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Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Connoisseurs / Type: Jewellery Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      21.11.2011 21:21
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth £5.99.

      It is unevitable that after a certain amount of time, your jewellery will lose its sparkle and can sometimes have a small build up of dirt which isn't very pretty or hygienic, but taking the time to give your jewellery a little bit of tlc can make all the difference and can restore it's sparkle if you choose the right product. I have been using connoisseurs jewellery cleaner for quite a few years now and I think it works great.

      As I say, I have been using connoisseurs for quite a few years now and believe it or not one pot has lasted all those years, therefore I have the older version which looks slightly different from the dooyoo picture.

      Connoisseurs Jewellery cleaner has been used and endorsed by fine jewellers for generations. It is a safe and easy way to restore the original lustre to diamonds, precious stones, platinum and gold jewellery. It is not reccommended for use with pearls. I use this cleaner for my white gold diamond ring mainly but I have also used it for my silver jewellery (even though it is not made for it) and I have never experienced any problems. Connoisseurs also do a jewellery cleaner specifically for silver jewellery.

      The cleaner is extremely easy to use. Directions for use are written on the back of the pot. They say to put one piece of jewellery in the pot at a time, dip for 10-15 seconds using the plastic tray inside the pot which has a bit in the middle for you to pull it up and down. Using the brush which is included, brush the piece of jewellery and rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water.

      Although it is not advised by connoisseurs, I would reccommend using gloves when using the cleaner. I developed an allergic reaction to the liquid which made my hand swell up which was rather painful. Of course this certainly won't happen to everyone but just incase I would say use gloves and make sure all the cleaner is washed off before putting your jewellery back on.

      The jewellery cleaner really does make a huge difference to the look of your jewellery. I tend to clean my ring around about every month or whenever I think it's looking a bit dull. The diamonds always look so much more sparkly after its been cleaned and the whiite gold looks brighter just like it did when I first had it.

      You can buy Connoisseurs Jewellery cleaner for £5.99 on Amazon.


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        21.07.2011 21:32
        Very helpful



        A very effective jewellery cleaner, but also a strong chemical

        Connoisseur's jewellery cleaner

        I bought this as a couple of my favourite jewellery items were looking a little bit worse for wear. This was especially true of my Thomas Sabo bracelet and the charms to go with it.

        I managed to get it from a local dry cleaning and key cutting shop, it was quite expensive at £6 for the 225ml tub, but they had nothing cheaper so I thought I'd give it a go.

        ~~~ Packaging ~~~
        Having bought jewellery cleaner before in a glass jar; I was dubious about this plastic tub. On opening the tub, I was confronted with a very secure paper seal which took some work to get open. I am pleased with the packaging as - unlike many other jewellery cleaners I have had, this one comes with a little basket inside the tube. This makes dunking your jewellery into the product very clean and easy.

        Apart from that, the packaging is very simple and plain. It lists the ingredients and directions on the back and warns users that it can be harmful if swallowed or cause irritation to the skin. It also says it can damage the environment - which is worrying! Hence you are not to dispose of it in the environment. I guess it must have to be disposed of with other chemicals or something; however, there are no instructions for how to actually go about this!

        ~~~ Directions ~~~
        This cannot be used on enamelled jewellery or jewellery with stones in it. It is very simple to use. You place the item you want to clean into the little dip tray and lower it into the liquid. The packaging states that you should not leave jewellery in the solution for any longer than 10 seconds. The process can be repeated though, so if you do not get the required results in your first 10 seconds, remove the jewellery for a few minutes and then repeat for another 10 seconds.

        ~~~ Usage and Effectiveness ~~~
        I used this as soon as I got home. It cleaned a very tarnished bracelet in 10 seconds! I simply dunked it in and then removed it. It was shining like new! I also used the solution by dipping a cotton bud into it and using this to clean intricate pieces or pieces which have enamel or stones in them. This allowed me to use the polish and avoid damaging the enamel etc.

        When opening the jar, you are instantly hit by a horrible, sharp, chemical smell. It really doesn't smell good at all. Infact, it even smells harmful. Because of this, after dipping my jewellery, I removed it and rinsed it in clear water before polishing with a soft cloth. I didn't like the idea of leaving it with any trace of this chemical on in which may harm my skin!

        I have to say, it is very effective. It IS a strong chemical which should be treated and used very carefully. I would never allow a child or young person to use it and I would always be careful of spills or the possibility of splashes. It smells strongly of chemicals and if the warnings on the back are not enough to remind you to be careful the smell certainly is.

        It is worth using to clean stubborn tarnishes on much loved jewellery, but I'd remind you to be very careful.

        It does work well, but I would not say that it provides good value for money. A smaller and cheaper tub would be much more economical, as it is; I have a large tub of chemical sitting in my kitchen with no further use as I have cleaned every item of jewellery in the house! I'm sure I'll use it again when the jewellery looks a bit dull, but a smaller tub would certainly be sufficient!

        On the whole a very effective jewellery cleaner. I'm giving it 3/5 because of how chemical and harmful it can potentially be.


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        18.02.2011 19:40
        Very helpful



        quick easy and does the job perfectly

        I actually bought this product in 1993 (yes that's right) but as I still have it , I thought I would write a review about it.

        I always used to have the little cloths for cleaning jewellery that I had but was forever losing them so whilst purchasing a ring in a jewellers I asked there advice. Having a whole range of jewellery I wanted something that would cover most things and was recommended this - Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner.
        It was a large pot of liquid 225ml to be precise for £4.00 - looking at prices now they have changed the pot slightly and it comes in at 240mls for just under £7 on Amazon, I guess it is probably about the same in jewellers. However considering it has lasted so long I feel it was a bargain! I must admit though I probably don't clean my jewellery as much as some people so it is used infrequently.

        **THE POT**

        The pot is a deep red colour with a band of colour depicting which type you are buying silver for silver, gold for gold and precious and finally pink for delicate.
        The pot comes with a screw top lid which is firm and contains the liquid inside very well and a peal off security seal too.


        When you open it you discover a small brush which is stood in a slot attached to a tray resting on the bottom of the tub. You can take out the mini brush first or pull the tray up to the surface to place your jewellery inside. The tray has tiny slats on the bottom so that the liquid can get in and around the entire item. They are not small enough though for ears to fall through.
        Once your item of jewellery is in the tray allow it to sink to the bottom and leave to soak for 10-15 seconds. Pull the tray to the surface remove your item and give a gentle brush to get in all the nooks. The you carefully rinse under a tap of luke warm water.

        **SO WHAT IS IT LIKE**

        It works brilliantly - what more can I say.
        All of the jewellery I have used it with it has worked well on. My most prized item is a gold ring with diamonds set in a sort of clasp. This can be quite prone to collecting dirt inside which is not great so gets cleaning the most often.
        As soon as the ring evolves from the liquid it gleams and that is before it is brushed and rinsed! I give the diamonds and clasp a gentle brush and the dirt is easily removed, leaving sparkling diamonds behind.
        A friend has even commented that they though it was a new ring I was wearing, it fact it is a lot older as it was my grandmothers!
        Admittedly I would not recommend keeping the product as long as I have and I am about to invest in a new pot, but the company doesn't actually say there is an end date.

        **OTHER DETAILS**

        Connoisseurs is an American product. I don't know what the liquid actually is but it does have a large warning to keep out of the reach of children. Mine as quite old seems to have a slight ammonia smell, the new ones have a fresh new sent added to them.
        The precious jewellery cleaner I have is for use on gold, diamonds, precious stones and platinum jewellery.
        See website for other liquids for other jewellery www.connoisseurs.com


        A great product to have in the house, especially if you love jewellery.

        Review maybe posted on dooyoo and ciao under same username.


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