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Dettol Multi Action Floor Wipes

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2 Reviews

Brand: Dettol / Type: Cleaning Wipes / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    2 Reviews
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      02.04.2012 13:06
      Very helpful



      A useful floor wipe that does the job

      I am not a great fan of housework but I hate having a dirty house even more so I like to look for products that I can use to make the boring, essential jobs a little bit quicker and easier.

      Cleaning floors is probably one of my most hated tasks but with two cats and two teenagers my floors seem to attract dirt and sticky patches like a magnet. I like to give my kitchen floor a good scrub regularly but in-between times I was looking for a quick, efficient method of just freshening it up so that I knew it was hygienically clean.

      Dettol is a name that I have known and trusted as long as I can remember and many years ago I started using their multi-surface anti-bacterial spray and I always keep a bottle in the cupboard. When I saw these multi-action floor wipes I decided to give them a try.

      The wipes are presented in a large, green plastic packet with a peel off area to access the wipes. The picture has apples resting on shiny tiles to emphasis the green apple fragrance I presume. The packet also states that these wipes will kill 99.9% of bacteria as well as cut through grease and soap scum. The pack contains 15 extra-large wipes. The pack costs £2.99 normally but was on half price offer when I bought them.
      I checked the back of the pack to make sure they were suitable for my floors and they seemed to be ok on sealed laminates and wood as well as vinyl, linoleum and glazed tiles.

      The next time I thought my floor needed a quick once over a grabbed the packet out of the cupboard. The resealable cover is quite large and actually takes quite a lot of force to open. This is good because it covers a large area around the opening of the packet and thus provides a good, firm seal when closed again. I really hate packs that won't seal properly after use as the wipes always dry out really quickly.

      I extracted the wipe from the packet and was quite impressed with the size; the wipes are about 21cm by 24cm. They are made of a fairly thick fabric with tiny holes throughout. The fabric is very tough and does not tear or rip easily when in use. In fact I have tried to rip one just to see what happens and I haven't managed it.

      The large size means that you have a variety of ways that you can use the wipe. You can just use it by hand or you can attach it to one of the flat, rubber-faced floor sweepers or wrap it around a brush of sponge. I tend to either use it by hand of on a floor cleaner. It fits easily over the sweeper and has plenty of fabric left for tucking into the holders.

      I like the fragrance. It is sweet and light and doesn't smell too much like a cleaning product. If I use a very vivid imagination I suppose I can detect a hint of apple but if I was doing a blind aroma taste I don't think it was what I would have thought of first.

      The wipes are nice and damp without being soaking wet. This means that I can do my whole kitchen floor without it running out of cleaning power. I find one wipe is enough to whizz around both of my bathroom floors as well.

      When using these wipes I find that they are very good at removing spill stains immediately but sticky marks do need a bit more elbow grease to help ease them off. I find that they do seem to manage to pick up quite a lot of general grime and I am always shocked by how much dirt they manage to extract from a floor that doesn't look too dirty. I think they would probably work a little better if the surface was more textured but that is probably the only negative about them.

      The manufacturers also claim that they leave a visible shine. I must say that I have never noticed any evidence of this at all. They don't leave a dull finish but there is still not much shine either. However I do use them on surfaces that are not completely smooth so that may affect the way I perceive this.
      Once the area has been cleaned it is a simple matter to dispose of the wipe, it can just be thrown away. Obviously this is not very environmentally friendly so the manufacturers suggest using both sides of the cloth. I tend to use the wipes on my cupboard doors and upvc doors and window frames before using them on my floor to make the most of each one.

      Once I have used a wipe in a room it does leave a fresh fragrance for a little while. This doesn't last a particularly long time but I still like it. Using these wipes on the floor is handier than general mopping as the floor is dry enough to walk on within a minute.

      The antibacterial action is provided by benzalkonium chloride which is a surface disinfectant. I like to use this as my cats use a litter tray and then walk all over the kitchen floor so I like the idea of having that little bit of extra cleaning protection. I also use these wipes on the bathroom floors and I like to think they are hygienically clean too. I have used them on the stone floor in my cloakroom until I read the packet and realised that they shouldn't be used on that sort of tile but I haven't noticed any adverse effects.

      I am not very vigilant in remembering to wear rubber gloves when I am cleaning but I have not developed any sore skin when I have used these but I did use them once when I had a small cut on my hand and then they were agony!

      I have found these wipes very useful. They are large and thick enough to do a really good job of cleaning large areas. The smell is pleasant and they are antibacterial too. Unfortunately I do think they are a little pricey at full price but I try to pick them up when on offer.


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        05.07.2010 20:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Dirt (Hee Hee) Cheap!!

        Im actually kind of a weird girl as I genuinely like cleaning. Not in an obsessive OCD kind of way but if I see something thats got a bit of muck on I cant concentrate on anything else till its clean - Im not making myself sound much better there am I LOL. Anyway I actually suggested the "Green Apple Multi Purpose Wipes" to Dooyoo and this is the catagory they have given me so before everyone says I written in the wrong place - I TRIED! Originally I did actually buy these to wipes down the floors downstairs as we have laminate flooring all through the downstairs and with two dogs, 1 mucky baby and a housefull of people clumping about with their shoes on from time to time it does get mucky so I thought thse would help.

        Useful Information:
        Price: 99p
        Stockists: 99p Store & Supermarkets
        Per Pack = 48 Wipes

        Now even though I did buy these to originally clean the floor (and they do a brilliant job on that by the way with minimal effort required) Ive started using them to clean literally everything. The kitchen worktops, coffee table, shelves, windows, the bath & taps, the sink, the TV and the list really does go on and Im yet to find something that these wipes dont clean and remove all dust from. My mom has recently started to use them for cleaning Alfies toys as they also help to kill 99.9% of bacteria and its better to be safe than sorry really. The only things that Dettol recommend you DONT clean with these wipes are: carpets, upholstery and fabrics but I assume thats just common sense.

        Ive also yet to find a substance that these dont clean they work a treat on dust and mud but they even manage to clean up any food spills off the kitchen sides of the cooker so they can literally be used on pretty much any surface and for any spillage or stain. The lovely fragrance for me is just an added bonus as these actually smell like what they say they do proper apples. Its a really sweet, refreshing scent that stays around the house for hours after youve used them with no chemical or fake scent lingering in the air at all. The wipes themselves are moist but not super wet so you can give electrical items a wipe down with these with no accidents - although remember to turn the plugs off no accidents on my recommendation please!

        I reckon a packet of these lasts about a month in my house as I tend to use them once a week and do everything in sight and as long as you reseal the packet after every use to ensure that they dont dry out I dont see why they cant last everyone that long of not longer! I fully recommend these are they can be used on practically anything you would want to clean, clean up every mess Ive used them for, smell great with no chemical odours left behind & they are dead cheap! Highly recommended.

        Thanks For Reading

        x0 Salz 0x


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