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Bloo Easiload Orange Blossom

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Brand: Bloo / Type: Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2009 19:25
      Very helpful



      No-one wants a whiffy rim.

      Toilets do not please me, especially if they end up as smelly toilets. Thus leading to my decision to purchase a Bloo 'easiload' rim block.


      The Bloo easiload came to my attention on the shelves of Tesco at a the price of £1.29 for 2 blocks, plus plastic holder. Although it is marketed as 'New', this was not an introductory price.
      There are 2 different scents available for this product; Orange Blossom, and Lime.

      I opted for the Orange Blossom version (as pictured; the Lime version is on a green card backing).
      This decision was not so much based on the fanciful idea of my commode smelling like a lovely orange grove, but more to do with the fact that at the moment, you get a 3rd block for free with the orange scent.

      This product seems to be marketed towards a lighthearted approach to toilet cleaning, with almost childlike illustrations (anyone familiar with 'Purple Ronnie' style? - well this is very similar) and informal sounding blurb on the pack:

      "Just pop on the rim. Another LOVELY Product from JEYES.
      No more fiddly cages when refilling this easy peasy rim. Just smashing fruity whiffs and lots of foamy cleaning. .....oh and it helps stop that horrible limescale too! * * * *
      Each block lasts for up to 4 fun packed weeks. When the block runs out simply drop a brand spanking new block into the cage."

      It contains (amongst other ingredients): Greater than 30% Anionic surfactants, Also contains Perfume, Citral, Limonene, Linalool
      The makers claim that this product is "totally safe to use with your septic tanks".

      **Does it work?**

      Firstly, my absolute favourite thing about this product (and the reason I chose it above others), is the fact that once attached to the toilet rim, there really is no need to touch it again.
      The holder itself is adjustable so you can choose how far down the bowl you want it to sit.
      The 'cradle' where the block rests only has a front retainer on the bottom half. This allows you to simply drop a new block in the top when the old one has withered away. No getting hands dirty at all. Lovely stuff.

      Each block has a very thin protective (dissolving) layer, and although is an extremely pale orange, has lumps and swirls of a deeper orange gel throughout. It reminds me a little of fancy handmade soaps, and smells just as nice.

      Rather than super duper cleaning (I tend to blitz the loo properly rather than just relying on a rim block), I wanted something that acted as an air freshener too. This product more than lives up to the job.
      Initially the orange scent was very strong (and although really fresh & fruity), a little overpowering. However, after a couple of flushes the edge was taken off, which left me with a rim block that consistently scented the whole bathroom.

      I have noticed since using this that the toilet stays cleaner for longer; (the limescale claims do seem to have some founding), and although it does not produce "lots of foamy cleaning", the foam that does come with every flush is plenty - I don't want my toilet looking like our city fountain when children have attacked it with washing up liquid.

      Longevity wise, I don't think these would quite hold up for 4 weeks of flushing with a family. However, they do in a household of 2.
      This is obviously something to consider if you live in a house full of toilet-needy inhabitants!

      **To conclude**

      I've been really pleased with these rim blocks;
      *I don't have to worry about my aversion to touching conventional rim blocks
      *I don't need to worry about a separate air freshener for the bathroom now
      *I don't feel I need to attack the toilet for cleaning quite so frequently

      I will be buying these regularly from now on (even when they stop doing the extra block for free!), as they have actually saved me quite a lot in stand-alone & spray air fresheners.
      The scent is really fresh & leaves the bathroom smelling like somebody has had a shower using a really fruity shower gel!

      Unfortunately I do have to mark this down 1 star, because I have yet to see the blocks only for sale without the holder. It seems to me a bit of a waste of plastic to have a new holder every time you want to buy a refill. Hopefully if this product becomes established, the makers will rectify this.


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    • Product Details

      Keeps your toilet bowl smelling fresh.

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