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De.Solv.It Sticky Stuff Remover

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Brand: De-Solv / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      18.02.2012 21:11
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product that is needed in every household!

      Last year while browsing a local builders merchant (As you do...) I came across this 200ml bottle of 'Sticky Stuff Remover', which instantly stood out to me on the shelf with its fancy list of uses printed all over the bottle in a nice and colourful way. I picked it up after reading all of the products fabulous uses and paid £4.95 which I must say - sounded rather pricey at first for a small bottle but I was soon going to experience what a true bargain this product is.

      ~~~ What is Stciky Stuff Remover and who makes it? ~~~

      Sticky Stuff remover is a solution made for removing sticky stuff, obviously! It comes in a variety of cans and bottle sizes depending on how much sticky stuff you want to remove and a whether you want to spray or wipe and it is made by De.Solv.It in the UK. I picked the wipe version as I do not like breathing in sprays and I try to avoid it - especially with products like this one. The solution however is made to be powerful yet safe to use on many surfaces around the home, office or wherever you may be (It's probably possible to carry a bottle around in your handbag if you really feel the need due to its small size). Sticky Stuff can remove many sticky things from a huge amount of surfaces such as oil, chewing gum, sticky label residue, tar and even grime... It basically removes almost anything that is sticky.

      ~~~ Using the product ~~~

      The container is very easy to use and it is strong, I have dropped the bottle many times in the year that I have owned it and no cracks have developed yet. The cap is a safety cap to prevent children from entering, it's the push down and turn type of lid as seen on some medicine bottles, when off there is simply a little hole that lets the Sticky Stuff Remover free from the bottle. The instructions for most stains are on the back of the bottle and they are very detailed and clear to understand, almost everything that you could possibly want to know is on the back.

      With this liquid version you have to use a dry cloth and basically soak the area of treatment with sticky stuff remover and leave it to do 'its thing' for roughly 5 - 7 minutes as stated on the bottle. When the sticky stuff has broken down the sticky mess it should be easily removed with the cloth and maybe a scraper leaving behind a surface free from sticky stuff. I find that only very sticky messes such as oil and crayon have to be left to break down for that time, easy messes such as label residues usually come straight off and onto the cloth without much scrubbing at all. I have tried removing many different types of sticky messes over the time that I have owned this bottle and it has succeeded with every single one. In some ways it has saved me money by removing sticky stuff from items that I would have just replaced such as the time I sat on a toffee and it melted to my rear end... I thought new trousers were the only option but nope, it did a fabulous job without damaging the fabric.

      I do find that some very glossy stickers with a smooth surface can be hard to remove but this is stated on the bottle itself. A glossy sticker that basically will not absorb the Sticky Stuff Remover liquid needs to be scraped as much as possible and then treated. This can be a pain but it's worth it for the end result, I usually use sandpaper to remove some of the glossy layer and then soak it with the remover for best results. I find that this rule has worked better with every sticky mess that I have cleaned, I clean as much mess up as I can myself and then use the liquid as a final touch.

      ~~~ What surface can it be used on? ~~~

      This remover can be used on many different surfaces and the main safe options being, china, glass, fabric, paintwork, even skin and hair! I have tested it on all of these surfaces and I have yet to experience any damage from use, it has worked perfectly at removing extremely sticky stuff from the surfaces without any residue being left at all. I removed chewing gum from my hair, paint from my hands and even removing gum from the sofa - whoops!

      It is however recommended that the liquid is tested on a hidden area to confirm that no damage will be done on the surface of use. It is stated on the back of the bottle that it should not be used on silk, leather, suede, polystyrene or rubber/foam backed carpets. I must admit that I have used this on leather and It had no problems at all but please test this at your own risk as I don't want to be shouted at for any damage caused ;)

      ~~~ Safety ~~~

      Sticky stuff remover is rather safe as it can be used on skin and hair but there are a few warnings on the back as with most products of this nature. It contains Aliphatic Hydrocarbons which can be harmful if swallowed as it can damage your lungs, the best advice I can give here is do not swallow it! It is tempting as the product smells lovely to me; it has a citrus scent which is very much like an orange and lime mix if that makes any sense? I find that the smell lingers on my hands for ages after use even with a good rinse after use. The smell at times can make my eyes water and sting if I get close but this is the same with most cleaning products that I have used in the past.

      ~~~ Overall opinion and some information ~~~

      I generally feel that this is an absolutely fantastic product that does everything that it promises. I have used this weekly for a year and I'm still on my first bottle with at least half of it left so I have another year free of Sticky Stuff. I originally thought that it was an expensive purchase for the amount in the bottle but it is very effective resulting in a very little amount being needed to remove most sticky messes. It removes plenty of sticky stains, I have tested it on tar on the car paint and it removed it perfectly without damaging the paint underneath. We also use it for removing wax after a small candle spillage - they seem to happen very often in our home. Generally a fabulous product that I recommend everyone having in the household as it is almost a lifesaver!

      Website: www.desolvitshop.co.uk/products/stain-removers/

      Thanks for reading


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        03.09.2010 07:55
        Very helpful



        A fantastic product for removing virtually anything from anything

        A few weeks ago it was necessary for me to relocate office and as a result ended up with an almost new "L" shaped desk with several areas covered with frustrating doodles! Another pet hate of mine was that rather than pin their useful telephone numbers on a pin board, the owner had decided to sellotape an A4 sheet of paper to the desk! Consequently, on removing the paper I was left with a sticky mess of the sellotape residue and each time I leaned on the desk my arms would stick to the glue!

        When I arrived home that evening I had a little moan to hubby who handed me a bottle of De.Solv.It Sticky Stuff Remover, which is manufactured by Orange Sol Inc. I had never heard of the product before and hubby advised that it would definitely fix my problem.

        The bottle he handed to me differs from the appearance of the one as shown in the photograph above, which is an older version, which he purchased a good many years ago. However, the contents are identical and as only a small amount is needed, you will probably only ever need to make one purchase, hence the fact that hubby's bottle is over three-quarter's full.

        The remover is contained within a rigid white plastic bottle where you will find 250ml of non-caustic non-flammable watery liquid. As hubby's bottle differs I am not going to describe its' appearance, but would advise that we are informed that this product cleans adhesive, gum, tar, wax, crayon, grease and grime. What I found totally surprising is that it will remove from a multitude of surfaces, such as china, glass, paintwork, skin and hair.

        To use the product, you need to remove the childproof lid by applying slight pressure and pushing down and turning. The lid is identical to what you would find on a bottle of pills or Domestos, so most definitely cannot be opened by those curious little fingers. The liquid is extremely easy to dispense via the tiny hole, but unfortunately, its' aroma is not particularly pleasant and is somewhat overpowering, but as long as it does the job for what it is intended, I really don't mind.

        There are several directions for use, dependent on what you are removing and as I needed to remove both sticky stuff and biro I applied a small amount to a paper towel and blotted the offending marks. I waited for one minute to allow the product to work its' magic, then worked the solution into the stain. The directions advise to use your fingers, but I didn't particularly favour this, so used the paper towel and was amazed to see the biro and glue vanish before my very eyes!

        We are then advised to wash the area with a detergent, so I simply used a little washing up liquid and then rinsed and wiped dry. However, whilst I did not directly apply the remover to my fingers it managed to soak its' way through the paper towel and no amount of hand washing could remove the horrible stink for several hours!

        Hubby has regularly used this product to remove the sticky residue left on CDs and mugs after you remove those dreaded labels and it has been extremely efficient and effective every time without causing any damage to the item's surface. Another use for hubby is that he is prescribed patches for excessive pain, which tend to leave horrible sticky marks on his skin. A few dabs of this liquid applied with a cotton wool pad successfully remove the mess without the need to scratch the area sore with a fingernail. It goes without saying that you need to thoroughly wash the area after removal.

        As this product contains petroleum distillates there is a large black cross on the reverse of the bottle advising us that this product is harmful. We are informed that lung damage can result if this product is swallowed and that repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. We are also advised that this product should be kept out of the reach of children and if accidentally swallowed immediate medical advice needs to be sought. You should also keep well away from the eyes and if this should occur, immediately rinse with plenty of soap and water.

        As hubby purchased this product years ago, he really could not recall how much he paid, so I have checked on Amazon for an up-to-date price. At the time of writing (3 September 2010) you are able to purchase a 250ml bottle for £5.75. Whilst this may seem expensive, this is probably a one-off purchase, as only a very small amount is needed for each application.

        I cannot recommend this product highly enough as it is extremely effective and can be used for almost any surface, other than suede, leather or silk. Consequently, Sticky Stuff Remover receives 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars from me.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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          09.04.2009 15:11
          Very helpful



          This is one of those truly wonder products.

          I first happened upon Sticky Stuff Remover years ago when I bought a secondhand book from a charity shop

          I had met up with a friend in a cafe after a day out shopping, and as we sat drinking coffee we showed each other what we had bought that day.

          I showed her the book I bought. When she handed it back to me, I didn't realise I was nibbling away at the corner of the price label on that book as we spoke. My friend noticed this and suggested I get some Sticky Stuff Remover for that.

          I thought she had made it up, as the name at first seems a bit naff, but sure enough such stuff exists.

          When we parted, I toddled along to the nearest hardware shop and bought a bottle. It came in a 250ml size and cost £4.00 - this was eight years ago. I have checked online with places such as ebid.net. These days online you will expect to pay between £3.60 and £5.00. It comes in a bottle about 6 inches tall (15cm).

          My friend told me you only need a tiny bit of this for removing a label from a book. The screw-top lid is one of those safety lids - you need to give it a little squeeze to open. The top is a plastic ring with a little hole in to let the fluid out in drips. Inevitably, some of it is going to run down the sides of the bottle.

          Handy hint time. Go to the chemist and buy a little bottle and eye-dropper. Decant some of the Sticky Stuff remover into the bottle and - hey presto - you can control the amount of fluid coming out with no waste.

          Back to the book label. You literally need ONE drop for a small label, maybe two for a larger one. Drop the fluid on to the label bang on the middle. Wait until the label absorbs the fluid. The label will start to go semi-opaque. Give it a minute or two. If the fluid hasn't spread to the edges (i.e. gone semi-opaque) by five minutes, add another drop. Be aware not all labels will take on this semi-opaqueness. You should in about 95% of instances just be able to peel off the label.

          Just a few words of warning, if the book is an older paperback, or doesn't have a glossy sheen, if you let the fluid go beyond the boundaries of the label and onto the book, the book might soak some of this excess up and leave a 'grease-spot' type stain. So go really easy when you apply the fluid, to guard against this possibility.

          Also, if it is a paperback, put a sheet of greaseproof paper between the cover and the flyleaf, just in case it soaks through - this is just a precaution.

          A positive side-effect I have found of applying too much sticky stuff remover is that, when I wiped off the excess, I found it actually cleaned the book! So, as long as the book has a glossy non absorbent cover, or dustjacket, it can be cleaned.

          I have since bought some real grotty books at the car-boot sale and got to work with the Sticky Stuff Remover and brought them up good as new in many cases.

          This stuff is oily or greasy. It has a smell which you might find 'pleasant'. It smells a little of oranges, but is also a little bitter, so be prepared for a little pong on your books - it does go away.

          I have also used this stuff for other minor cleaning jobs involving sticky stuff. The label claims it will remove oil-based stains and spills from fabrics. It will also remove chewing gum it seems. I haven't tried any of these, so can't make any claims or recommendations.

          I have had the same bottle for years, and as I buy a lot of second hand books from charity shops, (I do need to get their pesky labels off) this stuff gets used. Well I have had this bottle for years and it still feels nearly full.


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          Residue and Stain Removers / Perfect for removing chewing gum and other sticky substances.