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Comfort Poppy & Peach Fabric Conditioner

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Brand: Comfort / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    3 Reviews
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      11.11.2013 17:30
      Very helpful
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      Nice smell. Softens well indeed.

      Comfort is a good brand and softens my clothing well indeed. My wife picked this fragrance up at the weekend while we were shopping because we use a lot of fabric softener and had ran out of it. We bought 2 bottles of the liquid to stock up. We have bought this before many times.

      The softener comes housed in a plastic bottle and the lid can be used as a measuring lid if required. I just pour the liquid into the machine drawer and never use the lid. The liquid is a peach colour and is fairly thick. It isn't too runny if poured carefully into the machine.

      It has a nice floral smell which I like a lot and also a peach smell too. It isn't too strong a smell and is just the right smell for my liking. I can smell it as soon as I remove the lid. You don't need a lot of the liquid to soften clothing as a little does go a long way with this softener.

      It softens my clothing well indeed and the smell is apparent on the clothing when I take it from my machine and once it dries it is still on the clothing. I used it yesterday to soften my winter fleece I wear when it is cold and I can smell it today when I took it from my wardrobe to wear it. I could smell the peach smell on it and it has a slight smell of perfume but not so much so it is too feminine for a male on a man's clothing.

      Bedding smells lovely when getting into bed at night time and the sheets and pillowcases smell of the fragrance which lasts for days and smells really nice and fresh when jumping into bed at night.

      My fleece feels soft and fluffy and smooth. It softens my towels well indeed too and leaves them feeling soft. It has softened my grandchildren's clothing we have washed and left the jumpers feeling soft and again fluffy and not a rough feeling that it would scratch their skins.

      It is a nice one to use if you have sensitive skin because it is a gentle liquid and not harsh. We have never suffered any rashes or irritations on our skins since using this softener. Is a nice one if you have babies and want to use a gentle softener for their softer skins. It works well for softening baby clothes and it is a nice softener for our baby grandchildren's clothing we wash at our house when they change after making a mess of their clothes while eating.

      The bottles we bought were 1.2 litre size and this size can soften up to 34 wash loads for just £2 for the price we paid. This price is very good indeed for around 34 washes and good value for money.

      I will keep buying this softener fragrance because it does a good job of softening clothing and towels, bedding and wools.

      I rate it 5 stars.


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        27.08.2013 09:49
        Very helpful



        Softens fabrics, nice fragrance. Little goes long way.

        I like to use a fabric conditioner in every wash because I like my fabrics to feel as soft as possible and to smell a whole lot nicer. I like the Comfort brand and hadn't bought this fragrance before so thought I would give it a go. I find this brand is very reliable for softening my fabrics.

        It comes in a plastic bottle which has the name clearly on the front and so can easily be spotted on a shelf. It has a removable lid which can be used as a measuring lid if you don't just want to pour the liquid directly into the fabric compartment drawer. I like to just pour it into the drawer.

        The liquid is a peachy, orange colour and in my opinion it appears to be a little weaker consistency to some of the other fragrances from this brand and it is a little runny. It doesn't drip from the bottle though and it is very easy to pour it from the bottle into the machine.

        It has a floral fragrance to it and it is quite a strong scent. It isn't overpowering and is a nice pleasant aroma and one I like quite a lot. I can detect a little perfume fragrance to it too. I think both the perfume and the floral scent work really well together.

        I just pour a small amount into my drawer and find that is well enough to soften my fabrics. When I take my fabrics from my machine I can smell the fragrance on them and they smell nice and fresh. Once the fabrics have dried, they smell really nice. They smell of the smells I have described but also once dried smell slightly sweet. This sweet smell I think is pleasant but I didn't expect to smell it but I could only detect the sweet smell once my fabrics had dried and not when I took them from my machine wet.

        It is a nice one for softening my towels, I only use the conditioner on my general towels and not my best ones which require no fabric conditioner so not to ruin the fibres. But for my every day towels it works a treat. It also softens my duvet cover, pillowcases and sheets really well and when I get into bed at night I can smell the fragrance on my bedding and it helps me sleep a lot better when I can detect a fresh, fragrance smell.

        When I take my clothing from my wardrobe and drawers some days later I can still detect the fragrance, this one does have staying power and I am happy to say the conditioner remains on the fabrics for a very long time and doesn't disappear soon after washing them like some other brands.

        It softens all of my grandchildren's clothing which I was regularly when they have a change of clothing while visiting or staying over at my home. The conditioner is a nice gentle one for softening the little ones clothing.

        It hasn't irritated their more delicate skins or my sensitive skin. It hasn't left any of us with any rashes etc and I would say it is a nice conditioner to use if you do have sensitive skin.

        I have also used it for hand soaking by just adding a little to warm water in a washing up bowl and added a small amount to the water before adding my delicate fabrics. I just leave the fabrics to soak for around 10 minutes or so and then rinse them. It is very easy to rinse from the fabrics and the conditioner softens them perfectly and leaves them smelling really fresh and with a nice fragrance.

        For a 750ml bottle it cost £1.50 and for this size bottle conditions up to 21 wash loads, I think it comes close to this amount although I haven't actually counted them. It is also available in a larger bottle of 1.2 litre which is priced at around £3.50, I chose the smaller bottle. It is very good value for money and well worth the price. Affordable and is very good quality too.

        I will buy this one again in the future because I am more than happy with the results this conditioner gives for softening my fabrics and leaving them nice and soft. I recommend it for anyone wanting one which has these results for wash days.

        Also appears on Ciao under my username pinky50.

        I give this conditioner 5 stars.

        Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        05.07.2013 20:06
        Very helpful



        nice but not my favourite Comfort conditioner

        *~Poppy and Peach Fabric Conditioner~*

        This fabric conditioner is part of the Exhilirations range offered by Comfort. This scent within this fabric conditioner has been created by fragrance experts. Fabric conditioner is designed to be used alongside detergent to leave your laundry soft and scented. It should be poured into the fabric conditioner compartment in your washing machine drawer. The recommended dosage is 35ml for regular loads, 55ml for bigger loads and 18ml for handwashing.

        As with the other scents in this range, this fabric conditioner is presented in a colourful, curvy plastic bottle. In this case, the bottle is a Summery orange colour with printed pictures of fruit and features a screw off lid which can be used as a measuring cup when dispensing the liquid. The bottle is eye catching and easy to store.

        *~Where To Buy~*

        This fabric conditioner is available in two sizes - 750ml (21 washes) and 1.2l (34 washes). Poppy and Peach is available from supermarkets including Tesco, Asda and also from Wilkos. Expect to pay £2.00 for the smaller bottle and £3.50 for the larger bottle when not on offer.

        *~My Thoughts~*

        My washing machine is on daily for washing clothing for three people, bedsheets, towels etc so I go through a lot of detergent and fabric conditioner. My preferred brand is Comfort but I always look out for special offers. My favourite from the Exhilirations range is Strawberry and Lily Kiss but I often try the other scents. Last month, Wilkos had the 750ml bottles on offer at just £1.00 which was too good a bargain to miss so I bought a few bottles of my favourite scent and also a bottle of Poppy and Peach to try.

        I have just finished my bottle of Poppy and Peach so thought I would review it. The orangey coloured conditioner pours easily from the bottle and is a creamy sort of liquid consistency. It looks substantial yet isn't too thick that it clogs up my machine drawer so no issues there. It is highly scented and very perfumed smelling so if you favour a lighter scent, you won't really like this one. It smells like a nice, fruity but concentrated perfume. I have an 8kg washing machine so tend to use nearly a full cap of conditioner per wash.

        I have used these fabric conditioner alongside powder detergent and liquid detergent and it generally takes over the smell of these products. Providing I haven't put too much in my machine, our laundry is left feeling soft and even moreso if I hang the laundry out to dry naturally rather than over the dryer or heaters indoor. It works great on rough towels and makes them fluffy soft. A lovely scent clings to my laundry and is fresh, fruity and lightly perfumed. Thankfully it is no where near as overpowering as when dispensed from the bottle. I do still prefer Strawberry and Lily Kiss but that is just a personal preference - we all have our favourites! Comfort state that this product has 'easy iron' and I do find that my laundry is easier to iron after using Comfort.

        We are a family with sensitive skin but none of us have experienced any irritation from using this fabric conditioner in our washing machine. It is suitable for use on all the families clothing in my opinion and the laundry feels very soft against our skins. Our clothes remain soft when dried and put away in the wardrobe. The scent does remain for a day or so and whilst the towels and bedsheets do still smell fresh and clean after a week or so, the scent is barely noticeable after this time. This is quite disappointing as some of the other Comfort scents last longer and become more prominent when you are wearing the laundered clothing but this one is quite weak.


        Overall, I would recommend this fabric conditioner. It performs well on all laundry loads and has a pleasant scent but it isn't my favourite in this range so won't be one that I purchase all the time. I simply prefer the scent and strength of the other scents in this range. As I do bigger loads, my 21 wash bottle lasted around 16 washes which I still find really good.

        Thanks for reading :)


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