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Cif Oxy-Gel Kitchen Cleaner

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Brand: Cif / Type: Kitchen Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      18.02.2008 14:34
      Very helpful



      Cif Oxy-Gel cleaning spray

      Cif Oxy-gel is one of my favourite cleaning products, and it was only recently when I was sent a bottle of Dettol 4-in1 cleaner to try by a survey company, that I realised just how good this stuff is.

      ~About the product~

      Cif Oxy-Gel is a multipurpose cleaning product which can be used in both the kitchen and bathroom. It is in the form of a liquid gel, which contains active oxygen to help lift up dirt.
      The product comes in 3 different fragrances - Ocean, Wild Orchid and Herbal Energy. I have only ever bought the Ocean fragrance.

      ~Using the product~

      The product can be used on most kitchen and bathroom surfaces - the only things you should avoid using it on, are marble, painted surfaces or lino. You should also avoid contact with fabric or worn enamel.
      The spray I bought is a turquoise blue colour (although the colour varies dependant on the fragrance), and as it is liquid gel, when you spray it onto the surface it is quite thick and not as runny as a lot of other spray cleaners. This has a gorgeous, fresh and clean scent, which lingers for quite some time after use. Once sprayed onto the surface, you only need leave for a few seconds before wiping away.


      I use this product regularly - mainly in my kitchen, because I use Flash bathroom spray in my bathroom, mainly because I adore the smell. This is genuinely the best multi-purpose cleaning spray I have ever used, and is brilliant at removing all sorts of spills and stains. I remember when I was using the Dettol spray I was sent, I had dripped a tomato-based pasta sauce onto my hob, and the heat had dried it on. The Dettol spray hardly touched it, but the Cif Oxy-gel got rid of it with a single wipe. It also leaves tiles lovely and gleaming. I have yet to find a stain that this will not remove.


      The spray comes in a 500ml bottle, which is clear, so you can see how much is left, and has a trigger action spray. I don't know what that picture Dooyoo have put up is, but it's not this product!! The picture on the front of the bottle shows some sparkling tiles along with lots of oxygen bubbles.


      This costs about £1.20 for a 500ml bottle from Wilkinsons, but I have also bought it from Poundland in the past, so it can be found cheaper.


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        15.01.2007 19:50
        Very helpful



        An efficient surface cleaner

        Born in the early 70s I still have trouble changing from Jif to Cif, it just doesn't sound right and I'm yet to find out why they changed the brand name, if someone could enlighten me!

        No matter, on to the product which I have been using for some time along with a vast array of other cleaning products, variety is the spice of life or so they say!

        ~ Price ~

        This is currently available in most supermarkets and is generally priced at around £1.27 for a 500ml bottle although if you like the stuff, Asda are selling a pack of x3 500ml bottles for just £3 so it may be worth stocking up on it! If you do your shopping online, Asda don't have this special offer pack listed as Oxy-Gel but 'Cif Cleaner Trigger Spray'.

        ~ Packaging ~

        This comes in a clear plastic bottle with a squirting lever / handle and nozzle at the top of it. Nothing like the photo shown by dooyoo!
        The nozzle can be turned in to 4 positions, 2 stops and 2 sprays. Why it doesn't just have 2 turns instead of doubling up is beyond me. I do however like the fact that it has a 'stop' or closed setting so that when it's not in use you can be safe in the knowledge that if any 'little hands' get hold of it they can't accidentally spray it in their eyes or anywhere else!
        The colour of the label depends on which 'smell' you go for. I have the Ocean strand of this product so unsurprisingly the label has ocean-colour type tiles behin the writing and logo.

        ~ Fragrances ~

        * Ocean
        * Orchid
        * Herbal Energy

        I can't pass comment on two of the fragrances but the Ocean one is a refreshing, clean smell. It is quite a powerful smell but I like this as it leaves the whole room, either kitchen or bathroom smelling clean. It doesn't remind me of the ocean, some would say that that's a bonus, I can only assume that it is called ocean as it is an aquamarine colour.

        ~ What is it and what does it do? ~

        * Cif Oxy-gel claims to be the first multi-purpose liquid gel spray.
        * It contains oxygen based bleach which lifts dirt while the liquid gel absorbs it.
        * It cleans washable surfaces all around the home although the label states that it is for the kitchen and bathroom.
        * Cleans better and leaves a better shine than other general purpose cleaners.

        ~ My experience ~

        Like most trigger spray based cleaners, this is very simple to use. Just squirt, leave for a few seconds and wipe away with a damp sponge.

        This works fine on my benches and other work surfaces that aren't particularly dirty but I have to say that it has to be left on a little longer in order to get the horrible 'tidemarks' that are sometimes left on my bath after a certain member of the household has been for a long soak! It does however remove the marks after a couple of minutes and some very gentle rubbing, not just a wipe as the manufacturer suggests.

        I have used this on bog standard kitchen and bathroom areas and have been pleased with the cleaning results. I also use it on my wooden kitchen table and chairs with no adverse effects.

        I have also used this on my stainless steel sink and hob. The hob, like most ,often has splashes of sauces etc on it after cooking and I used to just squirt this on, leave it to sink in to the stains and wipe it off. There wasn't a great shine to the hob after using it but was mark-free. I have since stopped using this on these areas due to finding another product that cleans the areas better. Still the same brand but the cream version.

        ~Precautions ~

        Apart from the bog-standard ones of do not swallow etc here are a couple of them:
        * Don't use it on marble, painted surfaces or lino.
        * The active oxygen can cause a temporary but harmless whitening of the skin. I have to say that I have never suffered from this but anyone with more sensitive skin should be aware of this.

        ~ Cif ~

        The story of Jif began in France in 1969 and marked the end of scouring powders. Jif was marketed in England in 1974 and was popular due to it's non-scratch formulation.
        In 2001 the brand name changed from Jif to Cif.

        ~ Other Cif Products ~

        There are quite a few of these, some of which I have listed below:
        * Cream with bleach
        * Bathroom mousse ~ lemon and ocean
        * Oven cleaner
        * Power cream
        * Stainless steel liquid cleaner
        * Wipes ~ lemon and ocean

        ~ My Verdict ~

        * Smell
        I like it, very clean and refreshing.

        * Cleaning capabilities
        Good but I have to disagree with the statement ' No other general purpose cleaner cleans better and leaves a better shine' since I have used others that I am slightly happier with although they certainly cost a little more.

        Another thing against this product is that many people nowadays prefer products that have anti-bacterial agents in them of which I have one in my cleaning cupboard. I know that a lot of my friends with babies and young children are very 'in to' products like Dettol and wouldn't even entertain this.

        * Value for money
        Excellent and great for anyone on a low budget.

        There you have it, pros and cons to the product but I am quite happy with the overall cleaning capabilities of this Oxy-Gel.


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