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Asda Paw Prints Kitchen Towel

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Brand: Asda / Type: Towel / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2011 11:18
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      A cute printed kitchen roll from Asda.

      Whilst doing an online shop at www.asda.com recently, I was perusing the virtual supermarket 'aisle' which contained rolls of kitchen paper and kitchen towels as I knew I had to buy some for my household.

      My preference has always been to buy a decorative kitchen towel as I think it looks nicer in my kitchen and it doubles up as paper napkins if I have a friend over for dinner or lunch and I think the printed or decorative kitchen towels are more attractive-looking than a generic white roll.

      With this in mind, I was intrigued to notice what seemed to be quite a new item from the Asda own-branded range of such items. The 'Asda Paw Prints Kitchen Towel' stood out to me immediately as something that would appeal, given the cute little printed animals that I could see on the rolls of paper suiting my animal-daft personality down to a tee.

      I was further impressed by the price of the item, noting that the pack of Asda Paw Prints towels contained four rolls of paper and would only cost me £2, which allows for a reasonable saving to be made when this purchase is compared to the item I would usually buy which is the "Asda Strong and Absorbent Patterned Kitchen Towels" which normally cost me £1.45 for a pack of two rolls.

      With that, my purchasing decision was made, and when the pack of Paw Prints towels arrived with the rest of my groceries, first impressions were very good; I was quite delighted at the cute design of the little animals on the top and bottom of each roll, and the little green-coloured paw print design on the rolls just added to its charm and appeal, for me personally at least. I must confess that I am a huge fan of all things animal related, particularly if said animals are cute cartoons, and this paper towel didn't disappoint on this score.

      The packaging is pretty basic, and consists of a see-through plastic wrapper, with a large yellow coloured 'Paw' design on the front of the product and the product name displayed neatly within. I can see that this product is exclusive to Asda Stores Limited, and there are more details given about the item on the reverse of the packaging, such as the average amount of 50 sheets per roll, the sheet size (215mm x 229mm), and the fact that these particular kitchen towels are 2 ply.

      When it came to using the Paw Prints kitchen towels, I found that there were no problems with tearing or ripping a sheet of paper towel from the roll, as has been the case with many brands - particularly those at the cheaper end of the market - that I have bought in the past. In actual fact the perforated line separating each of the individual paper towels seems to be quite deep and I have had no problems at all with separating them.

      The absorbency of the Asda Paw Prints kitchen towels is not the best I have ever come across it has to be said. It is true that the product is absorbent enough to deal with small spillages and it certainly copes well with my everyday needs, but when it comes to larger pools of water or liquid, I find that the Paw Prints towel is just not thick enough to cope. This fact however, is not something that would prevent me from buying the product again and I have come to expect results like this with a cheaper-branded kitchen towel. As I refuse to spend much money on products such as this it is not a huge problem for me personally and I am happy with the absorbency of the product for what I paid for it.

      The Paw Prints kitchen rolls are not made of the softest materials I have ever come across, but again, for what I paid for the product I was not expecting the results to be over-whelming and so I do not feel let-down or disappointed by the results achieved. At the end of the day, I buy kitchen paper for a variety of reasons such as mopping up spills and cleaning mirrors, so the softness of the paper is not really an issue for yours truly.... I am not using it to wash my face after all! Certainly, when this kitchen towel has been used to dry my hands, it has not felt scratchy or abrasive, and that is good enough for me.

      The charm and appeal of the cute design on the Paw Prints kitchen paper is what makes it a winning product in my opinion and for me personally, it is the main reason that I will continue to buy it. It copes well with mopping up small spills and enables me to do my domestic duties and chores without much fuss and this, coupled with the gorgeous, cute design make the product a winning one for me.

      The Asda Paw Prints Kitchen Towel can be purchased online at www.asda.com or bought from Asda supermarkets where the pack of four kitchen paper rolls will cost you only £2.00.


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