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Dr. Beckmann Colour Run Remover

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Brand: Dr. Beckmann / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    5 Reviews
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      12.10.2013 16:40
      Very helpful



      Not great - have had better results from different brands

      I usually write my reviews up well in advance, edit and spell check them then post them on dooyoo when they are all nice and tidy, but this one is being written live as I have just pulled my favourite B&W stripy top out of the washing machine to find the that white strips are in various shades of pink! Argh! it's only a top from Asda, but I've had it for years and wear it all the time (it hides a multitude of sins and even for an older bird like me is sort of punky and alternative).

      It's Sat 12th Oct, 11.30am.

      As usual I'm multi tasking, washing, cleaning - and now writing on dooyoo, so please forgive me if this review is a bit chaotic!

      The reason for the colour run is a lovely red sequined kurta which I shoved down a trouser leg to save the sparklies during the wash - then proceeded to forget it was there. It's OK by the way!

      For some unknown reason I must have had a bit of forward planning and somewhere in the mists of time bought a pack of Dr Beckmann Colour Run Remover and stashed it in the cupboard under the sink. The box contains 2 sachets, but I had already used one.

      11.32 - I didn't even read the instructions - I just through the top into the nearest container I had - as I was cooking it was a big pot - emptied the sachet of Dr B right in and filled with warm water.

      11.40 - nothing is happening. Perhaps I should read the instructions.

      (retrieves box from bin)

      Ok - first of all I didn't do the advised "Colour Fast Test" on the "Important Information" panel. It tell me to check the garment's label, make sure all residue of detergents has gone, only use in a well ventilated room, take special care if you have allergies etc and keep out of reach of children. Although it was a bit late, I ticked most of the boxes so I suppose I was safe enough. The ventilated room is especially important - this stuff stinks in a nasty chemical-sulphur way. The box says it contains "among other ingredients, brightening agents" but nowhere can I see what these actually are. There is an email to ask someone called Helen Why but I don't think I'll go to the trouble - I just want it to work!

      So where have I gone wrong?

      I put the garment in the less than the recommended amount of water so it should be nice and concentrated, but the instructions do say to use the hottest water that the garment will stand, plus it needs to soak for several hours.

      Simple - if I need hotter water - it's in a saucepan - put it on the stove!

      11.50 - the pot is boiling, and the pink seems to be coming out! Turn the hob down and go and attend to some other tasks while I let it soak.

      12.15 - most of the pink is gone, but the water is now completely black! Quickly remove from the stove, empty contents into sink and turn on the cold tap to rinse the top until the black water runs clear.

      12.30 - top is wet and cold - no black appears to be lost, but still some pink is visable.

      12.31 - spray it with a popular stain removing product in a bright pink bottle (another review here, methinks)

      13.00 - pink has not gone. To be fair to the latter product it is for removing stains, not colour runs.

      13.05 - top is back in washing machine with a new load (thoroughly checked for red kurtas). Look on ebay for Asda stripy top. None.

      13.30 - horrible thought - will the Dr B have loosened the black colour sufficiently to make it run in this current wash? Will all my nice bed sheets now go a yucky grey? Maybe my next review will be on some type of strong liquor.

      14.00 - top comes out of washing machine, looks a bit grim, maybe will be OK after a tumble dry. All the other washing is safe, thank flip.

      14.30 - top is dry, and white stripes look dull, but can't see any pink. The white is just like the colour of old undies now, just drab. Perhaps if I wear it when it's dark on-one will notice. I wouldn't say it was totally saved, but it might do for wearing around the house. Incidently, I checked the label and the recommended washing temp is 30 degrees C - much cooler than the warm water I initially mixed the sachet with.


      I don't remember how much I bought my box of two sachets for - the above link says £2.80 from Amazon, and it is £2.00 on Tesco's website. Tesco was also helpful as it gave me some ingredients:

      5-15% Non-Ionic Surfactants ,Methylchloroisothiazolinone ,Methylisothiazolinone

      It's possible that mine was an old box, or maybe contained a long-lost leaflet.


      15.00 - My conclusion.

      To be fair, I didn't follow instructions, but I'd like to think if my top was designed for 30 degrees washing, the Colour Run Remover would have started to work with water just above that temperature, and it clearly didn't. Again, I didn't leave it to soak, but I've used other colour run products and they quite literally start to work before your eyes, and long term soaking was not necessary. I did get rid of the pink eventually however, and I'll assume complete responsibility for the loss of the nice bright whiteness, as I doubt if Dr B intends for anyone to use this product by boiling it on the stove!

      I'll going to award the Dr 3 stars - it did remove the pink, but that took some drastic action by me, which in turn turned my white stripes dull.

      I would not buy again, instead I'll get another brand of Colour Run Remover and keep it under the sink for the inevitable next time.

      Thanks for reading (15.30)

      It would be


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        06.08.2013 06:25
        Very helpful



        a waste of time and money

        Have you ever had an item of clothing that makes you feel like a million dollars? My latest favourite tunic top was flattering, a lovely jersey material and light grey. I had one accident when I threw a hoodie over the top to go out in the pouring rain to retrieve a lost cat and some ink ran from the hoodie to the top leaving a small inky like stain. A week later and I somehow managed to throw a red throw into the machine with my top and could have cried when I took the top from the machine and it was a mottled pink colour.

        I needed help to remove the colour from my top. I remembered using colour run remover when I was a lot younger and had not mastered the art of separating my laundry. Did such a product still exist? Yes, after searching 3 shops I came across Dr Beckman colour run remover in Morrisons where a packet of two sachets cost £1.79.

        I remember having to soak my colour run accidents in a bucket with a lid on top but thankfully technology has advanced and now you just pop the ruined article into the machine with the contents of both sachets, let the machine run through a wash cycle and remove your clothes which are now restored to their former glory.

        Well that's the theory anyway. I followed all of the instructions, put the machine on a standard 40 degree wash and waited for the liquid to do its magic. When I took the top out of the machine, I could see that the dye had faded a teeny tiny amount but the top was still ruined. The dye was especially dark around the seams where it did not seem to have faded at all.

        I bought a second pack and tried the second method of soaking the garment in a bucket of water with the stain remover. It had shifted slightly more dye doing it this way but still the seams were really dark pink. I could have gone on forever using sachet after sachet of this stain remover in the hope that the dye would eventually shift but instead I demoted the top to a garden only garment.

        Don't bother wasting your money on Dr Beckman colour run removal as it simply doesn't work.


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          09.08.2012 18:23
          Very helpful



          I think this should only be used with whites unless carefully colour tested first!

          A pair of navy trousers had bled all over my son's new, worn once red chino pants. Disaster- so I nipped straight to Tesco to get some colour run remover to soak them immediately. I'd left the pants in cold water to make sure they didn't dry.

          All Tesco had was Dr Beckmanns which at £2 for 3 sachets wasn't dear, I thought it was going to be more than that so I was happy. The box is white with 'Dr Beckmenns Colour Run Remover' written in red on the front, it tells us that it 'rescues your clothes- it works removing unwanted colour runs'. The ingredients are sketchy it just states Brightening Agents and other ingredients. The product can be used for colour bleed on whites and coloureds but you are told to do a colourfastness test first which is explained on the side of the box ('Colour Run Remover can only be used with dyes that are colourfast to this product'). Once you've done a colourfast test you are then instructed to add one sachet, which contains white crystally washing powder stuff that smells like washing powder and salt, to 5 litres of the hottest water your garment can stand submerge and cover then leave for several hours.

          Did it work well yes and no Dr Beckmanns totally removed the red colour of the chino's but unbelievably the navy blue stain remains!! The pants are completely ruined they have gone from red with navy stains to yellow with navy stains. Admittedly I should have been more thorough with the colourfast test- maybe the water was too hot that I soaked the clothes in. In fairness the product does warn you and tells you not to proceed without the test. I think on whites with colour run it may work- it's certainly bleached the red out of these chino's (but has left the navy stain).


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          04.10.2010 22:54
          Very helpful



          Not for me!

          Have you ever put a wash on to go grab it to put it out to dry or tumble dry it and think how the hell did that happen as you pull out say gorgeous and new bedlinen that went in a white colour to come out say pink to notice that when you grab it all out out comes a red sock or summat?

          Most of us have had accidents where we've mixed up washing or we've thought that will be ok on a low temperature for it all not to be which is what happened to me the other week. I did have lovely white bedlinen that I put in with a pair of green socks on a quick wash. My head obviously was somewhere else at the time cos thinking about it now I don't know what possessed me to do that but I was gutted and so was my flatmate and seeing my distress she popped out and got me a box of this and I was delighted and really hoped and prayed that it would work!

          The Packaging:

          The 2 x 75g sachets of powder come in a white box and on the front I am told that it is Dr. Beckmann 'The Original' Colour Run Remover For Whites 'It works because we care about cleaning' and I am told that there are 2 sachets in my box and that they are suitable for using for hand washing and machine use. Other information on the box includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it and contact details for Acdoco (the manufacturer of the product are given). Nice enough informative box this is and easy to open etc.

          A Bit About The Product According To The information Listed On The Box:

          It's your worst nightmare as a rogue red sock finds its way into your best white wash.

          Dr Beckmann Colour Run Remover rescues these colour rub disasters, as its powerful formula removes that unwanted dye.

          Using The Product:

          What this is, is a fine white soapy and fresh and clean fragranced powder. To use it in the machine you simply open up both of the paper sachets and empty them directly into the drum. Use whatever temperature setting that you want to but don't add detergent or softeners and make sure you don't use an economy, pre-wash or time delay cycles either.

          I shoved in only my colour effected whites and used a 90C setting on my washing machine though alternatively you could use this with hot water by dissolving one sachet in hot water to 8-10 litres of the water and leave it to soak.


          I had high hopes with this product however it didn't budge my green tinge at all. I had the accident and within minutes used this product as directed and really believed it would solve the problem and it simply didn't. You can only use this on previously only white fabrics and I was shocked to say the least by no visible results given that after my washing being on for over 3 hours on the hottest temperature available to me it did nothing at all!

          I can't recommend these as they didn't work for me one bit and at about £4.00 a box for two sachets that only do one wash I feel my flatmate wasting her money (but thanks anyway hun lol!). Maybe they work on whites that are discoloured over time but they don't remove green stains from posh bedding and in the end I had to kick it out anyway! Thumbs down from me!

          Available in all good supermarkets etc.

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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            20.10.2009 22:01
            Very helpful




            Ok picture my day ... Baby has a new tooth coming in and won't let me put him down. There is laundry and cleaning to do so I am slowly making my way around the house in an attempt to get things done. My son has Tae Kwon Do in 5 hours and his suit is in the washing machine.

            Thankfully it's a sunny day and if I get the suit out and onto the line it should dry rather quickly. With the baby still attached to my hip I opened the washing machine door to find that a brand new dark grey towel was perched right in the front and starring at me! I pulled it out slowly as if that would make any difference to the fate of the white wash behind it. First were a few socks, a bra, and a couple pairs of pants ... all grey! I put the baby down next to me and got hold of the suit. I wanted to be sick seeing the colour of it. A few choice words past my lips before I grabbed the phone to "ask" if it was my other half that had put the evil towel in there! He couldn't remember and to be honest it could have easily got picked up with everything else and gone unseen. I stood there swearing at the suit and towel for about 10 minutes before dad called back saying he'd found something on the net that might help.

            I've never known myself to get out of the house with such speed! I trekked over to Asda, down the laundry aisle and grabbed a little white box reading: Dr. Beckmann, Colour Run remover (£2.00). There's one for colour washes too. The box shows a pair of red socks among some white socks and blankets. The box claims to be able to save you from the nightmare of the red sock in white washing. Everyone's heard of the pink underwear nightmare before!

            I got home and put all of the white (grey) washing back in (minus the devil towel) and added the contents of the 2 sachets from the box into the washing machine. Beware the contents stink! The box says to get the best results wash at 60 degrees and a maximum of 3kg. My washing setting was to 40 degrees because the suit washing instructions say no higher then that. No prewash, do not add detergent and away we go! According to the box you can hand wash with this stuff too but with the baby not wanting to leave my side I hardly have the time for that.

            I figured if this stuff worked I could run up to the Laundromat and get it dried there in time for his class so it was just a matter of waiting for the machine to finish the cycle.

            Some time later ...

            It's stupid how slowly I opened the door! I grabbed hold of the suit and pulled it from the machine. In the somewhat darker light of the kitchen it looked ok. The real test was getting it in the sunlight to see. I stepped outside and thank the lord it was white! The only thing against me now was that the tag said I couldn't put it into a drier! Give me a break here! I hung the suit up in the sunniest part of the lawn and crossed my fingers.

            Now that my little ordeal was over I started to put a dark load of washing on. It was then that I saw the colour sheet (see earlier reviews) on the floor. It was dark grey! The colour coming from the towel had overloaded the sheet! I thought I'd just forgotten to put one in maybe as I had thought it was a white only load.

            This colour run remover says it's for whites only as coloured areas, trims and logos could be affected by it. The Tae Kwon Do suit has the class name on the back and a little stitched logo on the leg which are blue and purple but thankfully they weren't discoloured at all. One of the other white bits that were in the wash was a t-shirt of mine that had multi-coloured flower stitching on it and they were ok too.


            Since this day I have washed all white only clothes together with a Dr Beckmann Glowhite pad. Super whitening wash! and let me tell you his school shirts have never looked so nice!

            (c) oioiyou 2009


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