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Astonish Shower Self Clean

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3 Reviews

Brand: Astonish / Type: Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      24.03.2015 18:52
      Very helpful



      A very good and effective product.

      This was one of the other products I decided to try from the ASTONISHED brand after using their power cleaner and saw that it was a very effective product. I have now purchased quite a few and have been generally pleased with the overall results and would happily recommend this.

      When I saw the 'SELF CLEAN' aspect labelled bold;y on the front, I always get suspicious and tend to shy away but recently decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and this has happily proved me wrong.

      This products aims to:

      The scent was okay, a clean linen scent, almost, only slightly watered down but it did leave the shower and bathroom smelling really nice.

      The effects we saw after two weeks of regular use around the shower parts we see limescale building the most and can say it reduces it significantly or prevents it o a degree, nothing is perfect but this was really good at helping reduce what we had and was better than another brand that has a lovely advert with a guy called Barry in it.

      We usually leave this all day especially if we're out all day and then rinse the shower down, and you really can see the sparkle on the tiles and around the taps.

      This is only £2 for 750ml and lasts a long time , I wouldn't knock this until you've tried it x


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      22.03.2010 10:14
      Very helpful



      A great cleaning product that saves you time and effort......5/5 Stars

      Astonish Shower ~ Self Clean

      I think I can say without fear of too much contradiction that the majority of us probably hate doing the household chores. We spend hours going through each room of the house scrubbing, hoovering, polishing and dusting only to find that 3 or 4 days later we have to start all over again, ....... it's soul destroying!

      One product I have found though that is a little gem, when it comes to fighting this never ending battle, is Astonish Shower Self Clean. It does exactly what it says on the tin, well bottle, it helps to keep your shower squeaky clean for a lot longer after you have cleaned it.

      ~~~ Packaging ~~~

      Astonish comes in a clear plastic bottle with a trigger spray nozzle. It has a blue label on the front clearing showing the name of Astonish and shower self clean written along the bottom. The liquid itself is a clear liquid and has a pleasant perfumed smell, which is very delicate and not over powering.

      ~~~ To Use ~~~

      First of all you have to make sure that your shower has been cleaned thoroughly. Then when you have finished showering you simply spray the liquid all over the inside of your shower including the walls, door and shower fittings. There is no need to scrub, rub, sponge off or even to rinse, you just leave it to run down over your walls and door and it will leave your shower clean and fresh smelling.

      ~~~ Benefits ~~~

      This product will leave your shower clean and shiny and smelling fresh without the need to scrub daily. It will keep away soap scum and bathroom grime and help to prevent mould and limescale from forming. It will kill bacteria leaving your shower and bathroom safe. Continue to spray after each shower daily and your shower will remain hygienically clean.

      ~~~ Opinion ~~~

      I find this product to be excellent, it does do exactly what it says it does, and it therefore saves you a lot of time and effort. It can be used on various other surfaces too to help to keep your home clean, taps, the bath, mirrors and windows etc. It is very useful to have in the house and is very cheap if bought at Poundland as I always do. It is a cleaning product that I would definitely recommend to anyone.

      ~~~ Warning ~~~

      This product should not be used on wood, brass, marble, fabrics or any damaged surface. Keep out of the reach of children and if it comes into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Keep away from your clothes while using.

      ~~~ Cost and availability ~~~

      I would assume that this product is available in most good supermarkets, however I have never bought it there, I always buy mine from Poundland for,...... yes £1.00, for a 750ml bottle.


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      20.05.2008 08:11
      Very helpful



      Shower cleaner so you don't have to (as often!)

      Astonish shower cleaner

      I always use one of these to help me keep the shower looking shiny. Having run out of the stuff, and not being in my usual supermarket place of purchase, I bought this in my local bargain store.

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is basically a product which promises, because of its "unique" (and not revealed formulation) to keep showers hygienically clean without the need for any kind of scrubbing. It will kill bacteria and prevent build up of soap suds, limescale and other stuff you really don't want in the shower.


      The shower cleaner comes in a 750ml clear plastic bottle with a spray nozzle and a trigger pull to release the product. The shower cleaner itself is clear and although it has no really strong smell, it does smell a bit anti bacterial, and a bit like bleach. I notice that it does contain ammonium compounds, so it might be this, although my knowledge of such things is fairly limited so I can't be sure.

      HOW DO I USE IT?

      Use after showering, although remember to rinse the shower before next using it. All I have to do is lightly spray the surfaces of the shower, including the doors and curtains. Then, watch the droplets run down the surfaces. No need for any rubbing, just leave it to dry.

      This should be done after each shower, so how easy is that?!


      The product can be used on plastic and glass screens, enamel trays, vinyl curtains and tiles. It is not to be used on wood, brass, marble or any damaged surfaces.


      I bought this at my local bargain store and for the princely sum of 89p, this is a bargain.

      MADE BY...

      The London Oil Refining Company, UK

      www.astonishcleaners.com. I did have a look at the website, and it seems this company produces lots of different kinds of cleaning products, all at very reasonable prices.


      Anything which will cut down any cleaning I have to do is always going to be a winner with me.

      The product is easy to use, and because the product sprays as a fine mist, there is very little chance of spraying too much of the stuff onto the surfaces. I don't know but I would imagine that if too much is used, then it may leave smears. Once sprayed onto surfaces, the cleaner just kind of runs down the surfaces, leaving clear and smear free surfaces with absolutely no effort other than a few pulls on the trigger.

      Because there is no nasty smell, I don't feel as though I am entering a bleached area, and a very quick rinse on the floor before getting into the shower ensures that I won't be standing on the product.

      It obviously doesn't replace regular "proper" cleaning, but at least I know that making everyone use this after showering means that I am not permanently faced with either looking at unsightly water marks or getting out the glass cleaner every day.

      For anyone wanting an easy to use product that works, I would recommend this.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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