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Betterware Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush

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Brand: Betterware / Type: Brush / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2013 10:03
      Very helpful



      A bargain buy

      The issue of pet hair, whether it is cat or dog hair, has always been a problem for me. I have 2 long haired tabby cats who love to curl up on sofas - and the embarrassment of seeing a friend's bum covered with long grey hairs when they get up after a cup of coffee with me is something I still haven't found a good way to cover up.

      Now that I have a short haired dog in addition to the three cats, I have gone to town with cleaning products and equipment. My latest purchase has been the rubber 'Pet Brush'; an ugly but effective way to get the hair off carpets, upholstery and clothing.

      In the past I found that a damp cloth or a wet rubber glove was the only efficient way to really get all the hairs off any soft surface; no matter how powerful my vacuum cleaner, it never really managed to get the hairs that were ingrained and matted into the fabric. This rubber Pet Brush initially attracted me because of the package design - the packaging was left with a tantalising opening so that the rubber bristles poked out of the plastic, with the words "Try Me" reminding me of the magic of Alice in Wonderland. Who can resist an invitation like this?

      I could immediately feel that the bristles were soft rubber - the type of rubber that any hair would stick to like glue and just as good as my rubber glove!

      ~~ What does the brush look like? ~~

      The Pet Brush is not a beautiful addition to my household equipment; it measures 26cm long and has a dark green rubber head with dark green rubber bristles. There are about 27 bristles along the length and 7 bristles across the width, and in addition there are 22 much thicker bristles around the pointed end.

      The handle is made out of moulded hard white plastic which has a curved design to fit comfortably into the hand.

      ~~ Does the brush work? ~~

      The packaging promises to remove pet hair and lint from carpets, upholstery, clothing and furniture.

      I initially tried it out on a section of carpet; my cat loves to sleep in a carpeted window alcove which is very difficult to reach and gets really covered in cat hair. I brushed the carpet vigorously with the brush and to my delight it lifted all the hair from the carpet, rolling it off into long strips so that I could then suck them up neatly with the vacuum cleaner. I found that the horizontal bristles around the pointed tip of the brush allowed me to get into the corners very nicely. The handle was comfortable to hold, but a little difficult to grip despite the undulating shape - I felt that using a more tactile material rather than hard, shiny white plastic would have been an advantage.

      I move on to try the brush on my sofas. I found that it was effective on the upholstery fabric, but it worked a lot more efficiently when I sprayed the upholstery with Fabreeze first. The addition of the moisture meant that the pet hairs were whisked off the seats quickly and without flying around at all.

      Next I used the brush on the car seats. Again, it was very effective but I found that the rubber bristles were a little too soft, and the tips were getting scraped off by the harsher upholstery in the car. At first I worried that the green rubber stripes that were left were a permanent mark, but they turned out to be powdered rubber and could be brushed off. I would worry about using the brush too often in the car, as the tips of every bristle were completely worn away by the brushing.

      Finally I used the brush on my clothing and found it to be perfect. A dry brush efficiently got rid of all the pet hair from my black work trousers in a flash, with no marking.

      ~~ Opinion ~~

      I am definitely going to buy another of these brushes, especially to keep by the door for my clothing. I paid £3.99 for this brush but have seen it in the local 99p store, which is a real bargain. Paying 99p is a good deal cheaper than using the disposable lint rollers that I have used in the past, and much more effective.


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