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Cinderella Pineapple Floor Cleaner

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Brand: Cinderella / Type: Floor Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2011 12:03
      Very helpful



      I love this product and will continue to re-purchase.

      Cinderella Pineapple Floor Cleaner

      Cinderella Good As new Floor Cleaner falls under the umbrella of ethical and natural cleaners. I had been aware of the brand for some time as I had seen it on various ethical websites where I do my shopping, but had not taken the plunge to purchase as the product was rather expensive. Retailing for £4 I was a little wary, as having a large number of laminate floors, and three indoor Persian cats and a Shih Tzu dog, I do spend a lot of time and product cleaning these areas. To some extent too I like to disinfect these floors, especially in the kitchen, so will often use Dettol or Savlon Liquid. The only problem with this is that Dettol is toxic to cats, as are many floor cleaners, and so it does involve removing them from the rooms I am cleaning until the floor is dry. So to some extent because of the hygiene aspect I had parked this idea of buying some of the pineapple cleaner that was until I spotted it in TK Maxx for £1.99!

      Floors That Smell Of Pineapples!

      The 500 ml bottle is simply decorated with the word "FLOOR" in capitals so you know this is what the product is to be used for, although it can also be used for washing dishes it is so mild and gentle! The ingredients in this cleaner are:
      Water, surfactants (from natural renewable resources), fragrant oils (from natural and renewable resources), and preservatives. It has no petroleum, ammonia or phosphates, but it claims to contain antibacterial grime removing agents.

      To use you simply dilute the liquid in a bucket of water -about 2 squirts or 20mls is enough, so it does last a long time and works out to be very economical. You can use this for laminate, wood, tiling and many other areas as it is so gentle. It has the benefit too of smelling like fresh pineapples which is really lovely, and makes the job of cleaning a little less unpleasant. It also has an undertone coconut fragrance which makes it even more appealing. I have found that it does remove stains quite easily, and lifts any dirt with ease as you use it. In many ways this company mirrors "Method", another ethical producer, in that they make many different products for jobs around the home. I like their products too and these are very similar.

      When in TK Maxx I also picked up the coconut bathroom cleaner which I absolutely love. This has made me decide to purchase these products elsewhere at their full recommended retail price, after they are no longer stocked there.

      Made in Australia by an ethical company started by a lady, these cleaners are a good option for anyone who has allergies to household chemicals. I have a mild intolerance to strong chemicals due to having the disease ME. At one time this was severe and I could not use any strong cleaners at all, but now it has moderated although I still prefer to use more natural products where possible. That said I still like to do the floors with Dettol or Savlon periodically as well as using this pineapple cleaner. I think this stems from my days as a nurse rather than from necessity though, as keeping surfaces and floors germ free was literally drummed into us in our training. I see this pineapple cleaner very much as a frequent weapon in my armoury of daily products designed to keep my house clean and cared for despite having a trio of rather naughty Persians!

      The Pineapple Cleaner is especially kind to hands and this means I do not need to use rubber gloves at all. It also leaves the floors clean and there is no sticky residue making them quick to dry. It is also 100% degradable so you know that when you pour it down the sink it isn't going to pollute the environment. In fact 100% of the product degrades in 28 days and 90% of the product degrades in 7 - 10 days, so this really is an attribute I like.

      One of the things I have noticed about all these cleaners is that they are bright colours. This is due to the natural pigments they use from plant based ingredients, and the result is vibrant liquids which I think make cleaning rather fun!

      I have also discovered that this works a treat on the car - I use it to wash the bodywork and tyres and it lifts off the dirt really well and rinses clean away leaving no smears or residue on the windows. It also makes an excellent washing up liquid.

      In terms of availability I have seen this for sale on EBay and on many ethical websites. Waitrose and Ocado used to stock it but sadly they do not any more. I have seen it on the ethical website www.goecostore.co.uk where you can also purchase a selection pack including the floor, bathroom and multi-purpose cleaner for £10.

      The full range of products includes;
      Dishwashing Liquid, Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner, Multi-purpose Spray, Floor Cleaner, Stain Remover, Oven & BBQ Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, and Toilet Mint Cleaner.

      Final Thoughts

      In conclusion I would say this is an excellent product. It smells gorgeous, has multi purpose attributes, and is kind to the environment both in the home and outside. I love the fact that it is safe to use around pets, and that it actually cleans up their mess rather well too! I also love the long lasting fragrance of pineapples and coconuts that lingers in the house after I have used it. Dettol smells like a hospital, this smells like a tropical island!

      I am so glad that I spotted this in TK Maxx, and despite the higher price charged elsewhere than I usually spend, I will be re-purchasing this from various sources as it is an excellent alternative to mainstream products.


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