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Clean n Fresh Washing Up Liquid

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2 Reviews

Brand: Clean / Type: Washing Up Liquid / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      07.09.2013 20:20
      Very helpful



      A bargain washing up liquid


      ===The Product===

      Clean n Fresh Washing Up Liquid.
      Clear curved bottle with a red flip to lid. 500 mls.
      'Cuts through grease and leaves dishes sparkling.'
      Use sparingly.
      Made by Mc Bride and packed in the EU.
      Not tested on animals by or on behalf of Robert McBride.


      Original - green
      Lemon Burst - yellow
      Extra Hygiene - blue
      Also comes in Concentrated versions.


      2 for £1 at local £1 shop.

      ===My Opinion===

      I normally buy the Tesco Value washing up liquid which costs 33p per bottle, but recently when in my local £1 shop I decided to give these Clean n Fresh liquids a try.
      I purchased one each of Original and Lemon - so see what they were like.
      The lemon one is a bright yellow and a nice lemony aroma. They liquid is not especially watery but slightly thinner than some other liquids on the market.
      It does not supply a vast amount of bubbles - or maybe it was because I do not like using vast amounts of washing up liquid when doing the dishes. However it provided enough suds to wash my greasy items no problem - though it would have felt nicer to have more bubbles in the bowl.
      The green Original version has the recognisable smell that all washing up liquids used to have until they started having fancy variations. Again it provides enough bubbles to do the job but does look quite meagre when used and the washing up bowl looked pretty sad. Also the Original one tended to colour the water a bit green when used - which I was not too keen on.
      I had the normal sort of washing up - plates, cutlery and some greasy pans and dishes - it worked just as good as any others I have been using - and if you needed an extra squirt at the end for a greasy frying pan - then so be it.
      These washing up liquids are slightly more expensive that the Tesco Value ones but obviously much cheaper than some on the market.
      they do the job adequately but it does not, in my opinion, provide a really nice and enjoyable experience. However does that really matter? Not a lot really. This is a serviceable product that does its job adequately but is not the sort of product you would rave over or particularly want to use again or recommend.
      However for the reasonable price it is definitely worth using if you are on a restricted budget - as there is no point in paying over the odds just to have a bit of fragrance in your washing up water.

      ===Star Rating===

      4 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===

      Yes - but not very much.




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      28.12.2011 18:27
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Cheap and cheerful washing up liquid..


      With the recent festive season swallowing up more income than normal I have been trying to cut back on my shopping bill in preparation for the extra expense.
      Apart from Christmas, come November onwards I have both of my sons Birthdays as well as my husband's so if I can cut back in any area then I try to.

      In early December whilst doing a weekly food shop, I remembered that our washing up liquid at home was starting to get very low so after perusing the shelves I came across the likes of Fairy and Morning Fresh at £1 and under.. then I saw this - Clean 'n' Fresh at just 29p..

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      Clean 'n' Fresh comes housed in a basic looking plastic bottle. There is nothing overly fancy or decorative about the packaging at all, and it has a retro generic appearance being all white with blue/ green lettering and is cylindrical in shape.

      To access the liquid there is a flip top lid perched on top which is in a contrasting bright red. The lid is quite easy to open though the more I have used the product the more I have noticed it doesn't close as easy due to the excess liquid becoming congealed around the opening.

      Price wise as mentioned this was an incredibly cheap 29 pence for a standard 500 ml sized bottle. Availability wise I have seen this in several large stores that sell home ware and household cleaning products and supermarkets and I purchased this from our local UGO supermarket.

      *~*Is it any good?*~*

      The first thing that drew my eyes towards this washing up liquid was of course the price. There is unfortunately a lot of truth in the saying 'buy cheap buy twice' so I was at first hesitant to purchase wondering if I'd have to go back to the shops the following day to buy a more reputable liquid.

      For the low cost I decided to try it anyway and on my return home that day I decided to test it out before my current liquid completely ran out.

      The liquid itself is actually thicker than I first anticipated though in comparison with brands such as Fairy etc it is actually quite a thin consistency. I wouldn't go as far to say this is watery but it is certainly far thinner than it's rivals, but that's not to say it isn't as effective as cleaning dishes.

      I found I did have to use twice as much each time I filled the bowl with water as the first 'blob' seemed to disappear and not even cause one bubble! Two squeezes of the bottle had a more substantial effect and created a vast explosion of 'clean' scented bubbles.

      The liquid itself is a lurid green in colour whilst the fragrance as mentioned is very 'clean' and reminds me of pine, though there is no mention of what the actual scent is it's not exactly unpleasant.

      The bubbles seem to linger in the water for a reasonable amount of time, whilst washing up with the liquid is quite an easy experience in the fact that dishes don't need to be soaked for too long (no longer than usual).
      The liquid seems to clean the plates and dishes in the same amount of time that a competitor can and seems to accomplish the washing up in the same manner.


      My dishes and cutlery has all come out of the washing up bowl looking extremely sparkly and very clean indeed. I wouldn't say I have had to scrub or soak my dishes for any longer than with other liquids though as mentioned I have had to use double the quantity each time.

      There has been no residue left over on the dishes and my plates and cutlery in particular have looked very shiny and clean with no bits of food stuck on.


      This is a very good value washing up liquid for the money, but the fact is it requires double the quantity each time so is it really economical in the long run?
      I have found it's cleaning capabilities to be fantastic and though when rinsed there are no remaining bubbles I am left thinking is it worth buying this cheaper option when it doesn't actually last any longer..?


      A very good washing up liquid but by using more the cheaper price tricks us into a false economy.


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