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Asda Smart Price Fabric Softener

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Fabric Softener / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      17.01.2014 12:08
      Very helpful



      I would buy it again.

      I always use a fabric softener product in my washing machine, and had previously tried out a couple of 'economy' softener products from various supermarkets' 'budget' brands. I had been suitably impressed with them all, and so decided to try out the version from Asda's economy 'Smart Price' brand.

      I paid only around 70 pence or so for the bottle of Smart Price Concentrated Fabric Softener which is an extremely low price, especially as the bottle is quite large, being 1.47 Litres in size. The bottle's label informs me that this is enough product for "42 Standard Washes."

      The bottle is a sort of 'oblong' shape, and has been updated slightly from that shown in the picture above. The bottle is still made of clear plastic, and the liquid itself is still coloured in a bright blue colour, but the overall look and image of the product is slightly more modern.

      The plastic lid on the bottle doubles as a measuring 'cup' and I find this is easy to remove by unscrewing it from the bottle's spout, even though I suffer with limited mobility in my hands. I can easily measure out the correct amount of liquid into the white cap, and then pour it into the drawer on the washing machine. There is advice given on the bottle's label, which I find to be fairly clear and easy to understand.

      To use the Smart Price Fabric Softener, I need to simply load my dirty laundry into the washing machine, and add my usual detergent in the normal manner. I then dispense some of the blue liquid into the plastic white cap on top of the bottle, following the instructions on the bottle's label. The liquid can then be poured from the cap into the drawer on the washing machine, in the relevant section, and select the correct cycle on my washing machine. The liquid is quite runny and it is easily poured from the bottle. - In short, there is nothing difficult about using this liquid in my machine.

      I have been relatively impressed with the Asda Smart Price Fabric Softener, and have found that it has performed very well when used in my household. True, it is probably not the best softener product I have ever used, but neither is it the worst and I am pleased with the results obtained from its use, particularly as it was so inexpensive to buy.

      In particular, I have found that my towels and bed linen are completely softened after being washed with the Smart Price Softener, and my towels have really benefited, becoming fluffier and softer after washing with the product. Clothing, pyjamas and jeans too have been completely conditioned and softened by the liquid's use.

      To be honest, I can't say that I have found that the Smart Price Softener performs any better than any other brand that I purchase regularly, but certainly I feel it has preformed equally as well as most other brands that are purchased from both Asda and Tesco's 'mainstream' brands.

      I think this result is really good, and I was rather impressed by the softening and conditioning qualities of the product, and it certainly lived up to my expectations.

      The Smart Price Fabric Softener has a pleasant enough scent, but I couldn't say that I am particularly fond of the scent of household or laundry detergents, so perhaps I am not the best judge! I do think that it smells quite clean and fresh, and certainly when the liquid is being dispensed into the machine it feels like the aroma is quite strong. When the wet laundry is removed from the machine, I can only really detect a faint whiff of the scent on the clothing, and I do really need to seek it out, although I've found that adding more of the liquid to the machine will result in a stronger fragrance.

      The more 'subdued' result is absolutely ideal for me, however, as I really don't like the scents of laundry detergents lingering on my clothes and garments; I find that the scents of such products can be 'heady' and I've even felt them 'interfere' with my perfume at times! If somebody in close proximity to me can detect a scent or fragrance from me, I would much rather it came from a lovely perfume or body spray than a household detergent. In this respect, then, I am happy with how the unobtrusive fragrance of the Smart Price Fabric Softener performs and feel that it suits me down to the ground.

      As for the claim that the bottle contains enough liquid for 42 'Standard Washes', I'm afraid that I can't really confirm this to be true as I haven't kept a note of how many times I've used it. What I can tell you is that the large bottle lasted me around 4 weeks, which I feel is an excellent result especially considering the Softener's low cost. I really don't have any complaints when considering how economical the liquid is.

      The other important point to mention in this review is the fact that my sensitive skin has suffered nothing in the way of irritation from the use of this product. I do therefore recommend it as being suitable for those consumers who, like me, have sensitive skin issues that will 'flare' aggressively if harsh products are used.

      Taking everything into account, I do think the Smart Price Fabric Softener is a worthwhile purchase and I would buy it again as I feel it works well enough for my needs whilst being very affordable. The understated scent suits me, as does the product's suitability for sensitive skin types. I have nothing negative to report about the product and I do therefore feel that top marks in the rating score are deserved on this occasion.


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        14.04.2012 11:40
        Very helpful



        An ok buy!

        For a person living on my own I own up right here an now! I do far too much washing. I'm really fussy and use my towels once and wash them, change my clothes a couple of times a day and like to do my bedding every couple of days to keep it really fresh.

        What with the amount of electric I use including my tumble drier as I live in flat and the washing products in general this can of course work out an expensive game. However when it comes to products I use I'm not too fussy though my preferred brand of fabric softener is Lenor as a rule.

        However I'm trying really hard to make little cut backs here in there and the one of the products I do buy from time to time is this fabric softener as it offers great value only costing me 68p for a 1.47L size which if used in accordance with the instructions given on it can give about 42 standard washes! Cheap to buy yes but is it any good of course?!

        The Packaging:

        I won't lie and say that the packaging of this product is inspiring cos it really isn't. It is however cheap looking and functional and the bottle is oblong and quite chunky with a see through twist on/off cap to the top of it and on two sides of it we are told that it is Asda 'Smart Price Concentrated Fabric Softener' and there is a green picture depicted of clothes on a wash line. Then other infomation listed on the sides of the bottle includes being told ahot to use it, ingredients are given, warnings are shown us via diagramns and a wee bit of information, the size is stated (as I have listed already) and contact details for Asda are listed. Like I say this is cheap looking packaging however it is infomrative enough and easy to open the bottle and to twist the cap off etc.

        Using It:

        Well the dosage advice given on the bottle is really simple and easy to folow. For a standard wash use a capful of the softener and add it to the washing machine drawer, for a large load and to give washing an extra softness use about one and a half caps, for handwashing half a cap should do the job.

        I usually stick to using a cap of the light blue runny liquid for almost a full load (I never ram my washing machine full of stuff!) along with my usual washing detergent and pick my usual cycle and thats that. When dispensed this liquid has a very sweet but nice and fresh scent of flowers to it which is rather strong but not overpowering or too feminine or anything like that.

        When I get my washing out it does smell rather nice and of this but not too strongly and depending on the detergent that I use sometimes I can smell that as well.

        However once I have dried my fabrics this seems to not hold its fragrance very well at all sadly and I can barely smell it at all. However on the upside it does make my fabrics feel soft enough, its rinses out well and left no residue behind itself and I'd rather use this than nothing at all as it does seem to make ironing that bit easier and clothes less stiff and that bit softer against my skin.

        With this product you get what you pay for in reality. It isn't amazing and there is only this fabric softner choice to choose from in the smart price range of products that Asda do. Its fragrance is pleasant enough but doesn't hold very well at all but like I just said I'd rather use this than nothing at all and to be fair to it I do get about 42 standard washes from it as well which is, I'm sure you'll agree great value.

        If I can afford better I'll buy better but if I watching my pennies I feel no shame at all purchasing this to get me by!

        Only available in Asda stores


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