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Dr. Beckmann Rescue Oven Cleaner

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Brand: Dr. Beckmann / Type: Oven, Hob & Grill Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    4 Reviews
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      15.09.2012 16:34
      Very helpful
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      5 stars

      This week I've had that horrible task that everyone dreads of cleaning the oven. I have to clean the oven every couple of months, despite giving it a wipe round after every couple of uses, and I often change the product that I use to do the job. I have found up until this point that the Oven Pride range was the best on the market, but it's one of those products that I hate paying full price for in the supermarket and if it's not for sale in Home Bargains, then I will buy an alternative. On my last visit, they didn't have the Oven Pride cleaner available so I decided to buy the Dr Beckmann Oven Cleaner. I hadn't previously used the brand but had heard of it, and my impressions were that of a high quality brand.

      The spray bottle of this particular product is a plus point for me. The oven pride range was a pour bottle which although you wear gloves with them, I would often catch some on my arm and my skin would instantly burn. I find that spraying the product into the oven, avoids this when applying the product. This product is an irritant so you do still have to be really careful with it.

      Directions for use:
      Perfect for built up oven grease and dirt, you simply need to give the bottle a quick shake, turn the nozzle to the on position and spray the gel onto the oven and pay particular attention to any built up areas. The gel gets to work instantly by breaking down the grease and so only needs to be left on for around half an hour to an hour, although if the oven is really really bad you can leave it for up to 24 hours. I would recommend if it is particularly bad, that you apply the gel just before bed and then in the morning the oven should be pristine after you have removed the gel using hot soapy water and a small amount of elbow grease. The 375ml bottle should last you quite a few applications, making it good value for money, although this will obviously depend on the size of your oven and the extent of the grease.

      My own recommendations:
      As I mentioned before, I would recommend that you apply the gel the night before and then you can clean away the product in the morning for better results. I would also recommend that after you have cleaned the oven, you turn the oven onto its highest setting and leave it on for about an hour or two. This way you can be positive that any chemicals that you have missed will be burnt away in the heat and it should also get rid of any smell. You especially don't want your next meal to be tasting of Dr Beckmanns oven cleaner!

      How does it work:
      The gel clings to the surface of the oven and stays there, rather than dripping to the bottom of the oven. Once there is works to break down the grease and baked on food for a perfectly clean and sparkling oven (after a little bit of elbow grease too!).

      Would I recommend it?
      Absolutely. As I said, I'm not loyal to any particular brand, I just want a clean oven, but this does the job and it does it well. The trick is not to try and remove it too early or you just won't see the results and you will have wasted your time. An excellent product at a great price (around £3).


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        15.04.2012 22:30
        Very helpful
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        Cheap, easy to use, very safe packaging - would recommend to all!

        Today I will give you a review on my experiance with DR Beckmann Oven Cleaner Active Gel.

        I have a hugeee oven! Comes with 3 seperate sections - 2 ovens and a grill - and every now and again comes the dreaded time to clean - lets face it everyone hates cleaning ovens! I would consider myself lucky though as my last oven in my old house was a nightmare to clean - my current oven is a doddle to clean if I'm honest!
        In the past for my previous oven - which noted above was very hard to clean! - I used to use more abrasive products to get it clean the first time such as astonish and mr muscle. I chose to try out DR Beckmann as I have been advised by other people its not as harsh - gas mask not needed, and much better for me due to my young daughter running around... I didn't want her picking up the fumes! - and because I picked up the product cheaper than my usual oven cleaners.


        About the bottle

        The bottle is plastic and the contents is listed as 375ml.
        The bottle itself is white all over, its quite thick at the bottom and the bottle gets thinner as it goes up to the neck. There is a front label and a back label.


        About the labels

        There is a red sticker at the top front of the bottle which reads " POWERFUL AND FAST ACTING GEL". Under this you have the Original DR Beckmann logo with the text, ACTIVE GEL OVEN CLEANER POWERFUL AND FAST ACTING GEL. The text on the front label appears in blue and orange.
        Under this you then have an image of an oven (similar size to mine) with sparkles all over it to show how clean it is.
        Under the image you then have the text, "It works because we care about cleaning..."

        The back label has the following paragraph towards the top, "The powerful active gel clings to vertical surfaces, breaking down and removing encrusted burnt on food, dirt and grease from ovens, cooker tops, baking trays, grills and barbeques".

        You then have a section which advises you about use of the product which indicates to shake well before use, you need to turn the nozzle to on (further info on the nozzle listed below) and that you need to spray the gel evenly on to the surfaces of the oven and close the door.
        Under this it gives you instructions timescales when using the product - you can leave on for approx. 30-60 minutes depending on the degree of soiling or even overnight if needed.

        There is an "Irritant" Warning symbol. Important information is listed towards the bottom of the back label which advises


        For exper advice on the product you must write to

        Customer Dept
        Kelly Street
        BB2 4PJ

        Email - helen@acdoco.com

        It also notes the product contains less than 5% Anionic Surfactants


        About the spray nozzle

        The trigger spray is dark blue and white in colour. One thing I like about this product having my young daughter running around it the safety on the nozzle. You have to twist it round to "On" to get the spray to work. If you try to spray with the lock on nothing will happen. I find this brilliant in case your kids are creeping around or it accidently sprays!


        Whats inside the bottle

        It states on the label the liquid inside is actually a gel, you wouldnt think it by shaking the bottle - it just sounds like a heavy liquid... I would associate a gel as something that makes no noise when you shake it around?! When you spray it into your oven it seems to thicken up - almost into a froth - and bubbles up. It is white in colour.

        The smell does actually smell like an oven cleaner but not overpowering like others are.


        The Verdict

        My oven doesn't get badly soiled but I could only see this product really working if its not a big job to clean the oven out like mine. Otherwise I would recommend a more abrasive oven cleaner like Mr Muscle - which is really good! I love that the smell is not overpowering and it doesn't choke you.

        When I used the product earlier today I left on for around 45 minutes as the instruction said and washed away with soapy warm water. You can see that it does lift the dirt but it is not a miracle worker - you do need to put a bit of elbow grease into it to get it gleaming.

        I would definetly recommend for this price. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but it was definetly under £3.00 and it was out of Home Bargains.


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          08.12.2011 12:41



          All round effective oven cleaner

          I have used a lot of the Dr Beckmann range cleaners and this oven cleaner works well in my personal opinion and is very effective at getting rid of stale burnt on foods on ovens.

          It comes in a white plastic container with 375ml of gel inside. The bottle has an on / off nozzle and is easy to keep hold of even when your hands are wet. This cleaner can also be used on barbeques, not just ovens and we have also used it on this with the same success.

          It is very simple and easy to use. Simply heat the oven to fifty degrees and then after it has heated up, turn it off and open the door. Spray the thick gel liberally all over the oven, close the door and then leave it for about half an hour to an hour, depending on how dirty the oven acually is.

          It smells quite strong and did make my eyes water so be careful to open the windows and use it in a well ventialted area and make sure all your pets are well out of the way.

          After the time is up, then you are on for the messy bit of cleaning it off with hot soapy water. The grease and grime comes off very easily I find and there is just no need for any scrubbing at all. I was very impressed with this product as it cost me £2.75 and I know I will have enough left to clean the oven again.

          Highly recommended but a bit harsh on the hands so take care to wear protective gloves.

          Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead


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          23.12.2004 15:10
          Very helpful



          One of my most hated household tasks is cleaning the oven. The oven cleaners I have used in the past have either been in cream form which cannot cope with the dried on grease and grime, or ones containing harsh chemicals that burn your throat whenever you stick your head near the oven to give a good scrub.

          It doesn't take much to twist my arm into buying new products, especially if it promises to make my life easier. So when I see Dr Beckmann Rescue Oven Cleaner advertised on the television I am sucked right in and make a mental note to get this on my next shopping trip.

          While in Tesco, I head straight for the cleaning products department and find just what I'm looking for. Dr Beckmann can be found next to other oven cleaners. It comes in a 375ml Trigger spray bottle which is predominantly white with a blue trim. The label is nothing outstanding, a picture of a gleaming oven with a bottle of Dr Beckmann aimed at it. The word "Rescue" stands out a mile in bold, bright letters. The bottle cost me £2.91 and it is available in other supermarkets, or you can buy it in electrical shops such as Comet or Curry's and it costs a little bit more.

          When I get home I decide now's as good time as any to clean the oven. I have a quick read of the instructions again before getting to work.

          A quick shake of the bottle to waken up the product and switch the nozzle onto the Spray position. You can use this product either on a hot oven or cold oven depending on how much time you have on your hands. If cleaning a hot oven simply spray on the gel and leave for 30-60 minutes. I decide to use on a cold oven as I am in no hurry and I want the job done properly. Leave on for anything between 2-4 hours, or if your oven is particularly dirty and neglected you can leave on overnight for up to 24 hours.

          What I like about Dr Beckmann is that there are no harmful chemicals in it, and there are no nasty fumes given off so no need for a gas mask. It is perfectly safe to use, so if you get any on your skin, no need to panic as Dr Beckmann has been dermatologically tested. This cleaner and other products from the Dr Beckmann range have not been tested on animals.

          As this cleaner is an active gel it is extremely powerful and makes light of any burnt on foods or dried on grease and grime. It can be used inside the oven as well as on the oven shelves, oven trays and the glass. It will bring back the sparkle to your oven and leaves it looking as good as new, without you having to scrub away for hours.

          The gel has a fresh, zingy aroma and not the smell of harsh chemicals. Although it has a citrus scent, it still packs a punch when it comes to cleaning and you don't need to spray on loads of gel to get perfect results as a little goes a long way.

          Once you are satisfied that the gel has been left on long enough, simply remove with a clean cloth, or a sponge dampened with clean water. You will be gobsmacked at how much dirt is taken off. Even on an oven that isn't particularly dirty will still give you a shock when you look at the cloth. Once all the gel cleaner is removed your oven will be shimmering like new.

          Now for the bad news. Dr Beckmann must not be used on self-cleaning ovens. If you have one of these then your best bet is to follow the advice of the manufacturer of your own oven. This cleaner must also not be sprayed into the ventilation area of the oven, or into any slits inside. Avoid shiny or lacquered surfaces as the gel could cause damage.

          Dr Beckmann has quite a large range of cleaning products including hob cleaner which I have also tried, limescale remover, and metal polish wipes amongst others.

          For more information on this brilliant product range, write to the following address:

          Acdo Service Bureau
          BL 8PP

          There is a website where you can visit for more information, fun and entertainment, or download screensavers for your pc. log onto www.acdo.co.uk.


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        • Product Details

          Dr / Beckmann Rescue Oven Cleaner / Just spray the thick, clinging active gel onto the oven walls, leave, then wipe off for a brilliant finish every time.

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