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Asda Moonflower & Ylang Fabric Freshener

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Brand: Asda / Type: Fabric Freshener / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2012 18:14
      Very helpful



      An ok product but not one I would buy again!

      When it comes to smelly stuff for my home I can't help buy buy it. As a smoker and proud mummy to 3 hamsters and a nanny to 1 (lol) and with the fact that my mate and her dog almost live at mine I am constantly worried about unfresh and stale smells in my home as we sit about so much in it lol.

      My mate insists on us having smelly takeaways and her deep fat frying anythin she can get her hands on in my kitchen so when I spotted this fabric freshener in Asda for only 88p I snapped it up.

      I bought this to freshen things up that I couldn't wash such as the biggest part of my sofa and chair, my mattress and cushions and so on.

      The Packaging:

      The bottle this comes in is see through plastic with a trigger to use to the top of it and the colourscheme of the plastic around that and the labelling is purple and rather attractive and one nice handy safety feature to this bottle is that there is a piece of plastic you can turn to stop it spraying if you want to, to stop little hands messing with it. On the front label there is a picture of flowers on there and we are told that it is Asda 'Chosen By You' Moonflower & Ylang Fabric Freshener an that it 'Eliminates odours, freshens and fragrances and leaves your fabrics smelling clean and revitalised' then on the back label we told how to use it, the ingredients used are given and warnings and the size is stated (which is 500ml and the only size I have ever seen this available to purchase in by the way) and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Nice enough bottle, easy to handle and to work and of course it is informative as it needs to be as well.

      Using It:

      Using this product couldn't be simpler. All you do is spray it at arms distance away from where you want to freshen up and it squirts out wet and uncoloured and unfoamy and gives off a very gentle floral fragrance to it. That fragrance is really pleasant and sweet but I have to admit I did expect it to be alot more fragranced than it was and the only way I could smell it at all was to sniff where I had just sprayed and I couldn't generally smell it in the room I had sprayed it in at all.

      When it dries I couldn't smell it at all to be honest though it dries reasonably quickly and left no marks on places I had been. Like I say though I couldn't really smell it on things however it did seem to make any smells that were there in the first place vanish.

      All in all this is simply an ok product and nothing more than that. Did it freshen things up?...well yes to a certain extent it did but did it really fragrance them?...not really! Its an ok product this like I have said but in future I will pay more for something a little more fragranced to make my home feel a little bit more fresher!

      Only available in Asda stores.


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