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Clean N Fresh Multi Surface Cleaner

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Brand: Clean 'n Fresh / Type: Surface Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2013 21:42
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      More miss than hit for me I'm afraid

      When it comes to cleaning products then it's safe to say I have a slight compulsion with buying them, though not quite to the point of being as 'obsessive' as with buying toiletries though. I tend to use minimal products around my home really sticking to staples such as bleach, polish etc but that doesn't stop me being lured towards new products or things I deem as bargains.

      I saw this multi surface cleaner a little while ago in a local supermarket, and was quite heavily discounted due to the shop being taken over by another company, so they were replacing a lot of stock and selling off a lot of products at half price and less. When I saw this multi surface cleaner priced ridiculously cheap I decided to buy it thinking cleaning products always come in handy.

      The multi surface cleaner is by Clean n Fresh which is owned by the company McBride who are responsible for lots of cheap value household products as well as catering for shop's own branded products (I know this as it working at McBride's was my husband's first job many moons ago). This multi surface cleaner is in pine fresh fragrance and states it's perfect for 'Powerful cleaning action all around the home'. It also claims it makes 'light work of cleaning surfaces throughout the home even on stubborn stains'.

      The RRP for this product was 99p which the fact the bottle holds 500ml I thought this seemed not a bad price to pay, however when I saw the sign above which stated it was reduced to half price I knew 50p was too good a bargain to miss out on though having never used the product before I stuck to just buying one bottle in case it turned out to be no good. Once at the till I found out the product had been reduced even further and the eventual price I paid was just 29p - bargain!

      The cleaner is housed in a generic plastic bottle which is upright standing. It has a wide appearance from the front view with a slimmer look from the side and though the plastic is white opaque the bright green liquid can still be viewed which is handy for knowing how much remains. There is basic decoration here mainly being in the form of a tear drop shaped sticker on the front depicting a pine with the logo in bold font. Despite the cheap price the packaging doesn't look cheap though doesn't exactly draw your eyes to it amongst similar products and if it wasn't for the fact this was being sold so cheap I wouldn't have looked twice at it I don't think.

      The directions state that this can be used neat on cooker tops, work tops, sinks, baths, basins and stubborn stains. It can also be diluted to clean larger areas by using 2 capfuls which equates to 60ml to half a bucket of warm water (around 5 litres) and is ideal for wiping paintwork down as well as tiles and for mopping floors.

      For such a cheap 'bargain' was it any good or did I just get what I paid for..?

      My experience of using this multi surface cleaner:

      When I'm buying a cleaning product I do tend to opt for something that can be used in a multitude of ways, such as for mopping floors as well as being able to pour neat in to my toilet cistern and bowl. When I spotted this by Clean n Clear I thought it sounded ideal for helping to combat the day to day dirt that seems to gradually escalate in my household and the fact it was so cheap was really the deciding fact in my purchase.

      The bottle unscrews far too easily and seems quite loose, which isn't very reassuring, and the lack of child proof cap always lets a product down for me when it's something that can contain harmful chemicals. Despite my children being 8 and 9 I would still have been happier to see that it had a more secure fastener as a lid.

      Once opened the pine fragrance is quite strong, though it doesn't have an artificial scent like some pine scented cleaning products can have - this just smells like it's name and is indeed clean and fresh. The liquid itself is extremely thin in consistency, watery almost, though is a vivid green in colour and much darker than it appears to be in the bottle though the opaqueness deceives making it seem paler.

      I decided to use this first neat in my toilet bowl and poured a full capful around the rim of my toilet. The fresh pine scent instantly gave my whole bathroom a 'just cleaned' scent which I was pleased with and though the liquid seemed thin whilst in the bottle it seemed much thicker once poured out and clung to the rim of the bowl slowly working it's way down into the water. I left my toilet with the neat liquid killing germs and went to use in my kitchen where I proceeded to use once again neat on an old dish cloth and wiped over my cooker top and unit tops before adding to my mop bucket and mopping the kitchen floor.

      I found that the cleaner left it's fresh aroma in it's wake and whilst my unit tops and cooker looked clean, it also dried quite streakily meaning I ended up going over the same areas with a damp cloth yet again. The floor in my kitchen looked clean though as I have dark tiles it was difficult to tell if there were any streak marks so left it be. Once I entered the bathroom the pine scent was still very evident and I swished the toilet brush around the bowl but found the green liquid had stained it so I wasn't impressed as I've used toilet cleaners in the past that have done this and it's a bug bear of mine - my house can be a total tip but I can't stand a dirty toilet (even stained by a cleaning product!)!

      I'm not a wasteful person so decided to use the surface cleaner in my drains only by pouring neat into the plug holes in my kitchen and bathroom sinks. The product seems to have the best of intentions by 'clinging' to a surface but the fact it doesn't rinse well and stains is pointless as I've ended up scrubbing with bleach everything that is has tarnished. To freshen my drains then it's done the job perfectly and for less than 30p I can't complain there but I've been unable to use it on any actual surfaces without the fear of it leaving a faint green stain in it's wake!

      I've used several products in the past from the Clean n Fresh range and have had mixed results, and will still try different products from the brand in the future as just because this was a let down other things I have bought have been perfectly acceptable.

      I suppose you get what you pay for but the usual RRP of 99p is a little high for something so disappointing but I'm lucky I only parted with 29 of my pennies at the end of the day.

      *As this is a cleaning product the usual 'rules' apply of keep away from children, don't let it come into contact with skin or get in your eyes etc. For a full list of the ingredients and list of do's and don'ts please refer to the back of the packaging, though it doesn't contain bleach it does contain products with names impossible to pronounce or spell**

      1/5 I'm afraid.


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