand grip', slightly 'grooved' design near the neck of the bottle and I found this worked quite well at allowing a steady grip to be maintained throughout my cleaning routine. The nozzle on the bottle allowed a generous amount of the product to be dispensed with each 'squirt' but I was happy that the amount dispensed was not so great that some of the product would have been wasted.

        When the spray is spritzed onto the appropriate surface, the liquid escaping from the bottle is quite thin in its appearance, but it soon forms into a sort of foam-like substance, although it is not overly soapy. This foam-like lather can then be used to clean your sink or bath or whatever, and I find that it works quite well at doing so without completely vanishing before it has had a chance to clean properly, which IS something I have found is often the case with 'budget' branded cleaners or those that are very cheap. The foam-like lather remains long enough to work its magic on the bathroom surfaces and is a fairly light consistency which allows it to be rinsed properly, leaving no murky residue in its wake.

        The smell of the Asda Bathroom Cleaner is not its most redeeming feature, I must confess. Smelling quite 'clinical' with a sort of 'chemical' smell to it, there is nothing particularly pleasant about the overall aroma that fills the room when the product is being used. It is fair to say however, that most household cleaner products contain scents and aromas that never really appeal to my own tastes. As the product is intended for cleaning purposes however, I won't be deducting any marks from the overall product rating for this point. It is only fair to point out also that the product has a warning/suggestion printed on the bottle that advises ventilating the room after the product has been used, which I would agree with to a certain degree, particularly if there were children around.

        After using the cleaner, the end result is fairly impressive. I have found that the Asda Bathroom Cleaner works well at removing dirt and dust from my bathroom sink and toilet cistern, and afterwards the white surfaces have an attractive gleam to them, without any streaks or residual marks being evident. Using the spray in my bath requires a little elbow-grease to have the same end result, but I can usually get there if enough of the product - and plenty of roasting hot water - have been used in unison. This is probably down to the constant use of soapy bath products and oil-based bath 'soak' products that are used by myself rather than the product being ineffective. I do find that if I use a robust bleach product once a week on my bath then it reduces the amount of residue and 'scum' that would otherwise build up on my bath. This then allows a less 'robust' product - such as the Asda Bathroom Cleaner - to be used to give a sort of 'top-up' clean a couple of times a week. I have found that the product fits in quite well to this little routine that I have, and I have no complaints with its performance on my silver taps either.

        Even though the product is marketed as being a 'Bathroom Cleaner', I have used it in other areas around the house too. Washing the linoleum bathroom floor for example has proven to be a very effective way to use this product. I find too that I only need to use a small amount in a basin full of hot water, so I do think the product is quite economical when used this way. The white linoleum surface is left pristine and spotless and I am very happy with the end results.

        I have also used it to wash down my patio table (made of glass and wrought iron), as well as washing down the white PVC 'rims' and sills of my double-glazed windows. I find that a couple of generous squirts in a basin full of hot water results in a soapy mixture that has enough 'oomph' to it to remove any dirt particles, leaving the surfaces shiny and clean.

        For the purposes that the product is intended however, is where the real test lies, and I have nothing negative to report about the performance of the Asda Bathroom Cleaner spray when used to clean my bathroom.

        I did find some reassurance from the product's claims about it killing "99.9% Bacteria", which led me to believe whether the product may be suitable for use in the kitchen. I have separate cleaner products for this room in my house, so have not put this theory to the test but I do think that the Bathroom Cleaner is a fairly versatile product.

        The bottle has proven to be economical too, as I have been using it for over a month now and I would estimate that I have around a third of the bottle left. Not bad when you consider it has been used every second day or so during that time and cost under £1!

        Overall, I am happy with the Asda Bathroom Cleaner Spray and it is a product that I would repurchase. I cannot fault the performance or end results of the cleaner and have found it easy to use and economical. This one definitely gets full marks from me!


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        15.06.2011 10:17
        Very helpful



        a great budget bathroom cleaner

        I've seen a lot of adverts on the TV for the Chosen By You Range from Asda. I thought it was one of their premium ranges, but was surprised to see very reasonable prices attached to the products. Last time I was in Asda I needed bathroom cleaner. When I spotted the Chosen By You bathroom cleaner for 85p I couldn't really leave it on the shelves.

        I'm not particularly fussy when it comes to choosing a bathroom cleaner but I do like it to have antibacterial actions, and I do like it to smell nice. If it doesn't clean very well then I simply won't buy it again.

        Packaged in quite a simple design of black and white, this bottle still manages to look quite elegant and expensive without really trying at all. The bottle is finished with a standard trigger spray nozzle with twistable lock to prevent children from squirting it without at least trying to unlock it first.

        To use the cleaner, spray liberally onto the surface and leave for around thirty seconds. I do this with most of the cleaners I use to give them a chance to go to work on any grime that is lying around.
        What struck me the most the first time I used this cleaner was the smell. It holds quite a strong smell, but fragrant at the same time. It's definitely a mile away from the unpleasant pine aroma that can come with a lot of cheaper cleaners. This one is much more refreshing. It doesn't hang around in the air once you have finished cleaning the bathroom but that's not a bad thing.

        Obviously we need to know how well it can combat those stubborn stains. I find a lot of the grime left on my bath and sink is shampoo leakages and toothpaste residue. My family can't seem to rinse things like that away after use for some reason.
        This cleaner came up to scratch against these marks very easily, with just a quick wipe away. It doesn't work so well on lime scale sadly, and I did need to work a bit harder. The taps came up shining, and they did last for a few days with a sparkle to them which was nice. Any lime scale around the plug hole was a no no. That probably serves me right for not being on top of that area in a hard water area in the first place. I can't really blame the cleaner for that.

        I find that the product foams slightly when you use it. It doesn't create too many bubbles when you are trying to rinse it away, and I don't find I have to rinse out the cloth too many times to get it to run clear.
        The 500ml bottle has lasted me a good month so far with no signs of being emptied any time soon. This makes the cleaner great value for money in my opinion. The fact that it attacks 99.9% of bacteria including listeria, salmonella and e-coli is a plus point for me.
        You could do worse on a budget.


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