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Dettol Anti Bacterial Floor wipes

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  • Quality wipes
  • Great brand
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    8 Reviews
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      21.07.2014 10:40
      Very helpful


      • "Quality wipes"
      • "Great brand"


      Safe, effective and makes life that little bit better

      When it comes to cleaning me and my partner take matters very seriously. The amount of germs and bacteria that can harbor on a floor is shockingly bad. So we only buy the best when it comes to cleaning our home, everything from polish to bin liners has to be the best.

      Dettol is a well known brand, known for killing 99.9% of all known germs and bacteria, which to me is really good. Every home should use these wipes.

      There are many viruses and illnesses that spread around the U.K, but surprisingly 80% of these could be avoided by cleaning! It is a shocking truth to realize that most of these illnesses are caused by us, when all that is needed is a little more care and attention! What you think is clean, could only be surface clean. You cannot see germs and bacteria so the best thing to do is make sure there blasted away with these wipes.

      We buy these wipes every week and use them at least once a day in our home to make sure everything is 100% clean for the next time we use it. We also buy many of the other dettol products too.

      These wipes are also particularly useful if you have animals. Dog and cat hair can be very annoying for most people, but with these wipes it is very easy to clean up after your pets. One wipe will remove most unwanted hair off the floor because they are moist.

      Long and short story is, if your concerned about germs, or you simply want your life to become that little bit easier when your cleaning, you should use these wipes in your home!


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      31.08.2012 09:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Lovely fresh and clean smelling floor wipes that get all the grime up

      One of my pet hates when it comes to cleaning is mopping floors. It seems like such a chore to have to sweep the floor then fill the mop bucket with steaming hot water and cleaning fluid and then to actually mop it. Imagine my delight when my doctor said that the vigorous back and forth and twisty motion needed to mop a floor was probably one of the triggering factors in my bad back a couple of years ago. Yes, I can cycle 25 miles at a time or climb a mountain with no problems but mopping the floor is now a no-no for me and so has been added to my husbands list of chores - not a happy hubby!

      Obviously, him being a typical man, if I had to wait for him to mop the floor or to even notice that it needed mopping by then we would be swamped in bacteria, germs, dirt, grime and just general nastiness. So when I was having a wander round Home Bargains I spotted a pack of these Dettol anti-bacterial cleansing floor wipes and thought they might be a solution to my floor cleaning woes. I'd never bought floor wipes before, previously preferring the good old-fashioned mop and bucket method, but it would seem they are widely available in supermarkets, pound shops and most other shops that sell cleaning products. I now always stock up when I see them on offer as, at full price, they retail for £2.98, so to find them on bogof or a half price offer is a bonus.

      The ones I have at the moment are a pack of 15 extra large wipes and they comes in a pack like most other wipes both baby, face and floor! It is a sealed white plastic envelope type pack with a slit on the top through which you pull the wipes out and has a sticky label which reseals the pack after opening to keep the wipes fresh and moist. The pack for me is quite attractive being quite a simple white colour with some simple blue and green branding. I'm not exactly swayed by packaging when it comes to things like this but I like things simple and find myself put off by things that are in brightly coloured, garish packaging.

      According to the front label they kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (E.coli, S.aureus, Listeria, Campylobacter, Paeruginosa, MRSA, Salmonella and Influenza) and remove 90% of allergens (pollen, dust mite, cat and dog). The allergens are less important to me as we don't have pets (except my beautiful Siamese Fighting Fish, Finlay!) and neither of us are allergic to either pollen or dust. But it is very reassuring to know that it kills practically all bacteria and viruses that can be found in the home and, as they are made by Dettol, this is a claim that I believe to be true.

      For me, Dettol is a much trusted brand and one that my mum used when we were growing up. From those days I can only remember the Dettol disinfectant which was a staple in our house and was a frequent addition to a bowl of warm water to clean out our scrapes and grazes. Nowadays, and being a homeowner myself, I'm aware of many more of their products for keeping your home clean and germ free and they make such things as kitchen and bathroom cleaners, surface and floor wipes and hand wash.

      There are several ways to use these wipes. You can either place one on the floor and then move it around using either a mop, broom, sponge or your hand, or you can use their sweeper system which I've never actually seen. I always just get down on my hands and knees and give my floors a good old scrub. I don't know why this doesn't affect my back but the mopping action does, but hey ho!

      The back of the pack gives the usual information you would expect to find such as ingredients, contact information for the company and what they aren't suitable for use on (unsealed wood, carpet, upholstery and fabric). There is also a handy hint on how to be more eco-friendly by telling you not to waste wipes and to use both sides and reassuring us that by doing this you'll still get 99.9% bacteria kill.

      I use these wipes on all of my floors that aren't carpeted so in the kitchen, bathrooms, downstairs toilet, utility room and porch. They are a mixture of laminate floor, tiles and lino and on each and every one of them these wipes work great. Because they're so big I only need to use one in the smaller rooms like the bathrooms and porch although the kitchen floor tends to need two. But they really are simple to use and I just get down on my hands and knees and scrub away after first sweeping and bits and pieces up. In the bathroom I find them so effective that I also tend to use them to wipe down the toilet base, sink pedestal and bath panel and I also use them to wipe down door and window frames too. I know that Dettol also make surface wipes and that I should probably use those for these little jobs, but if I already have the pack out then I don't see a problem with using them for other things than the floor too!

      When I first used them I was really surprised by how much liquid they hold and when you put pressure on them on the floor the liquid does bubble up a bit, but I like this as it feels like you're giving the floor a really good clean, much better than it would feel with a drier wipe anyway. I always clean the floors when I know UI won't need to stand on them for a while but, as you're not actually covering the floor in water like with a mop, they dry much quicker and I can usually walk on them within a few minutes on a warmer day.

      Although they're supposed to be odourless I find that nothing can be totally odourless and these are exactly the same. When you open the packet you can immediately smell them but I find it a reassuringly 'cleaning product' smell. It's not falsely fragrances with lemon or apple or anything, it just smells a tiny bit chemically and fresh. The smell doesn't put me off at all and is enough to further reassure me that these wipes really do the job. The smell doesn't really linger on the floors, which is neither a good thing nor a bad thing as far as I'm concerned, as long as they look and feel clean - which they definitely do, you can really tell the difference between the section of floor that has been wiped with one of these cloths and the part that hasn't. I've never had any problems getting any of my floor types clean with these, although sometimes a little more elbow grease is needed for things like dried coffee granules that have found their way on to the floor, and every single time I use them I am disgusted by the horrible grey colour that they end up!

      Bizarrely, as these wipes are disposable and I just throw them in the bin when I've finished with them, they actually fragrance my bin for quite a while afterwards, getting a faint waft of their clean fragrance every time I lift the lid! So why the smell lingers in the bin but not on the floor I don't know!

      I've never tried any other brands of floor wipes as these were the first that I ever saw and Dettol is a brand that I trust and, as they really do their job in getting my floors nice and sparkling clean then I've seen no reason to shop around. They can frequently be found in various shops on special offers and so I find them cost effective too and for all these reasons I would heartily recommend these floor wipes, especially if mopping hurts your back too, or if you only have a small floor area that needs cleaning.


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        16.04.2011 19:29
        Very helpful



        Dettol always have great products and this is another one

        I purchased dettol floor wipes because I was fed up with having to mop, or scrub with a cloth instead. After seeing these on offer in Morrions I thought it sounds like an easier way to do thing, so why not.

        The product --> The wipes come in a handy re-closing package. This is great because they don't dry out. There is 15 wipes in all the pack, and they are white. The size is extra large.

        The reason I went for these specific ones is because I wanted ones that offered fantastic cleaning power. These give floors a complete cleaning service everytime, as they are 3x cleaning power. This involves penetrating the loose grease from the floors (which is great after dropping food and for cleaning up after animals!). It also removes burnt on food, and works on bathroom floors well too.

        These kill 99% of dirt and bacteria, which again is another great pert. They don't just make the floor look clean but actually remove the bad stuff! This includes E.coli and Influenza virus.

        I use them very quickly with a rubber glove, and they give off a lovely citrus fragrance. I find they are very convienent too, as they don't require water or anything added so can be easily stored.

        The cost --> They vary in price, such as currently there is an offer in Sainsburys which is 2 for £4, but in other places they are always £2, such as Asda. They can also be brought iin poundland.

        I would definitely recommend these. They are fast, leave your floors very clean, smell great and can be used quickly.


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        21.08.2009 12:32
        Very helpful



        I think these are great and are wet enough to wokr well :)

        We use these a lot in our house as my mum has a bad back with arthritis so can't scrub at things too well that need cleaning...

        In Poundland recently these were sat there on offer with 50% extra free so she picked up two packs of 'Dettol Multi-Action Floor Wipes' (she cleans a lot, lol!), each pack had 23 wet wipes in them instead of 15.

        A week later we saw them in Morrisons for £2.69 a pack!!!

        These wet towels like cloths are awesome at moving dirt around the home. The main thing I use them on are the floor where we have laminate tiles down and because my mum can't bend well I Hoover and then wash down these areas with this brilliant wipes.

        The wipes themselves are really big - about a foot by six inches and are really soggy when you first tough them, lol!

        They are perforated and smell gorgeous, ours are Green Apple scented and it smell really natural too.

        The packaging is plastic and mainly green with one of those sticky flap lids that reseal to keep the wipes wet inside.

        There are a lot of uses listed plus loads of things you can use them for. Dettol suggest 4 in 1 action for their product - these are cuts kitchen grease, kills 99.95 bacteria, removes bathroom dirt and leaves a fresh fragrance.

        On the back of the pack it explains that these strong cloths are impregnated with a cleaning formula that leaves floors shiny and clean, and that after using simply throw them away.
        There is a diagram of the flooring these are suitable for and they are laminated like ours, linoleum and glazed tiles (we use them on the bathroom tiles as well, they come up really sparkly).

        Not suitable for carpets though, fabrics or sealed wood, I would imagine because they are too damp?

        Keep them away from children and wash hands after use, and let the floors dry before walking on them.

        It only takes a couple of minutes to dry and everywhere you use them looks lovely and shiny (not slippy though), and they can be used on brushes or mops too - awesome!

        They also contain disinfectant as well as the lovely apple smell and are made by ReckittBenckiser.

        Five stars for a great idea that really work, I think they are brilliant because thay are so quick at getting rid of dirt :)


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          29.07.2009 21:34
          Very helpful



          A strong floor wipe, quick and easy to use.

          I recently decided to buy these Dettol Anti-Bacterial floor wipes after seeing them on promotion in my local Morrisons with 50% extra free and a reduced price.
          I have bought normal wipes in the past, but have never used floor wipes until now.

          Basically, they are just like normal wipes but larger in size, and also a stronger weave, to ensure they do not fall apart when you use them on your floors.

          The wipes come in a handy re-sealable pack. A section on the front of the pack peals back to enable you to pull a wipe from the pack, then you simply seal it back down again.

          Dettol claim on the front of the packaging that these wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria. This always amuses me, as they obviously are covering themselves by not quoting 100%. If there any comebacks where someone claims they did not kill bacteria, they can state that this bacteria must be the 0.1%!
          Dettol also state on the packaging that the wipes cut through grease, remove soap scum and provide a green apple fragrance.

          The wipes are suitable for use on vinyl and sealed laminated floors, linoleum and glazed tiles.
          They are not suitable for use on unsealed laminate floors, unsealed wood, carpet, upholstery or any fabric.

          You can use these wipes by hand, or spread the wipe on the floor and move it around with a broom or mop. Dettol also recommend you use both sides of the wipe.

          I have used the wipes by hand and find them very effective to wipe over my bathroom floor, which is quite small.
          They remove dirt and dust easily and do not fall apart. One wipe was sufficient to clean my bathroom floor, using both sides. I could smell the apple fragrance, though I must admit it did not seem to last long. Overall I was pleased with the results, my floor was perfectly clean.

          I have continued to use them in my bathroom and also in the kitchen, where I use them on the floor and the bin. They are very handy for wiping up accidental spills and grubby marks on the floor, then you can just throw them away.

          The really good thing about these floor wipes is they are really convenient if you have small children or pets, and just need something quick to wipe over a spillage or dirty mark, safe in the knowledge that they are anti-bacterial also.

          You must remember to always reseal the pack or they will dry out and be useless.

          I would buy these again, as they are very handy to have in and I was pleased with the results after using them. However, due to the price, I probably will only buy them when they are on promotion, as they are between £2 - £2.40 for a pack of 15 wipes. I paid £1.50 for a pack of 23 as there was 50% extra free.


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            05.06.2009 18:30



            A very good product

            In supermarkets there are now many brands of floor-wipes that all claim to be great at cleaning your surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. These wipes are specifically for the floor and are much larger than other brands. As I have two muddy dogs, a vegetable garden and two ponds my kitchen floor is constantly covered in dirt. These wipes are excellent at removing the dirt quickly and leaving the floor shiny and smelling fresh. Their large size means you can cover a much greater floor area than other brands and they do not tear like other cheaper anti-bacterial wipes. I have found I use far less of them than supermarket own brands and in the long-run it is more economical to buy and use these. I would not buy them for anything apart from the floor (as that's what they are marketed for) because they are more expensive, but otherwise an excellent product that is efficient and well-made.


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            30.10.2008 15:50
            Very helpful



            Clean and disinfect with a swipe !

            Thank heavens for laminate floors. Cleaning is just so much quicker and easier. But have you noticed the trail of dirty footmarks and odd dirty patches which stubbornly resist the sweeper or vacuum cleaner.........

            Whilst not suggesting you might wish to do this, there is a product which is multi-action to clean the floor, so that you could aspire to eating your food there-off!!
            'Dettol' the household watchword for stinky clean, now make handy anti-bactericidal extra strong floor wipes in a re-sealable pack, lightly fragranced......yes, not stinky!

            Each pack contains 15 rectangular wet wipes , 22*30 cm in size. These wipes can be used in any of three ways:

            Spread the wipe on the floor, move it around with a broom or sponge mop
            Spread the wipe around a sweeper system, fix it to the corners and wipe along the floor
            Simply hold in your hand for stubborn marks or awkward places

            My preferred method is the sweeper system with the discarded wipes then used inside out for the kitchen bin and its surroundings.

            The package itself is brightly coloured , predominantly blue, with an image of a breaking wave to give credence to the 'Atlantic Fresh' fragrance. It loudly proclaims the following 4 in 1 multi-actions:

            Cuts kitchen grease
            Removes bathroom dirt
            Kills 99.9% of Bacteria
            Leaves a fresh fragrance

            Further investigation shows that the active ingredients in the wipes are actually Aqua,
            Alcohol Denat, Benzalkonium Chloride and Parfum. So it's the Bezalkonium Chloride (which is actually a mixture of similar substances with slightly different chain lengths and molecular mass) that provides the fungicide, algicide and bactericide, whilst the alcohol cuts the grease. The water and the parfum giving the moisture and fragrance.

            A cautionary note on the back of the packet warns to keep out of reach of children, and to avoid contact with eyes, ingestion or contact with open wounds. This is because the Benzalkonium Chloride component is classified as corrosive at concentrations of 10% and above.

            A pull back tab reveals the folded wipes beneath, and each one is easy to pull out individually. Unlike some brands each one is separate, so leaves the remainder behind without twisting and getting jammed in the exit slot. One wipe is more than sufficient for a 12 square metre area, so I would typically use two throughout the ground floor of the house. It is amazing to see just how much dirt is picked up from the floor (which you thought you had just thoroughly cleaned) when you remove the wipe from the sweeper head.

            Supermarket and other brand wipes are available, but to date I have found these to be the nicest smell, and leave the least smears. They retail from most of the large chains at between £2.39 and £2.50, so that is roughly 16 pence per wipe.

            It should be noted that whilst suitable for vinyl, sealed laminated floors, lino and glazed tiles this product is not suitable for use on unsealed wood or laminates, carpets, upholstery or other fabrics................but in my opinion is an otherwise versatile addition to the cleaning armoury.

            Thanks for reading

            Posted on Dooyoo and Ciao under the same author


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              25.07.2006 00:03
              Very helpful



              Easy to use and clean very well.

              The reason I bought Dettol Anti Bacterial Floor wipes was because my little puppy is always running in and out of the patio area which leads directly into my sitting room leaving her dirty paw marks on the laminate flooring,

              Usually I clean the paw marks with a wet mop,
              but when I saw these wipes in Tesco I thought they would be ideal,
              firstly because I could simply take one from the pack wipe clean the marks and throw it away rather than lugging out the mop and bucket ect.

              I bought a pack of the wipes from Tesco on offer @ 23 for the price of 15 for £2.47.
              They come in an easy to open and close resealable bag to keep the wipes moist

              The wipes are anti bacterial ( another reason for my buying them ) and kill 99.9% of bacteria and have a 4 in 1 multi action cleaning formulation which cuts through dirt and grease to make cleaning easy.

              Each wipe is large and strong and has a faint apple smell but more of a clean and fresh smell which lingers a little after use,
              they can be used by hand or placed on the floor using a broom or mop to move around,
              personally I bought them so I would'nt have to use a mop so I use them by hand

              They are very convenient and easy to use, one wipe and the paw marks are gone leaving the floor clean , dry and shiny in a few minutes, no rinsing or polishing and I know the floor is hygienically clean due to the anti bacterial properties.

              I have also used them on my vinyl floor tiles (once!) in the kitchen with the same good results, it took 2 wipes to clean an area of 2x3m of lightly soiled tiles.
              Personally I think they are too expensive if used on a regular basis, so I only use them for when the puppy leaves dirty paw marks or emergency spills, simply because they are convenient and do the job well.

              I usually wear rubber gloves when cleaning but have used the wipes without on occasion , and after giving my hands a quick rinse afterwards they do tend to feel a bit dry but have'nt suffered any serious adverse reaction to the ingredients apart from this.

              A good strong and easy to use wipe but a bit expensive if not on offer.

              They can be used on sealed laminate flooring, sealed vinyl, linoleum and glazed tiles.

              Do not use on unsealed flooring, fabrics or TV and Laptop sreens.

              Full and easy to understand instruction on pack.
              Keep out of the reach of children and animals.


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            • Product Details

              Dettol Anti-Bacterial Floor Wipes are a more convenient, more hygienic way to clean and disinfect your floor / Large and strong, they are specially impregnated with a DETTOL antibacterial cleaning formulation that not only leaves your floors clean and shiny but safely kills harmful bacteria too / You can use them with any sweeper system, broom, sponge, mop or by hand / Simply wipe your floor hygienically clean with a Dettol antibacterial floor wipe, then throw the dirt, germs and the wipe away / No need to rinse / /