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Cif Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray

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4 Reviews

Brand: Cif / Type: Household Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    4 Reviews
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      09.03.2013 01:40
      Very helpful



      Good cleaner but a little pricey

      I love cleaning, but sometimes it is very hard to find the right product for certain appliances and things around the kitchen. So I have tried CIF for stainless steel.

      Why I wanted this product...
      I wanted this product because most of the things in my kitchen are stainless steel, like my toaster, some of my jars, etc. I had not found a product that was good and used for stainless steel, previously I had cleaned my toaster then sprayed it with window cleaner to make it shine!

      You buy this product in a spray bottle, the bottle colour is like a matte metallic silver colour, with a spray trigger. The labels on the bottle tell you how to use, ingredients and so on. I do find the packaging very attractive and it tells you what the product does.

      What CIF say the product does...
      It is supposed to degrease, remove lime scale and remove watermarks.

      Ingredients, active....
      Anionic surfactants
      Non ionic surfactants

      How to use...
      Spray on to the surface you want cleaning,
      Using a cloth spread evenly then wipe away
      Rinse and then dry.

      My experience...
      As I said previously I love to clean and I love having a clean kitchen. I found this product great, when you use the trigger it dispenses the right amount of product without getting everywhere messy. I find the bottle very easy to use. One thing I'm not too happy about is the smell, it's quite chemically but it's not too overpowering, it has more of a clean smell than anything. As well as the smell, the product really works. It brings up more of a shine than using the window cleaner! I don't mind buying a few different types of cleaners just for my kitchen as I am very impressed with this product. I'm also not too keen on all of the materials you should keep the product away from, when you use it you do have to keep in mind that you have to keep it away from some other materials in your kitchen as it could damage, stain or mark them.

      My opinion....
      In my opinion I think this spray is well worth buying, but do use it stringently. The bottle does not last long and it is quite expensive. It is the best stainless steel cleaner that I have found on the market that does not stink the house out but is strong enough to get the job done.

      You can buy this product online and in store, you can buy it in larger supermarkets, and I have seen it in some smaller shops.

      Depending on where you buy it, the average is between £3-£4, I would be very hesitant to pay more that £3.50 for it as I know you can get it for cheaper.

      Really good at cleaning, best stainless steel cleaner I have found.
      Very easy to use.
      Easy to hold the bottle, it fits neatly in your hand.

      The smell is a bit too chemically for my liking.
      I do think that it is a little bit pricey, maybe if the bottle was a bit bigger I would be a little happier about using a little bit more!
      And having to keep the product away from other materials

      Keep away from...
      Keep away from the obvious, kids, babies, eyes, nose, mouth.
      The materials you should keep it away from are,

      Would I recommend?
      I would recommend it.


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      26.07.2009 15:46
      Very helpful



      A great product!

      In my kitchen we have a fair bit of stainless steel hanging about and my Mother is really funny about taps in our house gleaming and things like that! So she purchased this gel (not the squirty version as shown on the top of this page but Dooyoo directed me here instead of giving me a new link so here I am lol).

      The other day I set about a spot of cleaning and this was one product I decided to give a go!

      The Packaging....

      500ml long plastic bottle with bright blue plastic lid to the top of it that conceals a small hole. On the front I am told it is Cif 'New' Stainless Steel Gel 'With Polishing Agents' for intensive cleaning and gentle polishing and that it gives brilliant shine and is for daily use and there is a picture of taps and a cooker sparkling on there. On the back of the bottle I'm told a bit about the product and given directions for use, warnings and precautions are given, contact details for Unilever are listed (the manufacturer of the product), size and the recycle symbol are shown and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's a functional and informative bottle and I do like the way I can see the shimmery metallic silver gel through the bottle.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

      New stainless steel gel with its 2-in-1 action, intensively cleans and polishes to remove grease, limescale stains, fingertips and watermarks. It's non-abrasive formulation contains polishing agents to give a brilliant shine on polished surfaces without scratching.

      Directions For Use....

      Apply a small quantity to the surface. Wipe with a damp cloth and rinse. For best results dry the surface after rinsing.

      Me Using It....

      This is really brilliant stuff! A small amount of the gel goes a very long way indeed and basically I used it as directed and after initially cleaning stuff as this is more a buffing up type of product than a heavy duty cleaning one. I squeeze out a small amount of the runny silver gel to where I want to clean/polish, leave it for a second or two before wiping and then I do so with a dampish cloth. This has a sort of chemical smell to it but it's clean smelling and not harsh or anything like that and it doesn't agitate my hands/skin at all.

      This is fabulous on any stainless steel, slightly grimy/greasy hobs and hoods, we buff up out stainless steel BBQ with this and the stainless steel taps in our home and the stainless steel bits and pieces like door handles and on furniture like shelves in the bathroom. It doesn't smear and it's really simple to use, just think of it as regular polish but for steel! I find it instantly works thus making things looks as good as new and I don't personally feel the need to rinse after using this.

      All In All....

      To me this isn't something that is a heavy duty cleaning product but it is great for wiping of sticky paw prints and light marks. It's economical and fuss free to use and if your a house proud type of person (like my Mother) than I consider it a must buy!

      Available in most good supermarkets etc priced at £3.95 (ish) and it's also available in a spray action bottle!


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        17.10.2008 00:16
        Very helpful



        Great for all your steel

        I was amazed how dirty and unpolished stainless steel could become if the right cleaner was not used.

        I first came accross this problem when we got our new kitchen with a stainless steel hob. Stainless is definately not what it was. Every spill and splash would make a horrible water stain and the more youclean it with normal products the worse it gets. I was getting a hob with lots of wipe marks on it from my tireless cleaning.

        I came across this product i my local supermarket and at this time was willing to try anyting. I took it home and gave it a go and I had never seen my hob so sparkly since I first brought it. It s really smelly and got right down my throat so I would suggest using as little as possible.

        I now use this product on all of my stainless steel and everthing is so sparkly and like new.

        This product can be brought almost anywhere and retails at around £3.50 for a 500ml bottle.

        I would really recommend this for all your tough hard stains!!


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          21.07.2008 14:51
          Very helpful



          The easiest stainless steel cleaner I've used.

          After 25 years of living with the kitchen which came with the house, we finally splashed out on a new kitchen which includes a stainless steel gas hob and double oven with stainless steel surround.

          Because the kitchen took 'im indoors a staggering 9 months to install, he has become very protective of all the stainless steel surfaces and he is determined that the kitchen shall remain sparkling. So passionate is he about the kitchen that it's as well he's semi-retired because he spends hours in there buffing up everything with a reflection.

          Consequently, we have acquired an impressive range of squirty cleaning agents to lavish on our new kitchen but one in particular has stolen the heart of the Keeper of the Kitchen.

          Cif Stainless Steel cleaner (not to be confused with Cif Glass & Stainless Steel cleaner, which can also be found) has been developed especially for the intensive cleaning and brilliant polishing of stainless steel surfaces. It degreases and removes stubborn dirt like limescale, watermarks and grease. It also brings out a gleaming shine, whilst caring for surfaces.

          Sold in a 500ml trigger spray, the bottle is light-grey in colour representing, one assumes, the satin-shine of stainless steel.

          How to use:

          Spray lightly onto the surface to be cleaned. Leave for a moment and wipe clean with a warm, damp cloth. Surfaces can include ovens/hobs, sinks and taps. For best results, finish off with a soft dry cloth or kitchen towel.

          Caution: Avoid contact with Aluminium, silver, marble, limestone and wood. On painted and enamelled surfaces (eg hob burner covers) test first on a small inconspicuous area.

          The results:

          First class results, every time. I can't, obviously, tell you if the cleaner works on really burnt-in grease because such an abomination doesn't get a chance to settle itself on any of our kitchen surfaces, but I can confirm that splashed grease from frying pans or cooked-in sauces which have had to audacity to dry solid whilst we eat the meal we've just cooked, really have no chance against Cif Stainless Steel cleaner.

          I find it easy to use, particularly as I have arthritis and can't rub hard when cleaning. Just a squirt of cleaner and a light wipe over with a cloth removes all traces of grease. The shine is immediate.

          It can be used on bathroom taps and other stainless steel bathroom fittings and can also be used on the stainless steel parts of barbecues.

          The cleaner smells very pleasant - fresh and clean with no unpleasant chemical smell.

          Costs approximately £3.50 from most supermarkets

          Contains: Anionic surfactants, Non-ionic surfactants, Phosphates, Perfume, Benzisothiazolinone.

          Manufactured by Unilever.


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