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Dr Magic Double Action Foam Unblocker

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Brand: Dr Magic / Type: Drain Unblocker / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2012 17:52
      Very helpful



      An effective foam sink and pipe unblocker which doesn't cost the earth

      My daughter has incredibly thick hair - something she definitely didn't inherit from me. At this time of year she quite literally moults hair when she is in the shower, and despite having a guard over the plughole in the bath which catches the worst of this hair, every few weeks there is a build-up of hair and grease which results in the water taking forever to drain away.

      This means I have to regularly clear as much debris as I can manage from the plughole and every few months or so I use a treatment to clear the mess I cannot remove myself.

      On a recent visit to the B&M Store I spied this product for just 99p, which was considerably cheaper than the £2.69 they wanted for the Buster product which does the same job.

      ~~The Product~~

      Dr Magic comes in a bright orange bottle which has a blue child proof cap. You get 500ml of product in the bottle which is split into two distinct halves with one section claiming to clear build up and the other half for removing blockages. The bottle claims the twin liquids combine on contact to clear blockage but I have to say it does look a bit gimmicky to me.

      To use, you pour the entire contents of the bottle down your plughole to ensure it fills the pipework, leave it to stand for 60 minutes and then flush away with hot water.

      This product cannot be used through standing water above the plughole.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      This product is simplicity itself to use, and I am happy to report that the child cap works well but not too well. Once the lock is released you do have to turn the cap several times to remove it from the bottle.

      The label on the bottle states you should pour the contents down your plughole slowly, and this is worth mentioning as when you start to pour the item starts to form a white foam almost immediately and if you pour it too quickly you will be left with far too much foam inside your bath and not where you want it - down the pipe!

      The label also warns you to take care when using the product and I would advise wearing gloves when pouring as a little foam splashed onto my arm and it stung for a while. The product contains Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Hypochlorite and is highly corrosive. Another reason to take care when pouring the solution is to ensure nothing splashes on you - certainly a splash of this to your eyes could be very painful so handle with care.

      Having poured the contents down the plughole I went away and left the foam to work for the time allocated. The product has a very strong smell of chlorine and even though my bathroom is upstairs and I was downstairs while it was working I was very aware of the smell and it even smarted a little at my eyes.

      Once the hour was up I ran some hot water into a jug and poured it into the bath to start flushing the foam away. Dr Magic produces a lot of foam so you will have to rinse thoroughly but I was delighted to see the foam and the water were flowing down the plughole quickly and once the foam had rinsed completely away the plughole looked completely clean, with all the debris I couldn't quite reach before flushed and cleaned away.

      Dr Magic claim on the bottle that regular use will stop blockages from returning and while I cannot comment on that as I have only used it once I do intend to purchase this again, especially while my daughter is shedding so much hair.

      As well as taking precautions when using the product there are some other safety considerations to take on board. If there is still a blockage once you have used it you should avoid using a plunger because some of the foam could still be present and it could be pretty nasty for that to come flying back up the plughole. You should avoid using this with gold plated fittings, never use in a toilet or in sinks with waste disposal units, and avoid breathing the fumes.

      For 99p I have to say I have been very impressed with this product and will definitely be buying it again to ensure the water flows freely down the plughole when I have a shower!


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