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Asda Orange Flower andA Papaya Fabric Freshener

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Brand: Asda / Type: Fabric Freshener / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      03.08.2012 14:28
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous fragrance, but the effects don't really last

      I like to clean my home smelling clean an use various fragranced products to get the right effect. I tend to use fabric sprays quite frequently and this one caught my eye when I was shopping in Asda. It costs just 99p for a 500ml bottle which is a reasonable saving compared to branded products like Febreze. There were a few different variations to choose between and I picked a couple to try out, including this Orange Flower and Papaya scent.

      Product description: "Anti-bacterial orange flower and papaya fabric freshener.
      + Eliminates odours whilst killing bacteria.
      + Leaves your fabrics smelling clean and revitalised."

      Directions for use: Spray evenly from a distance of 15-30cm until the fabric is slightly damp. Allow to dry. Odour will fade as item dries. Suitable for use on most fabrics.

      The fabric freshener comes in a clear plastic bottle with a large pump spray nozzle. It is easy to grip onto the spray handle and this allows you to easily control the direction and amount of spray that is used. It produces a good area of coverage provided that the bottle is held a short distance above the fabric, as recommended. It only takes a few pumps to treat most items, and I have used this on all sorts of fabrics inside my home, including bed linen, rugs, sofas and curtains.

      The scent of this fabric freshener is completely gorgeous! I really like it and think it does a wonderful job of providing an instant burst of fragrance to fabrics. The orange flower and papaya scent is lovely and as soon as this is sprayed it gives off a fresh and juicy fragrance that smells just like ripe, sliced fruit. I have two cats that like to sleep on my living room sofas rather than in their own beds, so I often use this spray on these areas to give a quick boost and reduce the unavoidable pet smell. I also like to use this on my bedding in between washes to keep it smelling nice.

      Unfortunately, although this fabric freshener offers a good level of fragrance to begin with, it does not have any staying power. I find that the fragrance soon fades away and any effects are only temporary. I don't feel that it lives up to its claims to eliminate odours, and rather has a good effect immediately after use, which then disappears after a short while.

      As much as I like the fragrance of this fabric freshener, I probably wouldn't buy it again as it is less effective than other products that I've tried before. It's a good choice if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Febreze, that gives a light level of freshness, but I need something a bit stronger that has more staying power.


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      22.08.2011 23:56
      Very helpful



      cheaper than febreze

      Asda offer various branded laundry products. They also offer their own range of detergents, fabric softeners and tabs which come in at a cheaper price than the branded options.

      ~Fabric Freshener~

      Asda offer 2 different Fabric Fresheners which are really their attempt at copying Febreze Fabric Freshener! You can opt for Moonflower and Ylang of Orange Flower and Papaya. This review discusses my use of the Orange Flower and Papaya version.

      This fabric freshener is part of the Chosen By You range from Asda. It is an anti-bacterial spray which carries a few key claims :

      *Eliminates odours
      *Kills bacteria
      *Leaves clothes smelling clean and revitalised
      *Orange flower and papaya scent

      This spray is suitable for most fabrics but you shoud avoid spraying on suede or leather. It should be sprayed from a distance of 15-30cm until the fabric is damp and then allowed to dry.


      The fabric freshener is housed within a ergonomically shaped plastic bottle which narrows at the neck for easy handling. The bottle offers a trigger spray top with an on/off dial. This scent can be identified by the orange and black label adorning the front and the label on the back offers a few different pieces of information are offered. Most of the bottle can be recycled.


      A 500ml bottle can be obtained from Asda and www.asda.com. It is priced at £1.00.

      ~My Thoughts~

      Whilst I use soap powder and fabric softener in my laundry, by the time the clothes are brought out to be worn again, they have often lost the scent from these products. I also have fabrics which don't get washed daily such as curtains and bed linen and I like them to stay smelling fresh all the time. I usually buy Febreze when it is on offer as at its retail price of just under £3.00, it is pretty expensive for our budget.

      Whenever Febreze isn't reduced, I opt for a store own brand and a few months ago, I came across this Orange Flower and Papaya Fabric Freshener. The bottle is very like the Febreze in design and attractive as far as plastic bottles can be! I opted for this particular one as it had an anti-bacterial claim which I feel is always handy to have especially when there are toddlers around the house. The actual liquid is clear and very much like water in appearance. The bottle is easy to handle and the spray is blasted out in a rather fine mist.

      ~Fresh Fabrics~

      On the rare occasion I run out of fabric conditioner, once my clothes are washed, I give them a quick spray with this. I prefer to do this when they are drying within our home (if I cannot get them outside because of weather etc) as it really freshens up our drying room and the clothes. Even if I have used a conditioner, I sometimes give them a quick boost with the spray. It is great for when I have towels drying over doors as I can spray them to keep them smelling lovely.

      Which type of fabric I want to refresh will determine how much spray I use. The fine mist of liquid settles onto fabrics without staining and if I am spraying clothing on my dryer, I tend to give a few spritz around the dryer to give the clothing a light covering. Whilst it dries into the clothing, the scent lingers and is fresh, clean and a little fruity without engulfing my clothes with a chemical like scent. It is perfect for my family as we all have sensitive skin and it hasn't reacted with it. I find the scent lingers for a day or so as I put the clothes away in the drawers or wardrobe. Whilst I don't feel it the clothes are still scented when it comes to wearing them (if they have been put in the drawers a few days ago), they have a clean smell about them.

      Once a week I open up the wardrobes and spray a small amount of this onto clothes that are hardly worn. This keeps them fresh. Every morning I make up our bed and liberally spray this across the linen. By the time it comes to going to bed that night, the sheets smell clean and have a fruity smell lingering which I like. The sheets dry in quite quickly especially if the sun is shining in through the window. I also spray this onto my fabric curtains a few times a week and the fresh air combined with the scent of this freshener, leaves them fresh.


      I use my fabric freshener regularly yet due to the small amount of spray required to freshen up fabrics, one 500ml bottle lasts me around 2-3weeks which is brilliant for £1.00! I like the smell as it doesn't smell too chemical like but offers a natural, sweet and light aroma for my fabrics though it doesn't stick around too long. Whilst I cannot actually see bacteria on my fabrics, I'm sure this spray does wonders to kill it. When it comes to eliminating odours, this works very well especially if something has been hidden at the bottom of the drawer for a few weeks and simply needs freshening up. I also find it works wonders at elimanating smells from my carpet (ie toddler toilet accidents!).

      Overall a decent, affordable alternative to Febreze and comes with a decent recommendation from my household.

      Thanks for reading :)


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