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Dettol Multi-Action 4in1 Wipes

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Brand: Dettol / Type: Cleaning Wipes / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2008 05:26
      Very helpful



      If you have the money, get these, they are a really good wipe.

      These are the best wipe I have used!

      They do a really good job at melting away scum that has stuck onto things and which other wipes such as flash wipes or tescos own brand wipes do not move.

      They are quite pricey, costing more then thier competators and not being on special offer as much as products like flash which can be irritating. Also, they go fast, you see how they work and suddenly you get this cleaning spree comming on.... then they are all gone.

      They smell nice too, they are gratrfruit scented and are decent sized wipes, you can tear them in two along the preforated lines to give two wipes or get the full hand sized wipe.

      TOP TIP: Store these upside down with the sticky shut flap on the underside, this way they will not dry out.

      They are available from most larger supermarkets, but many of the smaller ones will not stock this. If you have the money, buy these, they are the best wipes I have used.


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        07.03.2008 01:17
        Very helpful



        wipes with four purposes include killing bacteria, kitchen surface, bathroom facilities

        These Dettol wipes have been in the market for sometime but I guess they haven't been noted by many consumers even though Dettol is popular brand.
        The wipes are called 4in1 wipes for the reason that they can be used for four things. This includes wiping kitchen surfaces, tables, cleaning bathroom facilities such as bin leads, toilet seat, bathroom doors, sinks, the wipes kill bacteria and leaves a fresh smell in the room.
        The wipes are perfumed and contains disinfectant to kill the bacteria such as salmonella which could cause food poisoning.

        ==Price and Place==

        I normally buy the wipes from Tescoes and Sainsburys and they cost around £1.80 which is quiet expensive but worth it.
        You can also get the wipes from other major supermarkets and possibly your local shops. However, the price for the wipes do vary, but if you get these wipes for less than £1.50 it means you've got yourself a bargain.

        ==Hot To Use==

        Using these Dettol wipes can never be too hard. All I have to do is open the resealable cover on top of the wipes package and get out a wipe. I then, use the wipe to clean the area were the dirt is.
        After using the wipe I chuck it away and reseal the wipes so that they won't dry up quickly.

        ==Me and the Product==

        The product has been very helpful in giving me a peace of mind as I know that my kitchen surface is very clean. Whenever I wipe the kitchen surface it leaves it looking clean and smells very nice. The strong smell of Dettol and a scent of fruit always leave the room the wipes have been used in smelling nice.
        I have used to the Dettol wipes to clean my bin lead which is left looking brand new after the touch of the Dettol wipes.

        The best results I ever got from the Dettol 4in1 is when I wiped my cooker after a greasy fry up and I didn't struggle to get the grease off. I did hesitate at some point thinking that it was all lies that a little wipe will remove grease, but in front of my very own eyes the grease came. The wipes have not really let me down in terms of what they are supposed to do. They've never ripped when using them (they could if you wipe like you're crazy)

        A disadvantage of these wipes is that they don't last long for the reason that there are only 48 wipes in the packet and I use the wipes at least twice a day in cleaning the bathroom, kitchen surface, cupboards etc. Therefore the wipes never last more than two weeks which is more of a shame as they are quiet expensive.
        Overall, I and the product do get along and I think the wipes are a great invention.


        I would definitely recommend this product to those who want a peace of mind in knowing that their house is germ free. The wipes are very good, they are not too moist and they are not too dry either they are mediocre on moist. You are not only getting ordinary wipes, but you are getting wipes with four purposes, which saves you money in having to buy sprays for the bathroom only and sprays for the kitchen only. The wipes work in both departments. The wipe's pack is very small and easy to store. If you have not tried them at all, you might aswell try them for the experience as you might get to like them.


        ---These wipes are not for personal use and aren't for babies either! Make sure they don't touch your eyes, if they do I feel sorry for you as they irritate the eyes very badly.

        ---Make sure you reseal the wipes, to prevent them from drying up.

        ---The wipes kill bacteria.


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      • Product Details

        Available in Pink Grapefruit / Leaves a fresh fragrance / Cuts through kitchen grease & removes bathroom dirt.

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