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Dettol Power & Pure Fresh Mountain Spring Bathroom Spray

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2 Reviews
  • Smells nice
  • Good cleaning power
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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2014 16:53
      Very helpful


      • "Good cleaning power"
      • "Smells nice"


      Dettol as a multi surface spray

      At the moment I am trying to find a decent multi purpose cleaner that is good value for money. Check out my other reviews for other cleaning products.
      Back to the drawing board and this week, half price is Dettol Power & Fresh. First thoughts come to my mind that this kills bacteria and not so much of a cleaner that cuts through grime. I needed to check the packaging.

      Label states on the fron "Removes tough staines 1st time". This already gains my interest. On the back it states "3x cleaning power - kitchen grease, burnt on food and bathroom dirt". It then lists all the things that Dettol can be used on/in. Kitchen surfaces, cooker hob, sink, draining board, bins, floors, shower screens, baths & taps, toilet seats.

      The bottle is yellow in colour, although the liquid is clear. I guess they did it yellow because it has a slight lemon & lime fragrance. Its the usual pump action spray nozzle. You need to turn the at the front to "In" if you want use Dettol.

      This product is not suitable for marble, wood, painted surfaces or gold plated fittings.

      Result: I am generally happy with Dettol. I have used it on the shower enclosure and its cut through the grime. OK so it wasn''t heavy but that does not matter, its left the bathroom looking nice and clean and without any residue. There is little in the bathroom that it cannot clean. In the kitchen we struggle abit, not for cleaning, but with wood or marble surfaces, you are recommended not to clean it. You need to stick to the likes of your microwave, oven front etc. Everything that I have cleaned with this product has come up nice and clean.

      Conclusion: Whilst not a name or brand that comes to mind, and maybe not the best on the market, this has done its job for every day cleaning and nothing to stubborn. I am happy with it. Its not over powering with smell.

      Price at the moment is 1.30UKP and half price. Regular price is 2.60UKP.


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      20.02.2014 19:39
      Very helpful



      good bathroom cleaner

      ~Power and Pure~

      Here we have a bathroom spray manufactured by Dettol. This bathroom spray as 'active oxygen' which helps your bathroom of tough dirt, soap and grease. Dettol claim that this bathroom spray will kill 99% of bacteria and will leave no chemical residue on your bathroom surfaces even without rinsing. This particular spray carries a 'fresh mountain spring' scent. It is suitable for use on various surfaces including :

      *toilet seats
      *children's toys
      *glass or sealed wooden surfaces

      It is not suitable for use on marble. carpet, brass or fabric surfaces. The usage recommendation is to spray on to surfaces from a distance of 20-25cm, leave to work for five minutes and then wipe it away. This product should be kept in a safe place away from children and pets.


      This bathroom spray is presented in an easy to store, blue and white plastic bottle. The bottle has gripper indents for easy handling and a trigger dispenser which has an on/off nozzle. The bottle has the essential product information and warnings present and as far as cleaning products go, the bottle is fairly attractive.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Expect to pay £3.00 for a 750ml bottle of this bathroom spray from Asda.

      ~My Experience~

      Dettol is a cleaning brand that I know and trust. Around 6 weeks ago, I spotted a bottle of this bathroom spray on offer at just £1.50 in my local Asda supermarket and decided to give it a try. I prefer to use a different spray for my kitchen and bathroom rather than a multipurpose spray as I feel the cleaning needs of both rooms require two different products.

      This bathroom spray is simple enough to use. A few pull backs on the trigger spray results in a reasonable amount of white foam being distributed across my bathroom surfaces. I don't find that I need to use much of this product per clean as the foam spreads well and a small amount covers a reasonable sized surface. I use this on nearly all of my bathroom surfaces including my bath, around the taps and shower head, the sink, the toilet and underneath my sink. I find it to be an effective product to use.

      This bathroom cleaner is quite strongly scented and I find myself needing to open the bathroom window whilst using it as it can be a little overpowering. The scent is very fresh and clean smelling but I am aware of a bleach undertone too. Dettol claim that the foam breaks down in to a combination of water and oxygen which helps remove bathroom grime. I find this claim to be accurate as the initially thick foam starts to expand and spread on contact with my surfaces.

      I find that this bathroom spray is effective at cleaning my surfaces. I use a sponge to wipe over the surfaces after five minutes any grime such as shower gel, soap scum or toothpaste is removed with very little effort on my part. My surfaces shine after using this bathroom spray and I am confident that bacteria and germs are eliminated though without tests, this is difficult to conclusively prove. This bathroom spray quickly dissolves any marks including stubborn marks on my surfaces and leaves them looking clean and shiny. I find that this spray leaves my taps looking particularly shiny and buffed and also my little bathroom bin too.

      Whilst the recommendation is to simply wipe the surfaces with no need to rinse, I normally do choose to rinse my bath with some warm water from the shower but if you aren't as fussy as I am, you could easily get away with just following the recommendation as the surfaces are immaculate and don't appear slippy with any sort of cleaning residue present. After using this bathroom spray, my bathroom smells clean and fresh. The bleach aroma quickly disappears which is something I am thankful for as I hate my home reeking of bleach.

      ~Final Thoughts~

      Overall I have had a positive experience with this bathroom spray. I consider it to be a worthwhile purchase as the active ingredients work quickly and efficiently to leave my bathroom exceptionally clean and refreshed. It is perfect to use for a thorough bathroom clean or for a quick once over through the week. I have sensitive skin and haven't experienced any reaction to using this product but I am always cautious to wash my hands immediately after using any cleaning products.

      Even at full price, I consider this bathroom spray to be a great purchase as it lasts very well. I have used it regularly since the day I purchased it and there is still quite a lot of liquid left within the bottle so it does make for a purse-friendly purchase in the long run. Highly recommended by me.

      Thanks for reading :)


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