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Dizolve Washing Sheets

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Brand: Dizolve

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    2 Reviews
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      18.03.2013 22:30
      Very helpful



      Worth trying



      I don't know about you but I always think washing detergents are pricey and because of this when I go shopping I am always on the lookout for a good offer. I tend to bulk buy on cleaning products for the home and clothes washing. In the case of clothes washing products, I tend to make my purchases when I see something reduced in price, although this can at times cause a problem in storage and cupboards tend to get overloaded. I am certainly not averse to trying different brands, although I do mostly purchase Fairy or Persil, in tablet or liquitab form. I choose whatever seems to be the best bargain at the time. I also usually have a bottle of washing solution at hand for the times when I need to put on a very small wash which doesn't require a whole tablet. But, whatever I use most definitely has to be non-biological as a few of us living in this household do have sensitive skins. If I am low on detergents and can't see any decent offers then I will buy a store's own brand but only rather than paying too high a price, as I don't usually find these quite as good as my favoured brands. I would only use stores own for a limited amount of time.

      A few months ago while doing a shop in Sainsbury's, my husband pointed out a very small plastic pack of washing sheets called 'Dizolve.' I hadn't heard of these until then so had a look and a quick read. I thought they seemed to be an environmentally friendly product and so probably wouldn't work that well; I haven't been very impressed so far with many of the 'greener' cleaning items. But, hubby was pleased with himself for finding these and not wanting to burst his bubble, I thought they might be worth a try. I placed the 'Dizolve' into our trolley but also added a more traditional type of clothes washing product.



      I did think straight away that this thin pack would be an advantage, storage wise, as it would take up barely any space in my kitchen. The slim plastic pack measures about 20 cm by 18 cm, at a guess.
      The pack, as well as being small, is also much lighter than any more usual type of laundry product which is a great advantage when having to carry heavy shopping. This also adds to its environmental worth as much more can be transported at a time meaning less pollution.


      These are a quite environmentally friendly product than most laundry products that I have come across, certainly as regards packaging. I purchased a pack which, although thin, contained twenty sheets and these sheets are concentrated. One sheet is recommended for each standard wash and so the small pack would likely give twenty washes, unless choosing to use more than one sheet.

      The packaging is recyclable. Inside there is a sleeve of thin cardboard which holds the laundry sheets in place. Now I hate fiddly packaging and will say that these are pretty easy to use. There's no paper casing to be opened or lids to be opened or liquid to be measured. The only very slight problem I did find (being the type who tries to cut corners) is that if I didn't lift the card out and open the card but instead tried lazily to pull a sheet out, then it sometimes tended to break but, if used properly and first removing the sleeve from the outer pack then they are so simple to use.

      ~~HOW TO USE~~

      The laundry sheets are to be used in the same way as you would use a liquitab or solid tablet for your wash. No measuring or pouring liquid or powder into a container is needed as it's simply a case of one sheet per wash with a normal standard wash. If the laundry is heavily soiled then two can be used, or more, but I usually found one was enough with a normal lightly soiled wash, so would think that two would be ample for most wash loads. For heavy soiling in a hard water area then three sheets might be necessary but I believe this would compare to most other washing products.

      The sheets have to be placed to the rear of the drum and on the top of the clothes in a front loading machine. They will start to dissolve when the water fills the machine. I can honestly say that the sheets always dissolved and I never found any bits of it with the finished laundry which was something I had thought might be a possibility. I mostly wash on programmes of thirty or forty degrees and of a quick to medium length cycle. I sometimes use a cold wash and these washing sheets dissolve entirely with every wash.

      The Dizolve sheets are suitable for all types of washing machines.


      I loved the smell of these sheets when taken from the pack and my washing smelt nice when the cycle was complete; the wash did indeed smell very clean when using the 'Fresh Linen' fragrance.
      Apart from liking the clean fresh fragrance it took a while to test these.

      Did they get the washing clean enough? I would say, after using these in my laundry for a few weeks (on and off) that they are fairly good. I wouldn't say that they are better at producing a stain free wash than my favourite brands but I would say they are probably about the same and better than most stores' own brands. Gone are the days when my husband was a steel fixer, working on a building site when my washing machine and detergent was thoroughly tested, now I can only test on normal washes such as bed linen, towels, whites and coloureds. Judging on a standard average temperature wash I would say the Dizolve sheets worked well. I still wouldn't buy these all the time as I do like the Fairy and Persil liquitabs but I do tend to keep a pack in the cupboard as well as because they are so good regarding the small amount of space they take up. But I do think after writing this review and thinking more of the green issues then I will use them more from now on.

      According to the manufacturer Dizolve works with the same intensity whether the wash you choose is of a cold, warm or hot temperature.


      I think these are a great idea to take with you if travelling to a holiday home where you have the use of a washing machine because they are so light in weight and take up a minimum of space.

      They are good for keeping in small kitchen where storage is limited. They are useful for students who have to store so much in a room in campus accommodation and for holiday homes.


      The Dizolve sheets are non-biological. I found they were suitable for my sensitive skin and no one else in my family had any complaints.

      Although I have so far only used Dizolve 'Fresh Linen' there is also a version of unscented sheets which should be better suited for those with skin allergies such as eczema and other problems and for those with respiratory conditions. I have seen that strong scents can bring on asthma attacks. Although I like the fresh linen fragrance I would be inclined to use the non-fragrance sheets in the future as I believe clean washing smells good enough without extra fragrance, especially in the summer when the washing can hang on the line and dry in the warm breeze. No manufactured fragrance can beat garden line dried washing, in my opinion.


      I purchase my Dizolve washing sheets from Sainsbury's. I can't remember how much I paid for the first pack as they were on offer at the time but I'm sure that I paid less than five pounds for twenty sheets (I think it was a little more than £3.00. I think it was the offer price that drew my husband to them.

      Currently this product is sold at:

      Sainsbury's £5.10

      Waitrose £4.99 (on offer, normally £2.49)

      Ocado £5.00

      Dizolve can also be purchased on-line from www.dizolve.co.uk.


      * Environmentally friendly: readily biodegradable in 14 days and phosphate free
      * Smaller and lighter packaging than conventional laundry detergents
      * Smaller packaging = less wasted space when shipping
      * Easy to use, no measuring
      * Washes in hot water, cold water, top loader and HE machines
      * No mess in the utility room
      * Smart solution for an everyday problem!


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        08.02.2013 17:00
        Very helpful



        Wash sheets that take the stress of mess away.

        I can across Dizolve recently while on facebook. I have never seen this item before and was intriqued to what the product was. I entered a competition and every entry got 8 yes 8 packs of the detergent and couldn't wait to try them when they arrived.

        I got the nob-bio washing sheets so they are in a lilac packet. A small square package with the word Dizolve in large blue letters on the packet. Now the packaging aims to use 80% packaging than other washing products, which I can imagine it does. I was surprised at how small and light the item was. If you think about 8 bottles of washing liquid under the sink it takes up alot of room and they are heavy and bulky. This takes hardly any room at all very easy to store. They are very easy to open just cut along the dotted line with sizzors and you are ready to go.

        Dizolve claims to have revolutionized washing by bring to use washing sheets instead of liquid/tablets. You just put one sheet in with your washing. If you are only doing a small wash just tear the sheet in half. No mess, or if you are like me liquid spilled over worktops etc. It's mess-free, stress-free, eco-friendly, small and takes up hardly any space in the drum and cupboard. Now once the washing has started the sheets dizolve and work their magic to clean your clothes. Now I have been using the non-bio sheets they are lilac and smell very fresh with a hint of lavender in there as well.

        I thought as well what a great idea for going on holiday. I know alot of us take all the small washing liquids to do a hand wash while away. Even better if the hotel has washing machine, these would be ideal. Would really fit neatly into a suitcase and not have to bother about any spillages.

        Not all supermarkets stock this item at the moment i know Waitrose and Sainsburys do.

        The cost for a small packet of 12 is £2.99 and the larger 24 packet is £5.49.

        I hope you will give this item a try if you come across it, as it says on the pack powerful and simple washing.


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