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Avon Naturals Apricot & Shea Fragrance Spray

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2 Reviews
  • Nice smell
  • Some people find smell too strong
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    2 Reviews
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      13.02.2015 14:54
      Very helpful


      • "Nice smell "


      • "Some people find smell too strong"

      Smell not for everyone

      I ordered this spray from the avon as a friend ordered similar products in the range and I LOVED the smell. I find this smell better than the other room spray fragrances I have purchased from avon, I think this could be due to the fact I really do not like flowery fragrances and much prefer fruity or foody smells. I understand this is my personal preference and others may not agree with this. I previously had sprays of this type from Avon which were watermelon and strawberry and White chocolate fragrances. I use the strawberry and White chocolate in my car and I find it very nice. I have a horse so my car often smells of horse related smells such as horse poo.. When I was pregnant I found the smell of horse poo made me feel sick, so I used the spray to disguise this smell and although my partner did not like the smell of the spray I loved it and it covered the smell of horse poo very well. The fragrance I am basing this review on I use in my home. I find it covers smells well too, which is handy with a baby in nappies and other nasty smells around the home such as smells made by my dogs. Over all I find this a very nice scent but it is not your average smell it IS very sickly sweet and certainly not for people who do not like very sweet smells. Although Avon do a large range of these room sprays and a lot of them are more floral fragrances, so while this fragrance isn't for you it doesn't mean that Avon may not have another scent which you will like


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      04.08.2013 14:21
      Very helpful



      Smells too artificial and sickly and is far too overpowering

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      I've been a fan of Avon's Naturals range for some time now with their Room & Linen sprays being one of my favourite products. Since they were launched I have bought them on a regular basis, normally every few campaigns, and I only buy them when they are on offer which again is generally on a regular basis.

      I tend to have a few of these sprays on the go at any one given time with the one I'm using at the moment being the Apricot & Shea fragrance.

      Having used this on several occasions around my home my review will now focus on my experience of this product..

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      The spray is presented in the same transparent cylindrically shaped bottle as the other sprays in the Naturals collection and is available in one size of 100ml. As the bottle has a slight opaqueness to it but is mainly clear so the liquid can be seen inside which is of a watery consistency and is also clear. On the front of the bottle is a wrap around sticker depicting an image mainly consisting of apricots, and gives the impression that this spray will have a fresh fruity scent. To access the spray there is a reasonable sized plastic nozzle hidden beneath an adequately fitted plastic lid (which isn't tight fitting but neither does it become loose and falls off easy either).

      The RRP for these room and linen sprays is a rather extortionate (in my view) £4 which I would never pay as I simply don't think they merit this amount for what they actually are - a glorified air freshener. I purchased this particular fragrance a few months ago when it was part of a 'any 4 for £5' offer and feel it was worth what I paid but I wouldn't pay more than £2 for these sprays which is why I always look out for them being on offer, which luckily with Avon is quite regularly.

      **My experience of using Apricot & Shea room and linen spray**
      Although I've been buying these sprays since they were first launched I admit I find that certain fragrances can be a bit or miss when it comes to both scent and longevity. One of my favourites is the lavender scented one but I try to limit my use of just one particular fragrance and vary the two to three I often have on the go just to add a bit of variety. I don't use air fresheners all of the time, preferring if possible to open my windows to allow fresh air to penetrate my home, but if a particular room needs a quick burst to revitalize it I opt for one of these sprays. If I do choose to scent my home my preferred method is normally scented candles or wax tarts but as these can take a while to permeate the air then this is where these sprays come in handy as the effects are instant.

      I purchased this apricot and shea spray blindly having never tried it, or anything else from the same scented range before as it was a fairly new fragrance to be introduced, but as it worked out at approximately £1.20 being included in the 4 for £5 offer I felt it was worth trying.

      I wasted no time in testing this out and it was the first item in amongst my avon order that I opened and proceeded to fragrance my home with it. Having removed the plastic lid, which securely covers the nozzle, I had to initially activate the spray by pressing the nozzle several times which caused the liquid to ascent up the thin straw like device which is attached inside the bottle. Once activated the liquid emits at an even pace and dispenses well covering a large area with just one press of the nozzle so only a few squirts of this per room are needed each time.

      My first thoughts once I'd sprayed this in each room was how sweet it came across as, and to be honest it wasn't anything like I'd imagined it to smell. The fragrance is heavy and cloying almost to the point of being sickly and I was disappointed at first as it had a really synthetic scent that didn't smell anything remotely like apricots at all.

      Because the spray is water based it is very heavy once spritzed and doesn't hang in the air for very long despite if spritzed upwards it still falls to the ground within seconds. The initial fragrance is very strong but luckily does fade quite quickly leaves a softer, more delicate version which I have to say is an improvement on how it originally comes across.

      I live in a small cottage which is all on one floor, so by spritzing in just one or two rooms it is normally sufficient enough to filter through to fragrance the rest of my home. After spraying this apricot and shea in my living room and conservatory I found that due to the strength it exuded into the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom creating quite an intense aroma.

      I found that after around the 5 minute mark this did fade and the aroma it left in its wake did have a slight apricot scent to it but I still found it to be far too saccharine sweet for my liking and was almost headache inducing at times, which is a shame as I normally love anything that includes apricots but this just didn't serve its purpose with me I'm afraid.

      This is also a linen freshener and though I have used the other fragrances on my bed linen for example I didn't try this as I felt the scent would be a bit too overwhelming so cannot comment on its effectiveness as a fabric refresher I'm afraid.

      As a room freshener I've not really been impressed, which is a shame, but that's what you get for buying blindly I suppose. The only thing I am pleased about is the fact that I didn't pay the full price (not that I would anyway) so to pay approximately £1.20 it wasn't the end of the world but it's not a fragrance I will be buying again in the future.

      I've since used this up as I'm not a wasteful person but I wont be repurchasing it again and unfortunately can't really recommend it due to it's intoxicating and overpowering synthetic sickly scent.

      I'm awarding this 2/5 for ease of use and the fact that only a small amount is needed per application - making it an economical purchase in the long run *BUT* the overbearing aroma is where it loses the rest of the points.

      This is merely my opinion based on my experiences of using this spray but if interested to try out for yourself then it can be bought from Avon either via a Rep through a brochure, online @ www.avonshop.co.uk or eBay where I've seen several bottles for sale.


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