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Daisy All Purpose Cleaner Lemon & Lime

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Brand: Daisy / Type: All purpose Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2012 11:03
      Very helpful



      A great buy at 99p.

      At only 99 pence for a litre of this daisy multipurpose cleaner I thought I would give it a go and see how well it worked so I purchased it with my Tesco grocery shop. It comes in a transparent bottle so you can tell how much of the product is remaining easily it also has a handle cut in to the bottle which means you can get a good grip on the bottle while carrying it around without worrying about it slipping. Then it simply has a twist of lid which is protected against children opening it although of course with all cleaners you should keep out of the reach of any little hands.

      To use the cleaner you can use it neat by just pouring a small amount on to a cloth you do need to be careful as after you remove the lid it is just an open wide neck bottle and it does pour out really quickly but as long as you are careful you can easily apply it to a cloth without making any mess or spilling it.
      When using on surfaces kitchen tiles and my sink it works very well I simply wipe with a damp cloth and some of this liquid and it brings everything up really clean and leaves a nice shine to it. You do not need to use a lot of the product for it to have the desired effect a little really does go a long way which is unusual for cheaper branded products.If there is a tougher stain I tend to spill a small amount neat on the work surface leave it for five minutes while I carry on with something else and then when I come back to it if I wipe it with a cloth it comes away very easily leaving no trace of the mess and there is little effort needed to remove the stubborn dirt.

      I also use this on my wooden flooring if I have run out of flash I just mix a few capfuls in my mop bucket and then mop over my wooden floors and I find it works well for this too. The floor comes up clean with a nice shine to it and a clean scent left behind although it is not as strong as the scent of flash it is still strong enough to be recognisable and leave my room smelling nice and fresh. It does not leave the floor slippery which I can some cleaners do.

      The lemon dominates the lime scent and as soon as you open the bottle there is a strong fragrance of lemons that shines through and I really like it as I love the scent of lemon for cleaning it is not overpowering and once you have cleaned the area with the product and rinsed it down with water it leaves a very light smell that is not off putting but leaves the room smelling lovely and clean.
      There is no irritation on my hands some cleaners I find when I use them neat can cause them to really dry out or become irritated but I have never had any problem with my hands after using this cleaner so although it works well to clean the kitchen, bathroom or even your floor it is kind enough to your skin while doing so.

      I would recommend this to anyone at just under £1 for a litre bottle it really does last a long time as you only need a small amount to get a good result it can be used on a range of surfaces and areas of the home and brings everything up clean while leaving a nice fresh scent behind. I really like daisy products and find they work well at half the price of leading brand names and this is no exception.


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