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Asda Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Brand: Asda / Type: Surface Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2009 19:39
      Very helpful



      See review.

      One of the main points that made myself and my husband purchase the house that we currently live in was the laminate flooring.
      We had previously lived in a lovely little terraced house but this had carpets throughout. Since moving into there we had Kaitlin, nothing makes you want to get rid of carpets like baby sick and playdoh!.

      Of course we didn't have the funds behind us to laminate anything so finding a house that already had it in was of course a bonus.

      After a couple of failed cleaning attempts, (we had never had laminate before, let alone know how to clean it!), we, or I should say me, discovered the product I will now review.

      The product I will now review is - "Asda lemon multi surface cleaner"

      The size of the bottle was the first big draw, the bottle holds 1 litre of the cleaning fluid and the fact that the packaging is very basic to look at, I knew that any money spent on buying it wasn't being wasted on eye catching outer wear!

      The bottle has a large handle, perfect for tipping and pouring the liquid into a separate container, or in my case a mop bucket, ready for the liquid to be diluted ready for use.
      I know the handle part is a funny thing to mention, but the fact is many brands do not include a handle, fine if your hands are dry and you are able to grip it sufficiently, not so good if your hands are wet and slippery, you know the rest, bang goes the bottle and half of it's precious load.

      The bottle is semi clear, through which you can see the almost fluorescent yellow cleaning liquid.

      This marketed as a multi surface cleaner, I prefer to buy cleaning products that can be used in many ways, I can't stand having 25 different bottles under the sink, all for separate things.

      As I said though this was bought under the intention of being used as a floor cleaner.

      The directions for use are - For use on walls, surfaces, sinks etc use neat then rinse well after use.

      Well that's not going to happen, I prefer to spray and go!

      For large surfaces and floors, dilute two capfuls (60ml), into 5 litres of warm water. Or if your Sarah (me!), you will put a generous glug into the bucket whilst you are filling it from the hot tap!

      Ok, so I glug away and am a little worried with the colour as I pour. Through the bottle it is a luminous yellow colour, when free from it's confines it is almost green, anyway glug over, I stand and wait for the bucket to fill.

      The first thing that you will notice is the lemon sauna that you are treated to, once the steam clears a little the bubbles are noticeable. These are nice, thick and fluffy, at this point I turn the tap off and struggle to the front door area, this is where we always start the mopping from!

      This really is an effective cleaner, from the first scrub you can see the difference in the floor colour, ok that makes me sound like a dirty cow who never cleans her floors, but you know what I mean!

      The room is instantly filled with a fresh, but not overpowering scent of lemon, this freshens the room up a treat.

      As the floor dries with previous cleaners i have noticed a streaky finish, not that it bothers me as long as it's clean and all that, but it bugs the hell out of my husband.... Not sure why I changed it! (LOL!)

      Ok, so I clean my floors almost everyday, and this is the first time the water has been sooo dirty, I even had to rinse the bucket out.

      There are the usual warnings on here, keep away from children, not to be used on soft furnishings and finally this may cause a skin reaction, so best if you use your Kim and Aggie gloves!

      This bottle costs around the £1.30 mark, but more often than not is on an £1.00 a bottle offer. This is half the price of the branded stuff, but holding twice the amount.

      This is an Asda branded item, for more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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