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Brand: Dossil / Type: Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      27.06.2009 13:46
      Very helpful



      The perfect plughole guard.

      A small inexpensive gadget that is worth its weight in gold, those few words sum up the `Dossil` perfectly.
      For anyone who is stuck thinking what on earth is a Dossil ? In common or garden terms it is a sink strainer. Plug holes can become an obsession if you allowed them to, I am forever yelling at the Other Half, he seems to think that our kitchen sink plughole is a waste disposal unit in disguise.

      So unless we want to pay phenomenal sums to Dyno-Rod or wear our elbows out plunging away at sink blockages then it is far cheaper and easier to invest in a Dossil.
      Lakeland plastics ( my old favourites ) stock the white silicone Dossil and I believe that they have recently changed the shape. The first silicone Dossil that I ordered from Lakeland was round but the new Dossil that Lakeland now offers to customers goes by the grand name the `Hexapus`!

      The Dossil sink strainer is an Eco-Friendly product, made from white silicone and it has a wavy edge, the centrepiece acts as a strainer and on the underside there are a couple of rubber suction pads that help to hold the Dossil in place. Once it is in place is is effective and on the whole little debris is able to creep under the edges of the silicone guard.
      It is five inches in diameter and you can use it in any plughole, kitchen, bathroom, shower or basin.

      Literally all that you do to install the Dossil is to place it over the plug hole and make sure that the suction pads grip then leave it to get on with its work.

      At this time of year we are enjoying the first early new potatoes but they are scraped rather than peeled and all of the fine scrapings are collected in the Dossil and they can be emptied out when you have finished.
      Occasionally the rubber suction pads slip and the Dossil moves, so you just need to press it down into place again.
      We wash our hair over the bath and the Dossil is a great little gadget for catching all of those stray hairs that would otherwise head off in the direction of the plug hole, get twisted around the holes and then would take ages to remove afterwards.

      Dossils or sink strainers may not be for everyone, if you forget to wash it out then it can look very off- putting. But as long as you empty the strainer regularly and give it a thorough clean then it presents no problems.
      The silicone Dossil costs just under £3 from Lakeland plastics, they do have a pack of two stainless steel sink strainers for slightly over £3, this comprises of two strainers - one large and one small.
      I have had both and do prefer the white silicone Dossil, it seems to look cleaner for longer.
      The white silicone cleans easily and it can be wiped over with any kitchen spray, I often soak mine in a solution of bleach and water just to give it an extra special clean

      So if you are looking for something to stop hairs slipping down the plughole in the shower, or just something to help guard against debris collecting in your kitchen sink plughole then the Dossil is the perfect purchase for you.
      Lakeland has a good website and the Dossil can be ordered online.


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        20.11.2008 19:49
        Very helpful



        A silicone disc with drainage holes which stops things going down the plug hole

        The Dossil micro is one of those wonderful products stocked by Lakeland that you never knew you needed until you see it! The name Dossil is an old Scottish word which means plug or spigot and this product is designed to stop things going down your plughole and was invented by Margaret Somner who designed it whilst doing an Open University degree in Innovation Design and Technology. It is one of those really simple things but very useful.

        It is a silicone disc that fits over the plughole to stop debris from going down thereby stopping blocked sinks and baths. The Dossil I have is plain white with small holes to allow the water to drain and has little plungers so if you want you can stick it to your tiles when not in use. On the website I did notice other Dossils in different colours so I don't know if these are different sizes or just the colour is different. In Lakeland the only one available was the white. It retails for only £2.50. Although there are many similar types of products on the market the Dossil claims to be better than these.

        Because the Dossil is made of silicone it moulds itself to the surface of the sink or bath so that nothing passes underneath. This also means that it will fit almost all types and shapes of plugholes. Furthermore as it is made of silicone it won't scratch the surface of the bath or sink as a metal one might. The company state that the silicone used is naturally produced.

        I really like the Dossil it is a very simple product but it's also very effective. Many years ago I had something similar but it was a hard plastic material and it didn't fit perfectly to the sink like the Dossil does. I use my Dossil in the bath when I am washing my hair using the shower. Whenever I wash my hair a fair bit of hair comes out, for me this is never a problem as I have lots of hair but it always goes down the plughole. I have never blocked the drain but its not very pleasant pulling the hair out of the plughole when you are cleaning the bath! However the Dossil easily catches the hair and prevents it from going down the drain. You can easily remove the hair from the dossil and put it into the bin.

        You can also use the Dossil in your kitchen sink, I don't know about you but I hate pulling out little bits of pasta or rice that have got stuck around the plughole after you have washed the dishes. With the dossil you just need to pick it up and shake off the bits into the bin. It just makes the whole process much nicer and keeps your sink clean and stops any blockages.

        The company also suggest leaving it over your bath plughole to stop any spiders climbing up! It can also be useful if you wash your dog in your bath as (and I know this from experience) your dog will shed quite a lot of hair and you really don't want that going down the plughole.

        The only slight downside of this product is that it is quite easy to move it so if you bump it it will slide out of place. Personally I havent found this a big problem using it in the shower but perhaps an improvement to the product might be to have some way of improving the suction to the sink. Otherwise it's a great product.

        It's a simple product for a cheap price but one which I have found really effective.


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      • Product Details

        Bathroom Care / This patented silicone strainer fits basins, baths, showers, and stays securely in place until you want to remove it for cleaning / Prevent your drain from clogging.

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