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Asda Window & Glass Cleaner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Window & Glass Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      13.02.2014 20:50
      Very helpful



      A good product.


      Recently we have been trying to make cut backs where-ever possible whilst trying not to impact our quality of life, or the quality of the meals that we are eating. This means that we have been looking at the products that form part of our regular grocery bill closely and deciding whether there is a cheaper alternative to the quite often expensive brand names that frequently seem to end up in our trolley. For this reason we ended up purchasing a bottle of this Asda Window and Glass Cleaner at a cost of just £1.50 for a 750ml bottle; half the price of some premium brands.

      This glass cleaner is part of the Asda Chosen by You range rather than Smart Price as I believe there is a limit to how well products work once they start to get cheap to the point where I'm pretty much just paying for the packaging rather than what's inside. I was more than happy to take a chance at the price this product was selling for with my only expectations being that it would leave my windows smear free and clean with the minimum of effort.


      Supplied in a clear plastic bottle, the bright green, washing up liquid coloured glass cleaner inside is on display for all to see and makes it stand out on the shelf. I presume that the product being this colour is no accident as it matches the colour of a lot of the more expensive products, as the marketing bods seem to think this luminous green colour shouts cleaning power. The bottle itself is a pretty generic shape with a narrow neck that allows it to fit easily in the hand whilst operating the spray top that is fitted to the bottle. The top unscrews which is handy as it means that this product can be reused for pre-mixing other cleaning solutions that are handy to use with a spray applicator. The end of the spray part of the bottle has a rotating nozzle that allows it to be turned on or off, giving extra peace of mind with a little one in the house that absolutely loves the colour of this product and wishes to join in with the cleaning as frequently as possible.

      Upon the front of the bottle is a simple label informing me of the product inside and promising a "smear free shine, with added vinegar for sparkling results" with the added claim that this cleaner reduces misting. The rear of the bottle has a label with usage instructions and extra information such as warnings, recycling information etc. The only part of this bottle that is not recyclable is the black plastic spray trigger, however I generally tend to re-use packaging such as this at least once (usually for cleaning the car), which makes me feel a little better about my impact in the environment.

      In use:-

      The instructions advise that this product is to be sprayed onto the surface that needs cleaning from at least 25cm's away. I personally find this to be a little excessive and results in overspray unless cleaning larger windows or panels of glass. Whilst cleaning glass, in my car especially, I find it is better to spray from a close distance, which gives a small area of coverage which I then spread out with a cloth. This product is also suitable for use on mirrors, worktops, tiles, chrome and stainless steel although I tend to stick to just windows as the smell of this product is most definitely reminiscent of window cleaning chemicals and I couldn't really imagine using this to clean the kitchen or bathroom as it could be a quite overpowering even with adequate ventilation if enough was used to clean an entire room.

      Once sprayed onto the surface that needs cleaning this product needs to be wiped off immediately and to get the most from it, the instructions advise when using this product for the first time to re-apply for a second and third time, I presume to allow the anti-misting feature to have full effect, after this it just needs to used once. Now I'm pretty certain I'm in the same boat as most when I say that I don't believe in creating work for myself in this way, so just used it the once first time round and still received perfectly adequate results from this product.

      I have used this product solely for the purpose of cleaning glass either in my home or car, and I am pleased to report that the anti-smearing and mist reducing features of this product do indeed work as they should after cleaning. As long as our windows don't get too dirty in the meantime I find the anti-misting feature tends to last for at least a few weeks which is especially handy in the car. This glass cleaner doesn't eliminate misting altogether but definitely reduces the amount of time my windscreen takes to clear, the kitchen window also still steams up but again the amount of time it takes to de-mist is definitely reduced after cleaning with Asda Glass Cleaner.

      With regards to the actual removal of dirt and grime this product also works really well even cleaning the outside of my car windscreen of bugs with a minimum of effort. Our back door is also another area which gets really dirty as our dog tends to put her nose and muddy paws all over it, yet a quick spray of this is generally enough to remove it all, I just find it better to leave it for 5 seconds or so to enable it to eat into the dirt a little.

      Whilst this product does everything it is supposed to do it is important to use a lint free polishing or cleaning cloth as it is very easy to leave windows looking worse than what they were to start with if using the wrong sort of cloth that leaves pieces all over. The safety instructions advise to use in a well-ventilated area, to avoid the eyes, broken skin, and to clean up spillages immediately, so nothing other than common sense requirements really. I won't go into the ingredients as the 2 that are listed other than vinegar and perfume are long chemical names that I'm sure will mean next to nothing to most people reading this. The one thing I do not like about this product is that I would have to apply for a COSHH data sheet in order to discover the full contents of this bottle that make this product as the bottle just states that these ingredients are used "amongst others".

      So in the cleaning stakes I have been most impressed with this Asda glass cleaner as it keeps up with premium brands really well indeed, and the only issue I can see is for people that are more worried than me about what is contained in the bottle rather than their finances and the actual cost of the product.

      In Conclusion:-

      In summary I would have to say that this Asda glass cleaner was well worth the £1.50 I spent, a little goes a long way, for example when cleaning my car after I have wiped the inside of the windscreen free of the glass cleaner what is left on the rag is plenty to clean the inside of the door windows with the same streak free finish. This is definitely a product that will be making a regular appearance on our shopping list as and when it requires replacing, as I feel cleans just as well as brand name products, whilst costing a whole lot less. It is also easy to get every last little bit of product from the bottle due to the packaging design which only adds to the value for money factor.

      So overall a great product from Asda that does exactly what it claims to whilst maintaining a reasonable sale price. I would most definitely recommend this product however I will be knocking one star from the full complement because I would like to see a more comprehensive list of ingredients on the packaging as I feel this is a little misleading and could cause a problem for those with allergies, although it has never caused my skin any problems during or after use. So despite my one small niggle it's still a pretty decent 4/5 star recommendation from me for this cost effective cleaning aid from Asda.


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        30.11.2012 07:50
        Very helpful



        Glass cleaner


        Suitable for use on: bathroom; kitchens; windows; mirrors; glass; worktops; tiles; chrome and stainless steel; A handy product to have as it seems to be suitable for most surfaces.


        The cleaner comes in a clear plastic 500ml bottle with all of the information and directions on the back and a pump trigger spray. It looks green when viewed through the bottle but when sprayed it thankfully doesn't leave green smears on surfaces although it does still have a green tinge.

        There is a cover on the front of the pump which has to be turned in order to open the spray bottle. By pressing on the pump handle, the spray is dispensed and although it comes out quickly, its not too much liquid on the surfaces, but rather a layer of evenly spread liquid which is easy to work with. I don't know what it smells of, but it's not unpleasant, but then again, it's not floral or a disinfectant smell.it is a smell however that I would associate with clean but that could be because I associate it with cleaning.


        After turning the nozzle to open, spray the cleaner at the surface at a distance of about 25cm from the surface and then wipe off with a clean dry cloth.it is suggested that when using for the first time the surface should be cleaned twice. I'm not sure why but I think this assumes things have never been cleaned before.


        The cleaner is available from asda stores and also online at www.asda.com, and costs 85p, so very good value for money.


        This cleaner definitely works. It's definitely more of a product for bathrooms and kitchens than other rooms as it's not suggested that it is used on wooden surfaces. That said, it is quite multi purpose and I have used it on kitchen work surfaces, and the oven as well as taps with results as good as those achieved when used on glass. It is easy to use and if sprayed sparingly over the surface, it leaves a nice streak free surface. I think if too much of the product is used it would be more difficult to get a good result so it is important not to use too much.

        Reasonably priced and easy to use, I would recommend this.

        Thanks for reading

        Daniela xx


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