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Daisy Antibacterial Cleaner Lemon & Lime

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2 Reviews

Brand: Daisy / Type: Washing Up Liquid / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2012 20:14
      Very helpful



      A rather disappointing household cleaner from the Daisy range

      Sad as it may seem, I find cleaning my home very therapeutic and am always on the look out for new products to try. I'm not one for using different type cleaners for each job, as I prefer to use multi-purpose products, which works out much cheaper and of course, they take up less storage space. My favourite brand is Flash due to the fact that the gorgeous aromas of their products linger for a good while after use, which subsequently gives my home that just cleaned smell. However, in a bid to reduce our ever increasing weekly shopping bill, my husband arrived home a few months ago with a bottle of Daisy Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner in a lemon and lime fragrance with this review discussing my experience.

      If you are familiar with Tesco you will be aware that Daisy is one of their budget ranges and so far, my experience of their products has been pretty good. The cleaner is presented in a 1 litre transparent sturdy plastic bottle, which enables us to witness the vivid yellow/green liquid content. An important factor for me when choosing cleaning products is that they must kill bacteria and clearly my husband chose well with the blurb on the bottle offering the claim that the cleaner will kill 99.9% of bacteria.

      The screw top lid offers a child proof lock, which I found was a little tight so some effort was needed to remove it. There is an easy and comfortable to hold handle, which has been incorporated into the bottle, so pouring the liquid is an easy task. However, as I prefer to apply the product directly where needed and leave for about ten minutes prior to cleaning, I decanted some of the liquid into an old spray bottle. In respect of the original packaging, the liquid is easy dispensed and the screw top can be firmly fixed after use, so there is no leakage. The liquid is extremely runny and similar to that of water, as opposed to Flash, which is considerably thicker.

      I used Daisy on the bathroom fittings as well as the kitchen worktops and sink, but the product seemed to struggle with cleaning the bath and sinks. As I use so many different types of bathing products, there is frequently a soap scrum around the edges of the bath, which feels gritty and despite waiting around ten minutes for the liquid to work its magic I needed to use a considerable amount of elbow grease before I could feel the smooth surface of the bath tub.

      As a result, I found that I needed to use twice as much of the liquid, as some areas required a second application, which rather defeats the object of buying a low priced cleaning product. However, I cannot admit to experiencing this issue with Flash, as its high quality ingredients rapidly cut through any grease and grime where only a few gentle wipes are required following a single application. Another grumble I had was that whilst the liquid offered a fresh and clean aroma albeit lemons as opposed to lemon and lime, the fragrance vanished as soon as I started cleaning whereas Flash lingers for a good while afterwards. I cannot deny that the cleaner did not carry out a reasonable enough job, as it left no residue after it was wiped away, but more effort was required from me and whilst I enjoy cleaning, I do not want to waste more time than is absolutely necessary.

      Whilst Daisy cleaner initially appears to be a bargain at just 99p for a 1 litre bottle, it is actually very misleading, particularly when the same size bottle of Flash is frequently on offer and can be found in Poundland. Due to the reasons discussed above, I feel a two star rating is appropriate, but I cannot advise that I will be repurchasing.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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        21.08.2012 18:33
        Very helpful



        Great inexpensive general purpose cleaner.

        ===Why I Bought This===

        Like most people I like to have a house that is both clean and 'safe'. so using an antibacterial cleaner on the floors and other surfaces gives that bit more reassurance than just using a normal cleaner.
        Having said that I do not go over the top by using antibacterial items on everything - as I believe too much can be as bad as too little.
        Having pets and people walking in straight from the garden it is good to have a floor cleaner that will kill most germs, and as this product can also be used on other surfaces it is a bonus. I do not agree with buying a specific product for every surface in the house - flooor, bath, tiles etc.

        ===The Brand===

        Daisy is a discount brand of cleaning and household items manufactured for Tesco.

        ===The Product===

        1 litre semi clear bottle.
        Yellow clear liquid.
        White screw top with safety press buttons either side to make it 'child-proof.
        Handle made into the bottle for ease of pouring.
        Daisy on label - antibacterial all purpose cleaner - lemon and lime
        Kills 99.9% of bacteria.

        The back label has more information:
        Cleans all round home with antibacterial action.
        Kills according to test EN 1276.
        Produced in the UK for Tesco.
        Warnings - keep away from children and eyes.and avoid contact with skin.
        Wash hands after use.


        Neat -
        For sinks, toilets, baths and cooker tops - then rinse with clean water.
        Diluted -
        2 caps per 5 litres of water for tiles, floors and paintwork.
        For heavy cleaning and killing germs use 3 caps per 1 litre water.


        I bought this from the Tesco website for 99p.
        79p for 500 ml spray bottle.

        ===My Opinion===

        A little goes a long way and it has a pleasant citrus smell and I also like the vivid yellow colour.
        With its antibacterial properties this is a great general purpose cleaner which I use for floors, tiles, cupboard doors etc, in fact anywhere that needs a quick and germ free wipe over. I have found that when spring cleaning my cupboard doors I sometimes need to use Cif cream with its rougher more abrasive texture to get stubborn marks off - but we have a log burner in the kitchen so smoke combined with grease is a bad combination for my cream colour cupboard doors, so 'normally' this lemon and lime cleaner should be enough for all but the most stubborn of greasy marks.
        This is fine for general use, even if I have to get a more heavy duty cleaner for those once a year horrid tasks.
        When used it gives off a refreshing smell which is nice for bathroom and kitchen floors and gives the aroma of being freshly cleaned as well.
        For the price it is a good cleaning product, it has added antibacterial properties and also a nice fresh aroma - so not bad value at all for £1.

        ===Star Rating===

        4 stars - great for general cleaning but you might need something more powerful for very dirty areas.

        ===Would I Recommend?===





        Benzalkonium chloride
        Tetrasodium EDTA
        Cocamidopropyl betaine
        Parfum - Limonene
        Sodium hydroxide


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