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Asda Lagoon Flushable Toilet Seat Wipes

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Brand: Asda / Type: Wipes

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    1 Review
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      12.02.2014 22:44
      Very helpful



      Value Cleaning at its best!

      Asda Chosen By You 40 Flushable Toilet Seat Wipes

      Lagoon Fragrance

      I use toilet seat wipes all the time as I consider they are the most hygienic way to clean the toilet surface areas. I spotted these whilst browsing the shelves in Asda a few months ago.


      The packaging is a robust white plastic bag with a large peel and re-stick clear opening flap. The front features a rectangle descriptive panel with the Asda Chosen By You logo at the top and the text "Kills 99.9% Bacteria* 40 Flushable Toilet Wipes Lagoon" and the text "Ideal for all toilet areas breaks up when flushed" in a small table with ticks. The front also features a green icon of an + with "Anti-Bacterial Protection" circled around it. The rear of the package contains all the other information you may need.

      First Impressions:

      When I opened the packet I was pleasantly surprised that these wipes are larger and thicker than branded competitors wipes. They are more the size of a baby wipe than the usual toilet wipe fayre. The smell is a very pleasant clean fragrance that is neither overpowering or too subtle.

      In Use:

      I found the slightly larger and thicker wipes an amazing addition to my bathroom cleaning routine. I have been putting up with the smaller thinner wipes for years, believing that would be as good as it gets.

      The Asda wipes clean quickly and efficiently leaving the porcelain sparkling clean and the plastic toilet seat clean and everything smelling fresh.

      To use I simply remove a wipe from the packet, wipe over the toilet seat around the back of the toilet, under the seat and the top of the toilet bowl and then I bin the wipe.

      There is no chance of accidently touching the toilet surface with my hands when I use these wipes due to their thicker and larger size.

      I have deliberately waited until I have completed a whole pack and got half way through my second before writing this review to ensure that I remained as made up with the wipes as I was at the beginning. The wipes stay moist to the end, retain their fragrance and clean well. The bag seals easily and it is easy to see the pull up end of the seal and open and close the pack.

      Retrieving the wipe is not completely straightforward but is the easiest I have tried and the next wipe can be removed without it tearing or bringing out two my mistake.

      Other Uses:

      I do use the wipes to clean the cistern, handle and the whole outside of the toilet at least once a week. My husband has used them to clean up after a dog accident and I also used them to give the mop and broom handles a good sanitize recently.

      Do they Flush:

      I am sorry we live in an old cottage with narrow external drains and a septic tank. Therefore I dare not flush anything I do not have to. However, as they claim to be flushable and break up. I expect that is exactly what they will do.

      Price & Availability:

      An Asda Chosen By You Product - so only available from Asda. Priced at a very reasonable £1 per pack of 40. I do not believe you will find a better value toilet cleaning product!


      I am so pleased to have tried these wipes and I am hooked. They exceed my expectations and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They come in three fragrances a pink packaged version called Carnival and a yellow packaged version called Tropical. I am so pleased with the fresh clean smell of "Lagoon" that I have not tried the others.

      I hope you found this review useful & thank you for reading. Should you require any further information from the rear of the pack, then please do ask.



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