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Domestos Citrus Fresh Thick Bleach

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Brand: Domestos / Type: Bleach / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2012 18:58
      Very helpful



      Domestos thick bleach citrus fresh

      When it comes to bleach I have tried cheaper brands in the past but its a bit of a false economy in my opinion and there really is no comparison to Domestos. This is definitely a good bleach that I like to use as it is an important cleaner in terms of cleaning toilets, an important part of the house.

      Just recently we have had trouble with our toilets and drains, there is a blockage somewhere that makes the toilets smell every couple of weeks. it goes away again so for now we are not doing anything about it as to rip up floorboards and tiled bathrooms floors would be a very expensive exercise but in order to keep our toilets from smelling we decided to up our bleach usage. I already use bleach every couple of days in the toilets as they do get quite a lot of use but I decided to buy some of this thick bleach as I thought it would keep the toilets cleaner and smelling better for longer and it definitely does that.

      Domestos bleach kills all known germs dead. You can tell after you have put it in the toilets and let it work its magic that the toilet bowls really are a lot cleaner and do sparkle white again which I really like. Domestos is very easy to use and I actually use it in a number of different ways in the house as its quite a versatile cleaner. What I also like is that although its a bleach and you have to use it safely its not too much of an irritant. I have had it splash on my hand before and although I do wash it off immediately it didn't do anything bad to my hand. The smell also doesn't really get into the back of my throat like fumes from other bleaches too and I like that as strong smells really do set my asthma off. THis citrus smell is strong and you can smell that you have used bleach but its also an ok pleasant smell and not overpowering which is nice.

      Domestos bleach comes with a child lock cap at the top which is great for me as I have two kids at home. In order to take the top off you have to squeeze the two sides of the cap together and then twist, very hard for a little child to do. Once the cap is off there is a spout at the top which allows you to target the bleach around the toilet rim when you are pouring it out. This bleach has a slight yellow colour to it and you can tell its very thick. It practically clings to the top of the toilet and you can see it covering the whole of the bowl as it slowly makes its way down. I really like this compared to cheaper bleaches which just pour straight away into the water of the toilet and are pretty much useless. Then after about 15 minutes you just flush the toilet and the bleach is gone but has done its cleaning so I like that there is no scrubbing or extra cleaning involved.

      You use this bleach neat in the toilet and down drains and plug holes which I have been doing a lot of recently to get rid of our nasty smell but you can also dilute this to use it to clean floors and work surfaces although I must admit that I just buy the Domestos spray especially for kitchens in a bottle to do tasks like this so I cannot comment on the effectiveness of this aspect of the thick bleach.

      There are various precautions you should take when using this bleach such as:

      Do not use on enamel or plated metal (chrome/gold) surfaces.
      Do not use undiluted on floors.
      Do not use on wool, silk, coloureds, man-made fibres, leather or garments with a special finish e.g. flameproof. Always refer to the garment label.
      Do not mix together with other products.

      At the moment Sainsburys are selling a 750ml bottle for just £1 which I think is a good bargain for a good working bleach.


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