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Cementine Brick & Patio Cleaner

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Brand: Cementine / Type: Surface Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2012 08:28
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      Our patio gets a lot of green slimy algae growing on it over the wet winter months and it is always a pain to get rid of it come the spring. In the past we have been using bleach to clean the slabs but it doesn't get into the corners or the bits between the slabs properly and it takes such a lot of scrubbing so we thought we would have a look in B & Q to see if they had anything that might do a better job.

      == The Product ==

      The product we found was this container of Cementine Brick and Patio Cleaner. It comes in a white container a bit like the kind you get oil in for the car. It contains 5L of the liquid. On the front of the package it has an orange circle with a picture of some concrete slabs and a broom sweeping over them. You can buy the product in B & Q for £9.98.

      == How To Use ==

      You can dilute the liquid in a watering can, we put 1 cap full to a full up watering can. If you put the cleaner in first then as you pour in the water it will give it a good mix. If you have very stubborn stains you can use it neat with a small brush but for large areas it is best to dilute it. Using the watering can makes it easy to sprinkle it about over the area you want to clean. Once over you use a yard broom to spread it all over and into the edges. Then leave it for a few minutes to soak in and do its work.

      == Our Experience ==

      We needed two watering cans full to do out patios as we have two separate areas to clean. We covered over the slabs and concrete with the stuff and swept it in with the broom and left it for about ten minutes. Then came back and gave it all another good sweep and then rinsed off a bit near the edge to see what it was like. The green had all gone from that bit so we decided to go for it and rinse it all off. We used a watering can to wet the area again, one was wetting while the other was sweeping the liquid away. You could see straight away that the patio was a lot cleaner. It had got into the corners and the groove bits between the paving slabs too.

      One thing we did notice is that it gave off a bit of a pong. This hung around for a few days afterwards so if you are going to do it make sure you leave your self a few days before having the family round for a BBQ or something to let the smell go.

      == Warnings ==

      There are a few warnings that come with this product. One is to make sure you wear protective clothing while using. Another is to make sure you keep the container upright while transporting or storing. Keep it out of the reach of children at all times, and make sure you clean all your tools you were using properly after uses.

      == Summing Up ==

      Would I recommend it? Yes I would highly recommend this product if you need to get rid of the green algae from your garden path or patio. I would also recommend it if you just want to give the area a good clean.

      Also on Ciao under username Harveydog52


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