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Dr. Beckmann Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner

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9 Reviews

Easy to use, effective and affordable - your washing machine will be gleaming in no time!

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    9 Reviews
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      08.09.2013 15:10
      Very helpful



      Unsure how much difference this has made

      Im not the best person when it comes to the upkeep of items. The hoover tends to get emptied when its bursting at the seams, the oven gets a clean when I think it resembles the inside of a cave and the fridge gets emptied when I realise that what I think was last nights left overs in my Lock and Lock, is more like last weeks leftovers that Ive completely forgotten about! I have improved a lot to be fair, but one of the appliances Ive neglected in the kitchen is the washing machine. That's why I bought this product while doing an online shop with Tesco for £2.00.

      Why did I buy it?

      It was more of an impulse buy and not one that I had planned for. Its normal price was £3.00, reduced to £2.00. When I saw this it did make me think that it would be suitable for my washing machine, because its used so often, and has not been smelling its freshest and the build up of dirt around the inside rim of the drum made me think it could do with a thorough clean.I do regularly use the' clean the inside washing machine ' cycle on it, but hasn't made too much difference. I hoped this would do the job.

      How is it packaged?

      The product comes boxed, rectangular in shape. The brand name is at the top, ' Dr Beckmann Original ' and underneath the product name which is ' Service it Washing Machine Cleaner '. Beneath this is a picture of a washing machine, but half of the picture shows the inside of it and the other side the outside. It tells you at the bottom what the product is supposed to do to the machine.

      On one side of the box it tells you more about the brand and the people behind it. On the other side, again, tells you what the product does and its ingredients.

      On the back it goes into more detail in regards to the effects the product has on the appliance itself-short term and long term.

      The actual product itself comes in a white plastic bottle, screw top for opening and closing, 250ml in size. The appearance and information on the front mirrors the box. The main difference is on the back of the bottle, it gives you instructions for use.

      What is it supposed to do?

      Removes 99.9% of micro-organisms and bacteria. Freshens the inside of the machine by getting rid of dirt that create bad odours, gets rid of detergents used in the machine that can build up on the drum, seals and pipes. Also helps to get rid of lime scale on the element which should improve how efficient the machine works. All of these things, if it happens, potentially can keep the machine running better, less chance of breakdown and being more pleasant in regards to smells and its interior.


      15 - 30% Oxygen Based Bleaching Agent,5 - 15% Zeolite ,Less than 5% Anionic Surfactants ,Perfume ,Hexyl Cinnamal ,Limonene ,Butylphenylmethylpropional

      How to use

      Pour a small amount of product onto clean cloth and wipe around the rubber seal around the door, rinse well with damp cloth.

      Remove detergent drawer and soak in 50ml of the product combined with 4 litres of water, for 30mins. Rinse off any residue and place back into machine.

      Pour the rest of solution into the detergent drawer and place machine on main wash cycle at 60 degrees. No clothes or washing detergent should be placed in machine while going through this process.

      How did it go?

      Firstly, when I poured the product onto the clean cloth as the first instruction mentioned, I didn't realise the product was so fluid, almost water in consistency, colour and look, so it nearly went all over the floor! To get the product out of the bottle is a flip top lid, and a very small area that the product comes out of but its not controlled in anyway. So the only way you can lessen the flow is purely by how you pour it.
      Product had a slight floral smell to it, not strong, but clean and fresh. Very similar to what you may find scent wise with disinfectants. I did expect a very chemical type smell, because of what the product is and is supposed to do, so was pleasantly surprised.

      Placing the product around the rubber seal was easy enough. Rinsing it? I don't know how you can rinse such an area with a damp cloth, but I did my best to wipe the product away.

      Had a major issue with my detergent drawer-it simply wouldn't come out! So in the end I had to skip that part and use good old fashioned hot water and a clean cloth to give it a good and thorough sort out! Then I placed the rest of the product in the detergent drawer and put it on a main cycle at 60 degrees as instructions requested.


      Opening the washing machine door, I could immediately smell the freshness to it. Not as strong as how the product smell as it was more subtle, but definitely an improvement prior to application. But the smell did go away very quickly. In regards to the look of the machine? I saw no change. I could still see marks and dirt. To be fair, slightly less, as obviously the first application asked to put product on around the rubber seal, which even this action alone gave it a much needed clean. I still, with a cloth, could get a decent amount of dirt off areas like the rubber seal and around the inside of the glass door after the process had been completed. The detergent drawer obviously was in better nick, but that was done by my not so hard work with warm water. So for me, I found this product alittle disappointing as I expected much more. On the other hand, I have no idea how the product effects the working of the machine ( as yet-not the easiest thing to know unless one day the machine is on its last legs and then the next it works like a brand new super machine! ), and it hasn't made it worse in anyway which is a good thing. But I still have some doubts.

      Would I buy this again? Im unsure. The reason for this is because maybe my machine REALLY REALLY needed a good clean, and one application simply wasn't enough to give it the clean it needed. It does suggest this process should be repeated every 2 months or per 30 cycles, so maybe I need to repeat this again. Would would have been good in regards to information, is if on the packaging it has a trouble shooter section, and one of the things mentioned should be if you see no major visible change. Should you repeat the process again within a certain time period? Does the temperature need to be higher? Does the wash cycle need to be for a certain length of time? What I think I will do is source this product somewhere else, where its cheaper, and try again one more time. No change? I wont buy and try again. More obvious change? I would continue to repeat purchase when needed.

      Not made up my mind.


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        24.06.2013 21:13
        Very helpful



        Overall a good product, we can't see the inside of the machines - but def cleans the drum

        =Dr. Beckmann Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner=
        When we purchased our last Washing machine we were sold a Machine cleaning powder at the time, that cleans all the inner parts of the machine, but to buy this direct was about £10 a box.

        =Browsing in Tesco=
        Whilst browsing in Tesco, I noticed that they sold this Dr Beckmann Service -it Washing Machine Cleaner, this was priced at £2.00 per box.

        =The Packaging=
        The box is a blue and white colour, and says that it cleans detergent residue from the drum, pipes and everywhere, freshens and maintains against breakdowns and malfunctions. This is a one use product

        There are full instructions on the back of the packet regarding the use of the product.

        It is recommended that you use these product, about twice monthly, or every 30 washes, whichever comes first.

        =How to use it=
        (This is a liquid)

        1st - Pour a small amount onto a clean cloth and wipe the door and around the rubber seal of the door, rinse thoroughly with a clean damp cloth, (I used Bounty Kitchen Roll), when your rinsing down the grime on the rubber comes onto the 2nd cloth, I was shocked exactly how much grime there was.

        2nd - You need to remove your powder draw and soak this for about 30 minutes, for this you use 50ml of the liquid diluted in 4 litres of water.

        (I did this although now I use liquidtabs in the machine but there had been occasions when I had used powder and liquid in the draws, so thought I had better follow the instructions,
        - I was surprised at how clean this came up, even though I thought it was clean.

        3rd - Last but least (the easy bit)
        Put the draw back in and pour the rest of the bottle of the liquid into the detergent draw and then set the machine at 60C on a normal wash (don't use a pre-wash). Not using any clothes in the washing machine at the same time.


        =My Thoughts=
        I will say the drum of the washing machine smelt fresh, although I hadn't noticed a bad smell previously, but after seeing the grime come off the draw it did make me wonder what the machine was like in the inner pipes.

        =Our Area=
        We live in a soft to medium water zone, so I know we don't get too much lime scale, but then our washing machine is on for an average 10 - 14 times a week.
        I would assume that it did make an improvement to the pipes and the inners of the machine

        I use this at the end of each month, that way I know it has been cleaned out, over the year, there is now hardly any grime on the rubber seal, and I don't bother putting the draw to soak as we use liquid tabs, and that cuts out the half hour and we just pop the extra liquid in the wash cycle.

        I have to confess that I use this trick which I discovered on "SuperScrimpers" to run an empty wash once a week, on the hottest temperature your machine goes to (mine was 90C) as the heat of the water not only cleans the machine but the pipes as well, as the heat of the steam cleans without any need for added detergents.


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        09.04.2013 13:12
        Very helpful



        Refreshed my machine

        My washing machine was smelling like stale water, the smell hit everytime I opened the door. It didn't seem to affect my washing but did affect my nose. The machine had got clogged up with the soap powder I had been using (I'd been using soap flakes that I'd bought to try but they wouldn't dissolve properly). The water wasn't emptying properly when spinning and I was having to spin 2 or 3 times. Also I usually wash at 30 degrees so again powder not dissolving properly is a problem.

        On a recent shopping trip to Asda I noticed 'Dr Beckmanns Service- It' washing machine cleaner for £2 so I got one. It says it cleans detergent residue from the drum, pipes and everywhere, freshens and maintains against breakdowns and malfunctions- perfect.

        The box it comes in is white and blue, the instructions are easy to follow and easy to do. The Service-It comes in a 250ml bottle, it smells okay. It's a one off treatment that you're recommended to repeat every 30 washes or couple of months I can't be specific as I no longer have the box.


        Pour a small amount onto cloth and wipe the door and around the rubber door seal, rinse thoroughly with a damp cloth, the grime came off.

        You remove the drawer and soak for around 30 minutes in 50ml of product diluted in 4 litres of water. Rinse then place back into the washing machine. The draw wasn't too bad anyway but came up nice.

        Pour the rest of the bottle into the detergent drawer and then wash at 60C. Without any clothes in it and don't use a pre wash. My 60 degrees takes about 45 mins.

        The Results:

        The water sploshing around didn't look dirty which disappointed me but never the less I got great results. The machine has been left looking clean, inside the drum looks clean and shiny. I can't vouch for the pipes because I can't see them- that horrible smell has gone so I'll presume my pipes are clean. I don't know about cleaning any lime scale off the element either as again I can't see it. It does seem to be rinsing and spinning better. I think the clothes are coming out fresher too. The main reason I used it was to kill the stale water smell and am happy to report that it's fresh in there. I can't say whether or not it the washing machine needs less servicing as I don't get it serviced anyway.

        The only pain with using it maybe messing about cleaning and soaking the draw, but you don't have to do it and I probably won't bother every time. I won't bother wiping the rubber seal every time either.

        I would recommend Dr Beckmann 'Service- It' especially to get rid of stale water smells.

        5 Stars from me


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          12.07.2012 11:13
          Very helpful



          Restoring my machine after three years of neglect

          When we rented our first property together three years ago, one of the first items that we purchased was a digital washing machine. This washing machine has since seen its fair share of dirty clothes, from my husband's dirty work overalls, to muddy clothing from our walks through the forest to our everyday items. The washing machine has performed consistently throughout, and the only fault I have had with it is the occasional time when the heavy load has prevented it from spinning. However; the machine was recently beginning to look and smell a bit neglected. The wash drawer looking slightly cream in colour despite my regular rinses and the drum of the machine smelling, dare I say it, highly pongy.

          When browsing my local Sainsburys last week, I decided to have a quick gander through the cleaning aisle, to see if I could locate anything that would rid me of the disgusting smell that would slowly fill the kitchen when I left the washing machine door open. I had tried a myriad of different solutions at home such as bicarbonate of soda and a hot cycle but none seemed to solve the smell problem. Located on the top of the detergent aisle shelf I located a box of Dr. Beckmann Service It washing machine cleaner. Now I haven't heard of this brand of product before but reading the back of the box the product promised to clean, freshen and maintain my machine (all qualities that my neglected machine was now lacking in). So I chucked a box into my trolley with excited anticipation to see how good it would really be.

          --The Product--

          This product looks rather nondescript in appearance, being packaged in a small white box with the picture of a washing machine on the front and a pink heading which simply says 'Service It'. Turn the box over and you are presented with a series of three images which outline the qualities of the cleaning liquid and these are to clean the machine, to freshen it and to maintain the washing machine parts. As my machine has never been serviced before, I was also impressed that this cleaner promised to prevent the need for frequent servicing.

          When I got the box home I opened it to find a small blue bottle inside which housed 250ml of contents. The bottle is topped with a bright pink cap and has a series of instructions listed on the back to aid the user in cleaning their machine. I was keen to smell the product before using, and I was expecting it to be odourless or slightly chemically. However I was surprised with the smell which is a soft and clean fragrance and smells rather similar to a clean load of cottony washing.

          --Price and Availability--

          As previously mentioned, I bought a bottle of this cleaning fluid from Sainsburys and as it was part of an offer I paid a reasonable £2.03 for it. I have also seen this product online for around £3-£4 meaning that it is a bargain in my opinion given that if used every 30 washes this works at only an additional cost of 7p - 13p per wash, much cheaper than paying for a full service. A quick look on the company website states that this fluid can be bought from Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons, Somerfield and Wilkinsons.

          --Instructions and Use--

          In my experience this product was incredibly easy to use and the instructions on the back combined with the simple illustrations mean that it is quite idiot proof. It is recommended that you check your washing machine manual to check that this product is suitable before use. Following this, the three steps given are as follows:-

          1. Firstly you are instructed to take a small amount of the fluid onto a cloth and wipe around the rubber door seal. In my machine the door seal is a light grey in colour and I was ashamed to say that the insides of it were quite disgusting once I started wiping them down. I couldn't quite believe the amount of hairs strands and white lime scale flecks that accumulated on my cloth and it was a real eye opener for me in discovering how dirty my machine really was.

          2. Secondly you are instructed to remove the drawer of the machine and leave to soak in 50ml of cleaning fluid diluted in 4 litres of water for 30 minutes. Wanting to do a good job I measured out each quantity using my trusty measuring jug and left the drawer to soak for the 30 minute period.

          3. The final instruction is to put the drawer back into the machine and pour the remaining fluid into the drawer of the machine. You should then put the machine on for a standard wash cycle at a recommended 60°C with no contents inside. You should not add any detergent to the wash nor should you allow the machine to have a pre wash cycle. My machine has an energy efficient 60°C wash cycle which only lasts for around 50 minutes and so I selected this option and let the machine do its work.

          Throughout the wash time I did pop back to watch the machine and was amazed at the colour of the water when the wash cycle was underway. The water appeared a light brown in colour and I can only assume that this was because of the build up of dirt and lime scale inside the machine and drum. Once the machine beeped to tell me it was done I left the door open slightly to allow it to air out and then continued my next load of washing.

          It is worth mentioning that one bottle serves one clean and that Dr Beckmann recommends that a bottle of this cleaning fluid is used every 30 washes or every two months to ensure that it runs at optimum performance.

          --The Results--

          I have to admit to being very impressed with the results of my first try using this product. The cleaning process is incredibly easy to do, and despite the wiping around the door seal it requires very little personal time to complete, the only time being the waiting around for the wash and draw soak. The product does work as it washes, and personally I found it very comforting being able to physically see the dirt being washed around my washing machine drum as it demonstrated to me that the product was really getting into every nook and crevice of my machine.

          Most importantly, how did my machine look and smell after it had been cleaned? My machine looked incredibly clean, every trace of grunge having been eliminated from the drawer and seal of my machine and the metal drum looking really sparkly. The smell has been eradicated and replaced with a lovely fresh cottony fragrance which has stayed in my machine despite having completed five loads of washing since it's clean. This ability to get rid of the smell after almost three years of regular use was what made me most impressed with this product as deep down I hadn't really expected any long lasting results. Now, not only is my machine happier but it is also cleaning my clothes more effectively than before I had discovered Dr Beckmann.


          I have already recommended this product to a couple of people, one of whom went straight out and bought herself a bottle. I would therefore recommend it to anyone looking to clean and maintain their machine. It is a quick and easy process and the results really do speak for themselves in my opinion. I just can't wait to finish the recommended 30 washes so that I can complete the entire process again.

          As a result of my review, this product scores a well deserved five stars from me.

          Thanks for reading! x


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            07.07.2012 22:21
            Very helpful



            Good product for keeping washing machine in tip top shape

            ***Why I brought it***
            Few months ago during my normal washing, my washing machine started making really odd rattling noise during the spin cycle which didn't at all sound healthy. I was bit worried I had broken it but more so annoyed as my washing machine is less than 4 years old. I had to call a professional out who after asking few question (trying to establish what it could be) suspected that it is more likely to be a wire from the bra behind the drum. This proved to be true. He was able to remove it successfuly for a nice £50 charge. I had an opportunity to have a chat with this bloke who was very knowledgeable in the world of washing machines. He advised me that gel/liquid powders are worse than powder as they are collecting around and behind the drum rubber; also apparently bio washing powders are much better to use that non bio. I didn't know any of this and was told to run at least one cycle every couple of week on 90 degree which should help keeping washing machine clean. I have done it couple of times however it proved to be very energy un-friendly for few reasons one of them being that the cycle takes over 2.5 hours to complete which to me seemed like massive waste of energy and water.

            I then forgotten all about my washing machine until I review I read recently about Service-it washing machine cleaner. Based on this review, I liked the product and so I purchased it from my local supermarket. I generally feel bad that I do not look after it properly, other than general wash I do not use any other products to prevent lime scale etc. (at the end of the day, it is a washing machine and one would think that it should be cleane anyway????)

            Sorry to go on - now about the product

            ***Service-it cleaner***
            I have purchased it from Sainsbury's for £2.03 to be precise on save 1/3 offer, full price of this product is around £3 which will not break a bank. When browsing the aisle, I notice there are two different varieties of this product - liquid and powder. Both were same price, liquid being 250 ml, powder 250g, both equals one treatment so it is up to you which one you buy.

            I chose liquid one for no particular reason other than preference. It comes in the 250ml white bottle with the blue flip top lid. Bottle is kind of triangular shape and has label on both sides, front advising about product whilst back label is giving clear instructions on how to use the product. When I opened the bottle I was surprised by the smell, I expected the liquid to smell similarly to bleach or something like that but no, it smells quite fresh although it reminds me of the smell of washing powder.

            I found using this product very easy by following the instructions - all you need to do is follow 3 steps which briefly are:

            1.Use small amount of liquid on the cloth and wipe around the washing machine rubber and door (I was mortified to see what had collected around the rubber)

            2.Mix 50ml of liquid with 4l of water to soak detergent draw for 30 minutes (this has worked nicely although I had to scrub the drawer with the tooth brush after soaking period however it was easy and quick to do)

            3.Put rest of the liquid in the detergent draw (after it has been soaked and placed back into your washing machine) and run a cycle (60 degrees is recommended)

            Label explains the steps in little bit more detail.

            This product is promising to clean, freshen and maintain your washing machine, I am happy to say that it definitely cleaned and freshen my washing machine. My washing machine looks sparkling inside and out now, I can really tell the difference, I have actually completed the smell test as well which passed with flying colours.

            Manufactures recommends using this product every 3 months or after 40 washes, I think it is very reasonably price and so I shall continue using it as recommended. I have already told my mother in law about it (she happened to be at my house when I was cleaning the washing machine) who was very impressed too and will be purchasing this product.


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              14.05.2012 18:09
              Very helpful



              A nice product which does the job on the box...

              I am currently private renting my property so when we moved in almost 2 years ago it already had most appliances including a washing machine. Last week we noticed we are getting more and more build up of mould around the rim of the washing machine and as a newbie to all this I trotted off to sainsburys in search of some solution to our washing machine problems. Have to say was slightly disappointed as there wasn't much on offer, perhaps if I had gone to a more specialist shop I would have had more options. nonetheless I came across Dr Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing machine cleaner. It comes in 2 varieties : liquid form and a powder treatment, both at same price of £3.06 so I simply decided to opt for the powder version. 

              - About the product - 

              ~ Comes in a simply designed one White box quite small, with a washing machine on the front and the Dr Beckmann brand clearly displayed across the front.

              ~ It claims to remove 99.9% of micro organisms and bacteria In the washing machine (results based on independent testing).

              ~ the box contains 250g of White, quite fragrant powder which is enough for 1 treatment.

              ~ As it leaves machine deeply cleaned it will be beneficial for washing clothes as the box states "Only a 'Deep Cleaned' machine can promise truly clean clothes"....in effect cleaning your washing machine will ensure it is clean inside to clean your clothes even better I presume!

              - How to use - 

              ~ pour all the deep clean powder directly into the washing Machine drum, do not fill with laundry.

              ~ select main wash cycle at minimum of 60 degrees wash (so will use slightly more energy but this heat is to get a good thorough clean)

              ~ Voilá! Treatment leaves the machine hygenically clean and fresh. 

              - Results - 

              I followed the instructions as exactly stated on the box and I have to admit the results were noticeable instantly! Not that I noticed before that it looked dull but the drum of my washing machine looked a lot more brighter and the metal sparkled and inside the washing machine smelt fresh! I was slightly disappointed as it didn't remove all the mould around the rim, but as it has built up over time I expected it to be quite tough, and wasn't nothing a little elbow grease and soda crystals in hot water couldn't solve. 

              In regards to creating cleaner clothes however I wouldn't buy this product in the hope of solely that purpose as to be honest I always felt my washing machine did a good Job in that respect anyway. Perhaps my clothes are cleaner and I haven't noticed, but I found not much difference in cleaning my 2 year old daughters clothes (who gets most dirty out of all of us being mischievous as she is!) it seems to get out dirt and grime all the same. 

              The box recommends the product is to be used every 3 months or 40 washes, 40 washes most likely being If your washing machine isn't used too often. I now feel very guilty I hadn't given my washing a machine a good ol' MOT in about 20 months! Oops! For £3.06 per clean, it doesn't break the bank, and to prevent further limescale and build up I'm definitely going to keep up this regime of keeping my washing machine in check. 

              - Overall - 

              A decent, reliable product that I would definitely recommend! 


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                08.12.2011 18:58
                Very helpful



                Not anything I can recommend.

                Dr Beckmann Service-It Washing Machine Cleaner is an okay product but not something we went out looking for. It was going cheap at only 75p in Home Bargains so we bought one thinking that our machine was beginning to smell a bit stale from old water, we thought and also due to the fact that we use it a lot and it is an old machine anyway. We try to keep the door open between washes but we are finding as it is gettin golder this is not really doing the trick.

                It cost as I say 75p but I have seen this in Tesco for £1.95 so I thought we had got a bit of a bargain.
                One box will give you one washing machine clean and no more and the box also recommends that you use this once approximately every three months.

                First we had to dilute some solution in water and then place the soap drawer in it to get rid of scum and stains but it was hard to get the plastic drawer to sink into the solution so we put a pot on top to hold it down.

                Next we had to wipe around the door withthe solution and then fill the rest in the (now clean) soap drawer and put the machine on a wash cycle at 60 degrees.

                Afterwards I can't honestly say the machine looked any different in my opinion. Perhaps the stale water smell had got a bit better (marginally) but I think you can wash the washing machine yourself just as well with ordinary soap and water and you don't really need this I personally feel.

                Bit of a waste of money but still glad we tried it.

                Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead


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                09.11.2011 11:13
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                see review

                My washing machine really gets put through its paces, with two small children a puppy and a rugby playing builder for a husband, I really have a lot of washing!

                Over the weekend our puppy was ill and I needed to wash all his bedding I was not very keen to then wash my children's clothes as there may have been some residue. I washed a towel at 90 degrees but I still felt I needed something more.

                I called into my local Tesco as I had in the past purchased the service it washing machine product and decided this was exactly what I needed.

                What is it?
                Essentially this product is designed to give your washing machine a clean and to remove residues from the seal drawer and drum and to leave the machine smelling fresh.

                How does it work?
                You simply remove the drawer and soak in a small amount of the solution for 30 minutes and you have to wipe the inside of the drum with some solution on a damp cloth I also tend to get some flash and clean the outside and top of the machine as well whilst I am waiting for the drawer to soak.
                Once the drawer has soaked pour the rest of the solution into the drawer and put the machine on a minimum of a 60 degree wash.

                Cost and Stockist
                You can get Dr Beckmann products in all major supermarkets as well as on line at www.drbeckmann.co.uk. The product retails at £2.99 however I paid £2.00 yesterday in Tesco.

                Why Buy?
                A dirty washing machine cannot clean your clothes properly! I also live in a hard water area and having had to call out engineers in the past at a hefty £50.00 and often the lime scale is a big factor in the problem to me it makes sense to use this regularly not only am I saving hefty call out fees my washing machine also runs far better after using this.

                I cannot recommend this product highly enough, I really recommend this regardless of water area as it does make your machine run better after cleaning.


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                  29.08.2008 18:58
                  Very helpful



                  An easy to use and efficient washing machine cleaner

                  "Dr. Beckmann Service-it" is a liquid washing machine cleaner that claims to "clean, freshen and maintain against breakdowns and malfunctions".

                  The makers recommend that it be used every 3 months (or 40 washes) in order to rid your washing machine drum, pipes, seals, etc. of any build-up of detergent residue and grime. Also, by cleaning, to dispel any odours, and maintain efficiency by eliminating any build-up of limescale on the heating elements.

                  The product is to be found in the 'laundry aides' section in many supermarkets, and can be purchased direct from the manufacturer's online shop at www.acdomart.co.uk.

                  ~ My reason for using ~

                  I am keen to reduce my carbon footprint and have switched most of my wash loads to 30 or 40 degrees. However, when I recently used a 60 degree cycle (with high spin speed) I was surprised to find my laundry covered in little patches of a pale grey clay-like sticky substance. On examining beneath the rubber seal that is just inside the washing machine door I was able to see the cause - a rather yucky accumulation of detergent and conditioner within the drum housing. It seems the lower temperature cycles had allowed the build-up and then the hot wash, together with a high spin speed, had dislodged some of it.

                  I did not research which product to use; I simply bought the first one I saw.

                  ~ Packaging ~

                  The single 250ml treatment is presented in a cardboard box, mainly white, with the distinctive 'Dr. Beckmann' trademark and a see-through image of a washing machine. Looks modern and clinical!

                  The reverse of the box gives just three warnings a) only for use with stainless steel drums, b) always refer to appliance manufacturer's instructions, and c) keep out of the reach of children. There are also simple, very easy to follow instructions for using the product.

                  Inside the box is a 250ml bottle of the cleaning fluid. The plastic bottle is shaped somewhat like a tall right-angled triangle, and is bright blue with a bright pink flip cap. The cap is not childproof. Most of the important information on the box is repeated on the bottle. There is also an informational leaflet.

                  The cardboard box, informational leaflet and plastic bottle can all be recycled.

                  ~ How to Use ~

                  The instructions are extremely simple to follow ...

                  Step 1. Use a little of the product on a clean cloth to wipe the rubber seal around the door and then rinse with a clean damp cloth.

                  Step 2. Remove detergent dispenser unit and soak for 30 minutes in a solution of 50ml product diluted in 4 litres of water. Then rinse off dispenser and reinsert in machine.

                  Step 3. Pour remainder of product into detergent drawer and start a main wash cycle (60 degrees recommended). No washing in the machine, no pre-wash cycle and no detergent.

                  I actually started with Step 2 and used very hot water to dilute the product, and, while the detergent dispenser unit was soaking, I performed Step 1. The product has an agreeable odour and did not irritate my skin at all. Step 3 is very straightforward and for my machine the 60 degree main wash took almost two hours.

                  At the end of the procedure I was very pleased that all the detergent build-up seemed to have been removed and the machine had a pleasant fresh smell.

                  ~ Price Guide ~

                  At time of writing, both Sainsbury and www.acdomart.co.uk are selling a single treatment (250ml) for £2.99.

                  ~ Verdict ~

                  The product is very easy to use, and effectively removes detergent build-up, leaving the machine smelling fresh. The only slight draw back is the time required for the procedure; 30 minutes to soak the detergent dispenser unit, and then perhaps two hours for an empty wash cycle at 60 degrees (time varies by machine). I will definitely use this product again, but will do the treatment overnight so as to make use of Economy 7 electricity.

                  ~ Additional Notes ~

                  "Dr. Beckmann" is the brand name for a range of specialized laundry and household cleaning products that includes familiar items such as Glo-White and Stain-Devils, and full details can be found at www.dr-beckmann.co.uk. The brand is part of the ACDOCO Company, originally established in 1919 as ACDO at Bolton, Greater Manchester by Harry Pilling, which now also markets personal care products such as Bionsen aluminium-free deodorants, and Blanx tooth-whitening products. Dr. Beckmann is himself one of the owners of this family run business. More information, together with a very interesting company history covering 89 years, can be found at www.acdoco.com.

                  This review also appears on another site under the same name.

                  © lml888v 2008


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